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Lesson plan form

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN FORM Name: Marwa Masri School: Al-Ahd School Class: 6th grade Subject: Healthy Vs fast food.Description of mixed-ability class/ heterogeneous classClassDomain:  Access to Information from Written Text  Social Interaction  PresentationStandard: Access to Information from written text:Objective Pupils access information in English, from written text, from a(Cognitive, variety of sources and media, making use of that informationPsychometric, for a variety of purposes.Affective) Social Interaction: Pupils interact effectively in English, orally and in writing, in varied social contexts with people from varied linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Presentation: Pupils appreciate the nature of language and know the approach of presenting ideas and thoughts.Benchmarks The learners will be able to:(Levels of Access to Information from written text:Progression; Extract relevant information for specific purpose fromThinking Skills): different sources. Find out and follow directions and instructions in less familiar context. Interpret information from visual data, such as graphs. Social interaction: Ask and answer questions about general topics, such as current events, daily life. Express personal wishes and opinions. Interact for purposes, such as agreeing and disagreeing, complimenting, giving advice. Engage in longer conversations. Give and receive information in writing, such as post cards, letters, e-mail messages. Presentation: Are aware of language skills. Present information and ideas in front of class.Material, Content Materials: Blackboard, cards, worksheets, text, pictures,
  2. 2. and Tasks: nutrition poster. YouTube video.Class Working individually.Organization: Working in groups, pairs. (According to the activities that Ill highlight in the Procedure part).Methodology andTechniques My objectives: Students will Learn about healthy food and its benefits. Grasp healthy actions. Learn vocabulary related to the topic of health. Connect with each other orally. By the end of my lesson students will be able to: 1) Understand what is meant by fast food vs. healthy one. 2) Understand new vocabulary items using pictures and new material. 3) Identify food benefits, and later to work suspiciously to create comprehensible unit. 4) Write and create their special way of healthy eating. Opening: (5-10 min)  I will start the lesson by greeting the students; I will ask them about the day and the date.  Later we will solve the previous homework, correcting them when it possible.  After this introduction, Im going to put the title of my lesson on the board. Asking students what they think the subject is about (Brain storming), and what comes to their minds when they hear this sentence.  We will share ideas and thoughts. I will ask them to use the correct form of the sentence highlighting their own experiences. Procedure: (25-30 min)
  3. 3.  Then I will show different pictures related to the text. pictures that are related o the subject of health.  I will ask them to choose one picture and to talk about it or to describe it.  After listening to their answers. I will pass the text upon them: "fast food".  Later I will read the text loudly at first then I will ask more students to read it again.  Then I will explain it by highlighting the main ideas.  After that they will start solving the questions in the worksheet, and if there is any problem or question they can ask me.  Each question they solve, we will discuss it as a group.  Later, I will hang on the poster of nutrition, asking for comments and explaining things.  Explain to the students that the Food Pyramid shows us the variety of foods we need to eat each day to keep our bodies healthy. Plus bringing samples to the class.  Each of pairs will work independently to cut out food pictures from magazines and newspapers, and construct a Food Pyramid booklet (make your own healthy meal).  Summarize the information covered in the lesson, and showing them a YouTube Video Song about health. Closing: (0-2 min)  Then as closing I will ask for comments and questions.  Also I will give them a worksheet, whereby they have to answer the questions as a homework.  Treating the students according to their individualProfessional abilities.developments:  To achieve the goals of the lesson.  I will turning around them and observe their learning process.  I will answer their questions responding to their comments.  Observing the class management, controlling the class.  Giving clear instructions.