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Institutional research complete

  1. 1. Institutional Research •Paramount Studios •Warner Bros •Columbia Pictures •Amicus ProductionsAdewale Adeyinka
  2. 2. Paramount Studios• Paramount Studios are an American film and distribution company, it was founded in 1912 and currently owned by media conglomerate Viacom.• Paramount studios is ranked has one of the top grossing movie studios.• Some of the most successful films came from paramount; Psycho, The Godfather and they have also co-produced popular films with other big film companies like; Iron Man, Transformers, Kung Fu panda and star trek.• I research most of the successful films that paramount have created or co-produced and they tend to be films of different genres like family films such as flushed away, Adventures film like Mission Impossible and Sahara. They also created Horror films like Friday the 13th (Distributors); April fools day, and Paranormal Activity (producers).• Since I was doing my research on horror films, I did a research on the horror films that paramount produced whether they will be a suitable institution to produce my film with since most of the successful films have been produced by paramount pictures.• I then decide that when it comes to Horror films, Paramount pictures tend to co-produce them with other companies, if I have to pick Paramount Pictures I would get them to produce my film.
  3. 3. Warner Bros• Warner Bros is another big American film company, having headquarters in California, Burbank and New York. Warner Brothers was founded in 1918 as Warner Bros Studios.• Warner Bros produce and distribute Different Genres of films like; Horror, Comedy, Family, and Fantasy.• Warner Bros are known for the big films they created and distributed such as: Slumdog Millionaire (Producers and Distributors), The Harry potter Films (Producers and distributors), Inception (Producers and Distributors), and Red Riding Hood (Producers and Distributors).• I Then researched on Horror films that where produced and distributed by Warner Bros to decide if they would be a suitable company to produce and distribute my film.• These are some of the most popular Horror films that where produced and distributed by Warner Bros; Orphan (Producers and Distributors), House of Wax (Producers and Distributors), Final Destination 5 (Producers and Distributors), One Missed Call (Producers and Distributors).• During my research on Warner Bros, I think I would prefer Warner Bros to create my film than Paramount Pictures because they have produced and distributed horror films that are more popular to the audience than paramount Pictures.
  4. 4. Columbia Pictures•Columbia Pictures is an American Film company that was founded in 1919, owned by Sonypictures entertainment; it is one of the leading companies in the world part of the big six filmcompanies of today.•Columbia Pictures are known for producing and distributing big films in variety of genres suchas; Spiderman (Producers), Social Network (Distributors), Salt (Distributors), Casino royal(Producers and Distributors), and Click (Distributors).• Whilst researching on Colombia pictures I realised that they tend to distribute film s ratherthan produce them, If I was to pick Columbia pictures they would only be suited to distributemy film.•In the research that I carried ,I found out that Columbia pictures tend to release anddistribute films in the genres of comedy and action, so they are likely not to be an option formy film since it is Horror.•After this research, I also had to do a research on Columbia pictures, to see how they were indistributing and producing horror films. These were some of the horror films that theycreated; The Grudge (Producers and Distributors), Gothika (Producers andDistributors), Darkness Falls (Distributors), Secret Windows (Distributors).•Coming to conclusion Columbia Pictures where good at Distributing films, however they didnot do so as well as the other film companies like Warner Bros in terms of the Horror genre.
  5. 5. Amicus Productions• Amicus productions are a British film production company founded by an American; it is based at Shepperton studios in England.• Amicus Studios are best known for their Horror anthologies, I decided to make my last production company a British one because all of the other film companies I researched on where American. I did this to see the comparison between British and American film companies.• Amicus productions are known for Horror films such as; The city of the dead (1960), Dr Terrors Houses of Horrors (1964), and The house that Dripped Blood (1970).• There are comparisons between British film companies and American film companies, firstly one thing I noticed in my research is that British companies like Amicus are better at producing independent films which are normally small budgeted films, whereas American film companies such as Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures tend to produce mainstream films and spend millions on their budget.• Out of all my 4 companies I have come to conclusion, the film Company that I have chosen to produce and distribute my horror film is Amicus Productions this is mainly because they are an independent company who have been making horror films for many years, and also because it would be easy to target my audience with Amicus productions being a British Company and lastly because I would have a smaller budget for my film.