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Cn ptp durability_fs_012012_final

  2. 2. EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY AND RELIABILITYWhen making a major purchase,you inherently want to believe thatyour chosen product will operateflawlessly, forever. No one likesdealing with malfunctions, whetherfrom a car, a computer, a televisionor a microwave radio. Of course,no manufacturer can guaranteethat their products won’t failat some point. However, ourCambium Networks Point-to-Point(PTP) Wireless Ethernet Solutions1have an impressive and reassuringtrack record for durability andreliability – even when deployed insome of the most hostile locationsaround the globe. As evidence ofthat durability and reliability, ourPTP radios have logged more than MEAN TIME BETWEEN FAILURES (MTBF)2.2 billion operational field hours MTBF is the projected elapsed time between equipmentworldwide. That sure sounds like failures. For PTP products, MTBF years are based on field component failure rates and calculations, excluding productforever. returns due to lightning damage, packaging problems and incorrect installation procedures.ENGINEERED FOR THE WORST MTBF in Years for Outdoor Units (ODUs)There is no place where durability and reliability are more 500crucial than in outdoor wireless communications. Mountedon high towers and rooftops, PTP bridges have to operate 400in extreme temperatures, through all types of weather and 300often in very hostile environments. As a result, PTP bridges 200have been engineered and quality-tested to withstand rain, 100sleet, snow, hot desert sun, icy mountain tops, salty sea air 0and dusty plains. PTP 100/200 PTP 250 PTP 500 PTP 600 PTP 800 PTP 800 Series Series Series Series Series (CMU) SeriesTo ensure that PTP radios will provide the best possible MTBF (Yrs)protection from the adverse effects of the elements, the 1 While all Cambium PTP systems are highly durable and reliable,units are manufactured with industrial-grade components As shown above, the MTBF for PTP 500 and 600 Outdoor 2 certain characteristics may notwhich are stronger and more resistant to external forces. Units (ODUs) is 155 and 441 years respectively. MTBF apply to all models.One PTP radio even fell over and continued to send and for the PTP 800 ODU is 80 years and 40 years for the 2 MTBF values are based on fieldreceive data until the service team could replace the roof- PTP 100 and 200 ODUs. In addition, the MTBF for the PTP component failure rates andmounting hardware and realign the radios. 800 Compact Modem Unit (CMU) is 58 years. Because the component-failure calculations from data collected through CMU is a relatively new product that has less time in the December 2010. field, the CMU’s MTBF is a theoretical calculation based on component-failure calculations. Similarly, the PTP 250 ODU’s MTBF is 150 years based on component-failure calculations.PTP DURABILITY FACT SHEET – PAGE 2
  3. 3. DEPLOY PTP RADIOS VIRTUALLY ANYWHEREThe percentage of PTP 500 and 600 Return MaterialAuthorizations (RMAs) for any and all reasons is less thantwo percent. However, the importance of deploying lightningprotection units cannot be overstated. As an example,in-field history shows that PTP 600 returns resulting fromfield component failure represent the smallest percentageof the total number of returns. In comparison, returns dueto lightning damage make up nearly double the number ofreturns due to field component failure. Deploying CambiumPTP Lightning Protection Units (LPUs) with PTP radiosgreatly decreases the number of PTP product returns.TEMPERATURE RANGESAll Cambium PTP products can withstand wide temperatureextremes. This ability to communicate reliably in verycold and very hot temperatures lets you deploy PTP radiosfrom the Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert and down toAntarctica. In fact, PTP radios are helping scientists inAntarctica study the effects of weather and climate onday-to-day life. Those radio links operate reliably throughfreezing temperatures, blizzard conditions, ice and meltingsnow. PTP OPERATING TEMPERATURES Cambium Temperature Temperature PTP Range Range Product (Fahrenheit) (Celsius) WIND SPEED SURVIVAL PTP 100, 200 –40° to +131° F –40° to +55° C In addition to temperature extremes, PTP bridges are able to withstand high winds up to 202 miles per hour (325 PTP 250 –40° to +140° F –40° to +60° C kilometers per hour). Wind speed survival was confirmed in wind tunnel tests performed at the University of Maryland. The result was that the PTP radio and antenna sustained PTP 500, 600 –40° to +140° F –40° to +60° C 202 mph (325 kph) winds with no mechanical defects. PTP 800 –27° to +131° F –33° to +55° C PTP WIND SPEED SURVIVALEvery PTP link undergoes rigorous temperature testing Cambium PTP Miles Kilometersbefore shipment. That means 100 percent of the systems Product Per Hour Per Hourare temperature tested. During those tests, links areinstalled. Then the temperature is lowered to the minimum PTP 100, 200 118 mph 190 kphtemperature. Following the cold test, the temperature PTP 250 150 mph 240 kphis ramped up to the maximum temperature. At eachtemperature extreme, the systems are tested to ensure that PTP 500, 600 202 mph 325 kphthey will boot up properly and operate reliably. In contrast,comparable systems do limited sample testing. PTP 800 150 mph 240 kphPTP DURABILITY FACT SHEET – PAGE 3
  4. 4. DESIGNED FOR HARSH OUTDOOR CONDITIONSIP66The IP Code, or Ingress Protection Rating, classifies thedegrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solidobjects, dust and water in electrical enclosures. PTP ODUswith aluminum casings are IP66 rated for dust protection andwater ingress due to spraying or splashing water. The ODUcasings were verified to the IP66 standard by testing withdust and powerful water jets aimed at the enclosure fromany direction.ATEX AND HAZLOC CERTIFICATIONIn addition, PTP 600 radios are tested and certified tomeet the ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) and HAZLOC(Hazardous Locations) directives for equipment operationsin environments with an explosive atmosphere. Typicallocations which require these certifications includepetrochemical plants, fixed offshore platforms and otherareas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may bepresent.SUMMARYAll Cambium PTP systems are designed for the rigorsof outdoor use. That means you have the flexibility todeploy your wireless links wherever you need them,without concern about the environment. You can have fullconfidence that your PTP systems will consistently carryyour data, voice and video communications and operateunattended for years. Simply put, PTP radios are built to runeffortlessly and built to last into the next generation. TM www.cambiumnetworks.comCambium Networks and the stylized circular logo are trademarks of Cambium Networks, Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © Copyright 2012Cambium Networks, Ltd. All rights reserved.CN PTP Durability FS 012412