Breaking down chicago booth's 2011 2012 application essays


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Breaking Down Chicago Booth's 2011-2012 Application Essays - This year's essay questions are different, but essentially the same.

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Breaking down chicago booth's 2011 2012 application essays

  1. 1. Breaking Down Chicago Booth’s 2011-2012 Application Essays MBA Admissions Consultant |
  2. 2. Breaking Down Chicago Booths 2011-2012 Application EssaysWell, we wanted to get a quick analysis upand let all those applying to Chicago Booththat the more things change, the more theystay the same. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  3. 3. Breaking Down Chicago Booths 2011-2012 Application EssaysThis years essay questions are different, but essentially the same. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  4. 4. Essay One1. What are your short- and long-term goals, andhow will a Chicago Booth MBA help you reachthem? (600 words)Booth’s essay one (Goals) is a shortened version of lastyears three-part, 900-word essay one. Booth must havegotten sick of cutting up the question way too specifically-- my guess is that they have to read three “differing” 300-word answers for essay one that pretty much said thesame thing (or had significant overlap.)That is, many applicants simply did not do a good job ofbifurcating their thoughts on paper. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  5. 5. Essay Three3. Considering what youve already included in theapplication, what else should we know about you?In a maximum of four slides, tell us about yourself.Ye Ole Four PowerPoint Slides -- We like how Boothspecifically points out that they want something that hasnot already been stated in other parts of the application.We suspect that the Booth admissions committee hasseen what we have seen.Most of the bad Booth PowerPoints that we have seen arejust a rehash of already stated information, but in a sloppygraphical format. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  6. 6. We have even seen some failed PPTs that are basicallyall bulletpoints. Somehow, the word has gotten out thatthis PowerPoint essay is supposed to be closer to MITSloans cover letter essay.But really, summaries (and bad ones at that) need notapply. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  7. 7. Moving onto the "real" change ....Chicago Booths new essay two.So this post is only going to address the newcoat of paint applied to essay two It is importantto note that Chicago Booth has eliminated thetraditional, tried and true "risk" essay. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  8. 8. Our theory is that the program realized, to a certainextent, that they were showing their hand a bit too much.So what did they try to do, our belief is that they tried tomask the question with a more "personal" bent -something that has been a trend with quite a few topprograms (i.e. Two years ago Columbia essay twochanged from "Masters Classes" to a more touchy-feelyplay.) MBA Admissions Consultant |
  9. 9. Last years question two –2. Chicago Booth is a place that challenges its students tostretch and take risks that they might not take elsewhere.Tell us about a time when you took a risk and what youlearned from that experience (750 words).This years question two –2. At Chicago Booth, we believe each individual has hisor her own leadership style. How has your family, culture,and/or environment influenced you as a leader? (750words) MBA Admissions Consultant |
  10. 10. Sure, at face value, it may seem like the question hascompletely changed. But let us face it, there is no way thatthe culture of Chicago Booth could have changed markedlyfrom one year to the next. The school is still looking for thesame types of people, and undoubtedly, will attract and typesof analytical and finance oriented people.Ultimately, what will separate the rock stars from thegroupies, is the applicants ability to speak to taking smartrisks. So while this may seem like an exercise in talkingabout your mom and dad, perhaps your family pet or crazyUncle Larry or Auntie Uma, it is really about defining thevalues your family and personal background have taughtyou. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  11. 11. The critical component to fully answering the question isto also talk about how those values, norms and beliefshave instilled in you and appreciation, and perhapspropensity, for taking smart risks.Again, the influence of your personal surroundings hasinjected a willingness to accept risk, and you havesubsequently learned evaluate that risk from an objectivepoint of view. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  12. 12. Lets be fo real, real and relatively sophisticatedat the same time. It would really flow (logicallly)like this (as an example):1. This is what I learned from my parents.  This is the example they set for me. These are the defined set of values I learned from them. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  13. 13. 1. This is where I took their values and made them my own. Here is a leadership example of that - a leadership example that incorporates elements of evaluating and taking smart risks to achieve a goal.  Here is (perhaps) another leadership example -- maybe a more personal one or one that combines personal and professional elements.2. These are the results (based on my personal and professional leadership accomplishments - and beliefs) that I hope to bring to your Chicago Booth program to the benefit of all involved -- and through initiatives X, Y and Z. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  14. 14. The representative structure above is pretty much the samethat applicants should have been using last year. The onlydifference is that in prior years, Chicago Booth pointed outintroducing the element of risk ( a theme central to theschool), this year they point to the impetus (parents, culture,etc.) of what drives your risky (yet smart) leadershipbehavior.This is why we say that a long line of consistent leadershipcharacteristics always convinces a reader, rather than arecent one-hit, Johnny-come-lately applicant. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  15. 15. If you are interested in becoming a client of Amerasia ConsultingGroup, please email for information on prices and services, or to request a free initial consultation.