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product Analysis

  1. 1. Lady Gaga This Rolling Stones edition was published on the 8 th of July. Lady Gaga is known to have a quirky character and sense of style which gives her individuality. There is an article on her and this is in the largest font, there are 6 other articles on the cover. This is a medium long shot of Lady Gaga. She is portraying a very confident powerful character. Her edgy look with machine guns suggests she is not afraid to enter the music industry with a different view. Lady Gaga is the focus of the front cover as there is nothing else included in the picture to distract. The Rolling Stones title is bold and has its own font making it recognisable. The main Article is bold and stands out the most it links to the picture of Lady Gaga. This issue is a Summer double issue which is clearly stated at the top of the magazine above the Rolling Stones title, however this does not take over the title of the magazine. There are smaller sub titles on the magazine advertising the different articles. The font on the magazine is simple and formal. The relaxed curved yet strong font connotes originality. The name ‘Rolling Stones’ is well known and recognised being advertised as a brand. Her clean cut hairstyle and sharp make up add to her look of power and control.
  2. 2. The title is bold and red. Its short and precise. The format is simple and bold connoting a straight to the point no fuss magazine. The picture is a medium close up of Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. She is looking straight into the camera Anchors the title with the image. Has the name of the band in bold and the main singers name who the picture is of in smaller print. The magazine advertises a free 16 tracks from their top 40. This may persuade the reader as they feel like they would be getting more for their money. The plain background allows the eye to only focus on the artist. All of the names of the artists that are featured in this magazine are lined one under another on the right hand side. This separates them from the main feature creating an organised feel. The and of is underlined and in a smaller font that ‘BEST’ and ‘2010’. The fact its in 2010 makes the magazine current. The title of the magazine is in capitals making it stand out. There is a slight messy tone to the image styling. Her hair has movement and her make up simple yet dramatic. This sort of image mimics the genre of Indie/rock music.
  3. 3. ‘ Access All Areas’ is in a red and black font and is underlined, showing it’s importance. Underneath is a half nude picture of Shakira which mirrors the heading of ‘Access all Areas’ , showing her vulnerable side. The background picture shows Shakira n her working environment which is a contrast to the second image. She looks casual and relaxed. It shows her in a music studio writing which implies she works and writes her own songs. ‘ I now go after my desires in a predatory way- with teeth and claws’ This quote was picked out and put in bold as the editor obviously thought it was a quote that summed up what the artist featured was about and how they work. This heading shows what the article will be about. This double page spread was in ‘Q’ magazine, their logo consists of a white Q on a red background. This ‘In the Studio’ sub heading continues with the format of the ‘Q’ magazine logo. The font is simple and the bold white format stands out on the dark background. The word ‘Danger’ is associated with warning so would obviously connote the colour of red so its unusual how the font colour is red, however the red sole of the shoe is behind, which is cleverly placed. The article starts with a larger letter font for impact it also adds detail. Although she is casually dressed in a loose top and jeans she adds an element of sex appeal with heels, which symbolises the competitive and glamorous industry.
  4. 4. This double page spread is on the band ‘The Vaccines’. They are an alternate rock band formed in 2010. They supporting the rough vintage look with what they are wearing with off colour shirts and oversized jackets, this suggests they are relaxed and laid back. The electric guitar gives the reader an idea of what genre of music they are associated with. The image is quite large and the reader may focus more on the image than the article written, I think a balance of image and text is important when doing a feature on a band. The band in which the feature is on is clearly displayed at the top right of the page , this presents the band. The font is bold and simple which doesn't interfere with the relaxed feeling of the page There is a simple colour scheme on the page of black white and a light blue, this is effective as the colours compliment each other . The small blue shapes thrown across the page add detail and suggest an almost messy party element.
  5. 5. The first feature advertised is anchored to the image The name of the magazine is clearly stated at the top of the page. It’s bold and the font is white standing out on a red background. In the corner of the page there is a blue box which tells the reader who the front cover was photographed and styled by. The plain grey background of the picture does not complicate the simple image, and compliments the straight-forward colour scheme and font. I like the font as it matches the title of the magazine and throughout the contents page the font and colour remains the same. This is obviously a key quote in Duffy’s feature page in the magazine. The fact that it has a place on the contents page highlights it’s importance and it suggests how Duffy is a real musician doing it for the only fact that she ‘loves’ music. The pink guitar adds an element of innocence and youth however as its held behind her head it suggests chaos. Her make-up is heavy and hair messy which is a modern contemporary chic look. Her hand is stretched out and the captured image resembles action.
  6. 6. The title of the magazine has the same colour scheme of the music magazine ‘SPIN’. The title of this magazine is ‘Q’ it short and simple however I think it could have been made a bit bigger as the ‘Contents’ is bold and larger. I think that there is a perfect balance between image and text on this contents page. The image is simple and the background is of a view which doesn’t distract the reader from the featuring band. The background suggests that the band have a relaxed characteristic. The sub headings match with the style of the title of the magazine, this is effective as it keeps the same scheme throughout. The ‘Oasis’ special is sectioned off and is surrounded by a gold box. The colour gold connotes power and wealth. The magazine splits there content between the features of this months copy and what features in the magazine every month. The colour red connotes desire, passion and attention. The magazine has a different section for their reviews. This has been a recurring factor on contents pages, quotes are taken from the features in the magazine.