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How to Use Social Media to Promote Fundraisers


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Learn helpful how to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your fundraisers for ALSF and make them a success!

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How to Use Social Media to Promote Fundraisers

  2. 2.  Post a status on your profile advertising your event and add your ALSF event link  Create a Facebook event and invite your friends  Post on the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s FB page:  Use an ALSF Cover Photo to inform your friends about ALSF: Facebook
  3. 3.  Tweet about your events  Follow and tag @AlexsLemonade:  Use hashtags related to your event:  #ChildhoodCancer  #YourTown  #YourVenue Twitter Include a link to your ALSF fundraising page too!
  4. 4.  Make a video advertising your event  Subscribe to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s channel:  View and share ALSF’s videos for inspiration! YouTube
  5. 5.  Look for ideas for your fundraiser  Recipes  Crafts  Decorations  Post photos of your lemonade stand or event and link your pin to your online fundraising page  Use hashtags  Follow Alex’s Lemonade on Pinterest for ideas: Pinterest
  6. 6.  Blog about your fundraising events  Read the Lemonade Blog for inspiration:  Share inspirational Lemonade Blog posts to motivate and help donors understand why your are fundraising Blog
  7. 7.  Request to guest blog (write a post on a friend’s blog) about your lemonade stand  Ask local bloggers to advertise your stand  Be sure to include all the event details and a link to your ALSF fundraising page Guest Blog
  8. 8. Guest Blog Example
  9. 9.  Post photos and videos of your lemonade stand  Use LOTS of hashtags  #AlexsLemonade  #ALSF  #ChildhoodCancer  #YourTown  #YourVenue  #OneCupAtaTime  Follow @AlexsLemonade  Share your photos and videos on Twitter and Facebook Instagram
  10. 10.  Film a video about your stand and post on Vine  Share it on Twitter and Facebook too!  Follow and tag AlexsLemonade  Use hashtags  #AlexsLemonade  #ALSF  #OneCupAtaTime  ReVine posts by @AlexsLemonade to provide inspiration for your donors Vine
  11. 11. ALEX’S SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Twitter PinterestLinkedinInstagram YouTubeBlog Vine
  12. 12. THANK YOU!