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Repair business software   includes free tech support - 10 year license - requires internet browser
Repair business software   includes free tech support - 10 year license - requires internet browser
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Repair business software includes free tech support - 10 year license - requires internet browser


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  • 1. REVIEWS - Repair Business Software - INCLUDESFREE TECH SUPPORT - 10 Year License - RequiresInternet BrowserViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureQuestions? Call 888-375-3247 - ASIN B00B36ER2Cq- Same Software, but less expensive and withoutLive Technical Support.Fast - Enter Customer Contact and RepairqInformation into Digital Forms. Never struggle toread customer handwriting or guess what theproblem details are again.Easy - Edit Customer Orders, Send Repair Updates,qDiagnostic Information, and Invoices with just asingle click of the mouse.Customizable - Create Product Specific RepairqQuestions, SKUs, Alerts, and more.Reliable - Runs on multiple servers in multipleqcities for maximum uptime and blazingperformance anywhere in the world. PlatformIndependent - Works with iPhone and iPad as wellas with most smart phones and virtually allcomputers. It is compatible with most browsers.Read moreqProduct DescriptionRepair Business Software was custom built from the ground up with one purpose in mind ... to make our ownrepair business run quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. Set yourself apart with software that clearlycommunicates every step of the repair to your customers from the moment the item is checked in to when it isready to pick up. Customer information and repair details are entered and stored digitally. DiagnosticInformation, Repair Authorization, and Repair Complete notifications are sent via email and automated voicecall with a single click. Eliminate dozens of repetitive tasks that consume your time and energy. Many Repairshops spend 55 minutes on each transaction processing paperwork and communicating with customers. UsingRepair Business Software, you can spend less than 15 minutes on each transaction. Save hundreds of hours ofpayroll yearly. FAST AND ACCURATE CHECK IN Customers can fill in their own contact information by typing intoa digital form. This alone saves the time by not having to enter the data into the computer. It also eliminates allthose times when employees cant read the customers handwriting. DURING DIAGNOSTICS Instead of spending
  • 2. hours everyday chatting with customers about repairs, your employees will send customers diagnosticinformation and repair authorization emails with a single click. REPAIR AUTHORIZATIONS Customers can chooseto approve repair authorizations using email. This saves time and reduces communication errors. PICK UP ANDPAY - FAST !!! You are just a swipe away from taking customer credit card payment and digitally storing thepayment details. There is no need for a slow, old fashion, credit card terminal. HOW WILL YOU SPEND YOURTIME THIS YEAR? Many Repair shops spend over 55 minutes on each transaction processing paperwork andcommunicating with the customer. Using Repair Business Software, you can spend less than 15 minutes oneach transaction. Your business can save hundred of hours of payroll !!! Read more