6th health project


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This is a 6th grade powerpoint project.

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6th health project

  1. 1. The Challenge Create a Fitness Plan that will lead to a healthy level of fitness An effective plan includes the following;  An assessment of all fitness in all areas of health related fitness  A plan for activity to be completed that will help you reach those goals.  A plan for re-assessing your levels of fitness throughout your plan. Follow the Steps outlined on the following slides and you will be on you way to meeting this challenge!
  2. 2. Step 1- Find Some Fitness Facts Find at least three facts related to poor fitness levels in our nation. Some factors to think about are, diseases related to poor fitness, childhood obesity, and our nation as a whole. Use the following links to research your facts  Lets Move  American Heart Foundation  Center for Disease Control  American Heart Association
  3. 3. Step 2 – Benefits of Physical Activity1. Use the internet for research.2. List at least five benefits of physical activity that apply to you.
  4. 4. Step 3 Identify and define the Five Components of Health-Related Fitness. List 3 activities for each exceptBody Composition Use the following links to research your answer:  Arlington Schools define fitness  Defining Health-related components  Health and Fitness Survey  KidsHealth: Keeping Fit and Having Fun  Rewards and Benefits of Exercise
  5. 5. Step 4- Measuring Fitness Create a record of your most recent Fitnessgram scores. Explain what component of fitness each test measures.
  6. 6. Step 5- Setting Fitness Goals Using your Fitnessgram scores create goals that you want to achieve next time you take the test. Check out the link below to help you out Five Facts About Setting Goals
  7. 7. Using the FITT Principle In class we discussed the FITT Principle, it is an excellent way to plan your activity schedule. It allows you to make a clear picture what schedules should look like. Use the below websites to help you better understand how to use the Principle. FITT Principle Health & Wise FITT Principle
  8. 8. Step 6 - Fitness Plan Using the FITT Principle Create a 3 week fitness plan List the activities you plan on doing each day of the week. Create a chart Using the following as a guide Minimum Days/Week Cardiovascular 3+ Endurance Muscular 3+ Strength/Endurance Flexibility 5+
  9. 9. The Evaluation RubricCategory 4 3 2 13 Fitness Facts 3 facts are listed and 3 facts are listed and 3 facts are listed but not Less than 3 facts(Step 1) very organized and well are organized and well organized or are listed. constructed. well constructed. constructed.5 Benefits of 5 benefits are listed and 5 benefits are listed, 5 benefits are listed but Less than 5Physical Activity very organized and well organized and well not well organized or benefits are listed.(Step 2) constructed. constructed. constructed5 Components 5 components/ 3 5 components/3 5 components/3 Less than 5Of Fitness activities for each are activities for each are activities for each are components/3(Step 3) listed and very listed and organized. listed but not well activities are organized and well organized. listed. constructed.Fitness Fitness goals are clearly Fitness goals are Fitness goals are set. Fitness goals areAssessment and based on self based on self Information is not not part of theGoals (Steps4/5) assessment with assessment organized. plan. realistic goals. Information is Information is well organized. organized.Fitness Plan FitnessPlan is well Fitness plan is Fitness plan is Fitness plan is not constructed and very constructed and constructed but does constructed well organized using the organized using the not apply the FITT and does not apply FITT Principle. FITT Principle. Principle. the FITT Principle.Attractiveness Excellent use font, color, Good use of font, Little use of font, color, No use of font, effects, graphics to color, color, graphics graphics to enhance color, graphics to enhance project. to enhance project. project. enhance project.
  10. 10. Final Words When doing your project the sky is the limit. Explore the different types of multi media to complete your project. Below are just a few. Power pointGlogsterPrezi Remember be creative and use your imagination when doing your project