Alex's Million Mile


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1 month, 1 cause, 1 million miles...
Kids with cancer need your help!

Alex’s Million Mile – Run.Walk.Ride is a month long event organized by Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation throughout September. The goal is to collectively run, walk and/or ride one million miles to raise funds and increase awareness of the need to support childhood cancer research.

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Alex's Million Mile

  1. 1. 1 Month 1 Cause 1 Million Miles Alex’s Million Mile
  2. 2. Alex’s Million Mile In 2013, more than 5,000 people joined in the first Million Mile Run (last year’s name). $500,000 was raised from all of the teams. We are certain that we can beat last year’s total this September.
  3. 3. Alex’s Million Mile To show solidarity with cancer patients, during September 2014, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, 10,000 individuals and teams will each cover 100 miles over the course of the month. 10,000 Teams x 100 miles = 1 Million Miles
  4. 4. Alex’s Million Mile During September 2014, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the second annual Alex’s Million Mile event will take place. Being a virtual event it can happen anywhere and anytime throughout the month.
  5. 5. Alex’s Million Mile How does it work? Each person or team sets a goal of completing a certain amount of miles walked, run or cycled throughout the month of September. There is no requirement for the amount of miles that you complete. Each mile counts, so try your best to record as many miles as possible.
  6. 6. Alex’s Million Mile Each participant will get pledges from family and friends. 1 Million Miles x $1 in pledges = $1 Million (Look how easy it is to raise $1 Million!)
  7. 7. Alex’s Million Mile Why a million miles? A few reasons- because a billion miles would just be crazy...or would it? Hmmm. Alex said she was going to raise a million dollars with a lemonade stand which was thought to be crazy at the time. Because a parent that has a child with cancer would go a million miles to find a cure, so we are willing to go a million miles too.
  8. 8. Alex’s Million Mile Can I ride my bike to participate? Yes, you can! This year, miles earned from cycling will count towards your total, so get your bike ready! How does running a million miles help kids with cancer? For each donation made, there will be more funding for cutting edge research, which will help many children in need of a cure.
  9. 9. Alex’s Million Mile I can't run a hundred miles in a month, can I still participate? If you mean you can’t “run” 100 miles, of course, walking and cycling is fine. We just want to get to 1 million miles. If you mean you can’t make it 100 miles yourself, then just get a team together, you get to combine your miles.
  10. 10. Alex’s Million Mile This sounds difficult. Will it be tough? For some people this will be very difficult, but, if you persevere, the reward in the end will be worth every step! Also, it won’t be nearly as difficult as what a child with cancer goes through. Will this be fun? We think it will be a lot of fun. Working with a team of 10,000 to change the lives of kids with cancer. What could be better?
  11. 11. Alex’s Million Mile Can 1 million miles be reached?...Yes!
  12. 12. Alex’s Million Mile What could $1 million do to change the childhood cancer world? $1 million will fund as many as 10 childhood cancer research projects looking for new and less toxic treatments for children.