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April 2013 company newsletter the headhunter times


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247th "Headhunters" April Newsletter

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April 2013 company newsletter the headhunter times

  1. 1. PHOTOS ANDINFORMATIONFROM THE CMRE2-3THE CENTERFOLDPHOTO ANDWRITE-UP4-5PHOTOS ANDINFORMATIONFROM THE FRE’S6-9COMMAND TEAMBLURP10HEADHUNTER OFTHE MONTH11WHAT’S INSIDEA P R I L 2 0 1 3 I S S U E V1SG Harold K. Smith and CPT Nick Taylor, Command Team for the 247th Quar-termaster Company, stand in the overflow yard among over 1,200 Twenty-footEquivalent Unit’s (TUE) that are waiting to be sorted.
  2. 2. THE CENTCOM MATERIEL RECOVERY ELEMENT (CMRE)(Left) SFC Labriel, NCOIC of the BagramAirfield (BAF) Retrograde Sorting Yard(RSY) and SSG McBeth, NCO for theMateriel Redistribution Team (MRT) takea moment from their busy days to posefor a photo for the Unit Public AffairsOfficer (UPAO).(Right) As a member of the Bagram Mobile ContainerAssessment Team (MCAT) SPC Palermo is responsiblefor maintain accountability of a GEOLOC consisting ofover 1,200 containers.(Left) Soldiers from the company in formationpreparing to receive a 43rd Sustainment Bri-gade combat patch on the right sleeve of theirmulti-cam uniform.(Right) SPC Parnell stands at parade rest alongwith the company guidon in preparation for thepatching ceremony on 03APR13. LTC JeremyLewis and CSM Kenneth Ashley attended theceremony at Bagram AirfieldPAGE2
  3. 3. (Left) CSM Ashley and 1SG Smithstand with the newly promoted SSGHoskins, Soldier of the Month win-ner, SPC Hurley, and Certificate ofAchievement recipient, SPC Delaineat the Fenty Forward Retrograde Ele-ment (FRE)(Right) PFC Montgomery briefs Major Gen-eral Stein, Commander 1st Theater Sustain-ment Command (TSC) on the reutilizationof consumable Class II items within the Ba-gram Airfield (BAF) Retrograde SortingYard’s (RSY) Virtual Warehouse.(Right) CPT Taylor along with the NCO’sand Officers of the Bagram RetrogradeSorting Yard (BAF) and Materiel Redistri-bution Team (MRT) yard prepare for anaudit of over 1,200 containers that arescattered across five yards within the Ret-rograde Sorting Yard Complex.(Left) PFC Dupont brief’s the Sergeant Major of theArmy on the Redistribution Property AccountabilityTeam (RPAT) operation. PFC Dupont is one of themembers of the company that make the RPAT missionhappen for the 3-401st AFSBn.T h e H e a d h u n t e r T i m e sPAGE3247th QMCOMPANY
  4. 4. 1LT Kendal, Retro
  5. 5. ade Sorting Yard (RSY) Officer in Charge, briefs Major General Stein, Commander 1st Theater Sustainment Command onthe retrograde materiel flow process through the Bagram Airfield (BAF) Retrograde Sorting Yard (RSY).
  6. 6. (Right) SPC Lewis, SPC Scovill, 2LT Sze, andSPC Stanley participate in a MRAP pull withthe 3-401st AFSBn.(Left) SPC Multinovic ground guides a HEMTTPalletized Loading System (PLS) to a flat rackthat’s loaded with materiel that’s ready for ship-ment to the DLA-DS yard on Bagram.(Left) SPC Ghion provides Major GeneralStein with a brief on the Customs operationwithin the Bagram Retrograde Sorting Yard(RSY)(Right) Sergeant Major of the Army receives a brieffrom SPC Scovill in the 3-401st AFSBn rolling stockwarehouse.(Right) Joint Chief of Staff, General Dempsy withSSG Gray at her reenlistment ceremony whichwas conducted at the 101st Airborne DivisionHeadquarters on Bagram Airfield (BAF).247th QMCOMPANYPAGE6
  7. 7. (Left) SFC Labriel providing Lieuten-ant General James Terry, CommanderISAF—Joint Command, with a brief onthe materiel flow through the BagramAirfield (BAF) Retrograde SortingYard (RSY).(Right) SPC Leal (left) preparing to place Sergeantstripes on his wife, SGT Leal, (right) at her pro-motion ceremony in the 3-401st AFSBn.’s non-rolling stock warehouse.(Left) LTC Jeremy Lewis, commander 68th CombatSustainment Support Battalion pinning an End ofTour (EOT) Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM)on SGT Liburd’s chest prior to his departure.The Forward Retrograde Element’s (FRE)T h e H e a d h u n t e r T i m e sT h e H e a d h u n t e r T i m e s(Left) Chief Vinson lines the RetrogradeSorting Yard crew up in order to greet oneof the inbound Distinguished Visitors wereceived this monthPAGE7
  8. 8. (Right) SPC Johnson and SPC Meza assistwith container inventories in the Bagramoverflow yard.(Left) Warwagon 6 leads Distinguished Visi-tors from the Bagram Retrograde SortingYard (RSY) to the Bagram Mobile Redistribu-tion Team (MRT) yard in order to highlightthe hard work of our troops for Major Gen-eral Stein.(Left) Container inventories being conducted in theoverflow yard at Bagram.(Right) SPC Guzman conducting an interview with Mrs.McGabe, reporter from the Pentagon. To see the videotake a look at the following web link SSG McBeth providing Major GeneralStein with an overview of the operationswithin the Mobile Redistribution Team (MRT)yard.247th QMCOMPANYPAGE8
  9. 9. (Left) 2LT Sze, SPC Stanley, SPCOrtiz and SFC Hodges pose for aphoto with Dan Rather following hisoverview of the Redistribution Prop-erty Accountability Team (RPAT) op-eration.(Right) A view of the Retrograde Sorting Yard (RSY). Mil-lions of dollars of equipment is brought to recordthrough the hard work of our team in this yard.l(Right) SSG McBeth and SSG Hicks listening toGEN Dempsy speak prior to conducting their re-enlistment.CENTCOM MATERIEL RECOVERY ELEMENT (CMRE)T h e H e a d h u n t e r T i m e sT h e H e a d h u n t e r T i m e s(Left) SGT Bowens conducting an interview withMrs. McGabe, reporter from the Pentagon. SGTBowens works as an NCO in the Bagram Mo-bile Redistribution Team (MRT) Yard.PAGE9
  10. 10. Since that time I’ve hadthe amazing opportunity totrain, coach, mentor, and de-velop not only as the Com-mander but also as a mem-ber of this fine organization.There were plenty of sleep-less nights and long days butin the end its prepared us forthe success we’ve been ableto achieved as we executethe CMRE mission in Af-ghanistan.The comradery and disci-pline shared by our servicemembers their families makeit extremely difficult to saygoodbye to the HeadhunterTeam, but in the end it’stime for the next com-mander to take the lead and Ihave no doubt the organiza-tion will be in good handsunder the command of CPTJerod Farkas.I wont be going very faras I will transition to Kanda-har in order to work in the43rd Sustainment BrigadeSupport Operations (SPO)cell.Thank you for supportingour Soldiers and our coun-try. Continue to take careyourself and each other.This is Headhunter 6 signingoff the net.Headhunters, Twenty-Four-Seven! - Headhunter 6Headhunter team, familyand friends. As we crossthe turn-around point inthe CMRE race, our Sol-diers continue to show thedetermination and com-mitment in making thismission successful. An-other month doesn’t go bywithout several of our Sol-diers doing great things tobring great credit to them-selves and the organiza-tion. It was an honor to beT h e H e a d h u n t e r T i m e s1SG HAROLD K. SMITHa part of the promotion ofSSG Hoskins and SGT Clark.SPC Hurley won the 68thCSSB Soldier of the month,marking back to back victoriesfor the company. SSG Gray,SPC Ortiz were both recog-nized on AFN commercialsand have become instant ce-lebrities. The Pentagon evencame and did a segment onthe operations as well, so staytuned.May is bittersweet, my battle247th QUARTERMASTER COMMAND TEAMCPT GARY N. TAYLORbuddy for thelast 14 monthswill be changingout of com-mand. CPT Tay-lor it has beenboth an honorand a privilegeto serve with you and I wish youGodspeed as you make your moveto Brigade. CPT Farkas will manthe ship from here and I am lookingforward to continued success—Headhunter 7Greetings to the mem-bers of the HeadhunterTeam and their Families.It’s hard to believe butwe’ve finally crossed thehalfway point and we’renow staring down the backhalf of the deployment.Earlier this month I wasfaced with the inevitablereality that all commandersface, which is their changeof command. As I sur-passed my 18th month incommand and beganchange of command inven-tories I reflected on howfar the organization hascome since our activationon in October of 2011.PAGE 10
  11. 11. FRG Email: 247thheadhunters@gmailDuring the month of April SPC Hurley separatedhimself from his peers. SPC Hurley successfullywon the 68th Combat Sustainment SupportBattalion’s (CSSB) Soldier of the Month (SOM)Board. SPC Hurley leads from the front,maintains a strong moral compass, and inspiresleaders, peers, and subordinates alike in his dayto day service. For these qualities SPC Hurley isthe April 2013 winner of the Headhunter of themonth awardLike us onFacebook!HEADHUNTER OFTHE MONTH PAG E 1 1mediately after graduating the OfficersBasic Course he attended Campbell Uni-versity to complete his Degree of Ap-plied Science with a minor in BusinessAdministration. His first officer assign-ment was to the 82D Airborne Divisionwhere he deployed to OIF VI, December2008 as the Distribution Platoon Leader,A Company, 82D Brigade Support Bat-talion and Company Executive Officer, 5-73 Cavalry Squadron, 3rd Brigade Com-bat Team. Following OIF VI he becamethe Squadron S4 for 5-73 CavalrySquadron.In 2011, CPT Farkas was selected asthe Aide-De-Camp for the U.S. JointMunitions Command, Army MaterielCommand and then attended the Com-bined Logistics Captains Career Course.CPT Farkas has been assigned tothe 43rd Sustainment Brigade sinceJanuary 2013 where he has served asthe Ground Transportation Officer forthe Brigade Supporting Operations.CPT Farkas awards and decorationsinclude the Bronze Star Medal, Merito-rious Service Medal with Oak LeafCluster (OLC), Army CommendationMedal with 4 OLC, Joint ServiceAchievement Medal, Army Achieve-ment Medal with 6 OLC, Joint Merito-rious Unit Citation (JMUC), ValorousUnit Award (VUA), and MeritoriousUnit Citation (MUC). CPT Farkas hasbeen awarded the Ranger Tab, Com-bat Action Badge and the ParachutistsBadge.CPT Jerod Farkas is a native ofAnaheim, California. He joined themilitary July 2000 as a Food ServiceSpecialist and was assigned to 2ndBattalion, 505th Parachute InfantryRegiment, 82nd Airborne Divisionwhere he deployed to OperationEnduring Freedom (OEF) II with TaskForce Devil, January 2003. He wasselected as the XVIII Airborne CorpsCommanders Enlisted Aide duringhis deployment. While assigned tothe XVIII Airborne Corps he servedan additional tour in support of Op-eration Iraqi Freedom (OIF) III, TaskForce Dragon, January 2005.He graduated OCS class 09 - 06and commissioned as a quartermas-ter officer November 22, 2006. Im-INCOMING COMMANDERS BIO: CPT JEROD FARKASPublic Affairs Officer SPC Kyle AffairsTeam