E commerce powerpoint 1


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Powerpoint By Aaron Zeller

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E commerce powerpoint 1

  1. 1. Electronic Commerce By Aaron Zeller
  2. 2. ThesisWith all the new advances in technology its nowonder people shop online. However, how dopeople really know their size? Many peoplepurchase clothing online and have never tried themon. This can be such a hassle because you have tosend it back and hope they will send you the rightsize and that takes a few days.
  3. 3. Electronic CommerceE-Commerce: Is the purchase of good/items online.Two-thirds: Over 66% of people use the internet for onlineshopping.Examples: ebay, Amazon, Walmart, and etc.
  4. 4. Cons No Customer Service: Everyone who has shopped online has realized that customer service online is nonexistence. There is no smile at the checkout page or a place to ask a question before you checkout. Bad for Environment: Shopping online is actually bad for the environment because every item that is purchased has to be shipped and trucked to your location. This releases more carbon dioxide and pollutes the environment.
  5. 5. ConsIdentity Theft: People who shop online know that every timethey use their credit card they are increasing their chances of having theirinformation stolen. 85% of people who shop online are aware of the dangersand yet they sill shop online and have not done anything to protectthemselves. Cyber intrusion and identity theft are real threats.Trust Seller? Websites such as ebay can cause problems for thebuyer because people don’t really know if they can trust them. Even if theseller has a high feedback rating it still is a gamble for the consumer.
  6. 6. Safety TipsCredit Cards: Pay with credit cards and avoid debit cards.Credit cards provide better protection if there is an unauthorized purchase.Also, most credit card companies will call the user if they believe someone ismaking an unusual purchase.Return Policy: Always read the return policy because somecompanies charge restocking fees.Secure Sites: When shopping online use sites that have https inthe IP address; the s stands for secure. It also means the company encryptsthe information making it harder for hackers to steal your information.Personal Information: Don’t share your personalinformation such as credit cards and bank account information with sites thatprovide prizes and special offers. Also, never use your Social Securitynumber online and never send any personal information through e-mail.
  7. 7. ConclusionIn conclusion, shopping online can be hazardous tothe environment and problems can occur. Identitytheft can happen to anyone so taking preventativesteps are important.
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