Application strategy demo lition derby


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Application Strategy: Demo-lition Derby - Concept is best served with an example

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Application strategy demo lition derby

  1. 1. Application Strategy: Demo-lition Derby
  2. 2. Application Strategy: Demo-lition DerbyWhen you charge people thousands of dollars tohelp them with their MBA applications, you hadbetter be sure to look in every nook and crannyfor an advantage. We pride ourselves on doingjust that and that mentality has allowed us tocome up with incredibly helpful strategies for ourclients.
  3. 3. Application Strategy: Demo-lition DerbyEverything from "structure your essays like a Hollywoodscreenwriter" to "finish your energy strong with a simpleshift in body language" to "add an alternate short-termcareer goal to your first paragraph on your first Columbiaessay" has come from a dogged determination andwillingness to constantly find advantages.Obviously, most of those advantages are not for publicconsumption as it would neither be fair to our clients orterribly bright to reveal every "state secret" we have.
  4. 4. This concept is best served with an example, so here is one:An applicant is an Indian male with a background in IT.Say, 29 years old. 730 GMAT score.Lots of volunteerism and extra-curricular activities. A bitof formal management experience on select projects. Notmuch experience outside of his home country A careergoal of going into consulting. Long-term aims of bringingenterprise back to India.
  5. 5. ContinuationYou dont have to be an MBA admissions expert to knowthat this individual is from a highly represented group ofstudents.What can he do to stand out?Obviously, the best step is to cultivate a highlyindividualized and personal narrative, complete withrobust personality, unique interests, and impeccablepolish.
  6. 6. ContinuationHowever, the first step is to be smart about where heapplies. Specifically: he should apply somewherebesides the schools were every other person in hisdemo is applying.Most international students are drawn to schools inhuge, renowned U.S. cities. This is natural as studentsassume they will find people and cultural markers thatallow for an easier integration.
  7. 7. ContinuationThe downside is that everyone is thinking this way, so as aresult, programs in New York and Los Angeles and Bostonand Chicago and the Bay Area are oversubscribed withinternational students - and particularly Indian males froman IT background.The counter to that is to look at schools in smaller cities andeven small towns. They might make someone from Indiasquirm, but they present a huge opportunity because afraction of the applicants from that demo are applyingthere. Rough estimate here, but I would venture to guessthat about a third as many Indian males apply to Ross asthey do to NYU,
  8. 8. Continuationdespite the fact that the schools are roughly the same sizeand have similar admissions profiles. I would say Tuck getshalf as many as Haas. Duke half as many as Kellogg. Thelist goes on. Schools that are "out of the way" often have aharder time generating a rich and deep pool of studentsoutside of the U.S., making it a prime opportunity forinternational students - particularly our Indian male testcase - to stand out more easily.
  9. 9. If you want to find out more about how we work and what we can do to help you as an MBA applicant, email us at for a free consultation.