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Customs and traditions in the UK
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Customs and traditions in the UK


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS INTHE U K Britain is full of culture and traditions whichhave existed for hundreds of years. British customs and traditions are famous allover the world. When people think of Britain they often think of:people drinking tea, eating fish and chips and wearing hats, but... THERE ARE MORE THINGS.
  • 2. SYMBOLS OF ENGLAND●There are some symbols that identify withEngland:●-The three national symbols: St Georges Flag(theEngland Flag ), the red rose and the Three Lions crest.●-The Royal Family: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles andPrince William.●-Royal Guards: Life Guard, Foot Guard and Beefeater.●-On the Street: Red Double Decker buses, Black taxicabs, Pillar Box (Post Box) and Telephone box.
  • 3. -Famous People: David Beckham, Queen Victoria andWinston Churchill.-Famous Monuments: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben,London Eye and pubs.-Sports: Football, cricket and Wimbledon.-Food and Drink: Fish and Chips, a cup of tea and a pintof beer.
  • 4. The Three National Symbols
  • 5. The Royal Family
  • 6. Royal Guards
  • 7. On the street
  • 8. Famous people
  • 9. Famous Monuments
  • 10. Sports
  • 11. Food and Drink
  • 12. BRITISH TRADITIONAL FOODS British food hastraditionally beenbased on beef, lamb,pork, chicken and fishand generally servedwith potatoes.
  • 13.  The most common andtypical foods in Britaininclude the sandwich, fishand chips, pies, trifle androasts dinners.Some oftheir main dishes havestrange names likeBubble & Squeak andToad-in-the-Hole.
  • 14. What is a typical EnglishBreakfast?
  • 15. What is the traditional EnglishBreakfast? A typical Englishbreakfast consists ofeggs, bacon,sausages, friedbread, mushrooms,baked beans and acup of coffee.
  • 16.  However, a typicalEnglish breakfast ismore likely to be abowl of cereals, aslice of toast, orangejuice and a cup ofcoffee.
  • 17. LUNCH
  • 18. What is a typical British lunch? Many children atschool and adults atwork will have apacked lunch. Thistypically consists of asandwich, a packet ofcrisps, a piece of fruitand a drink.
  • 19. DINNERThe evening meal is usually called tea, dinner or supper.
  • 20. What is a traditional BritishDinner? A typical British mealfor dinner is "meatand two veg". One of the vegetablesis almost alwayspotatoes. Vegetables grown inEngland, likepotatoes, carrots,peas, cabbages andonions, are verypopular.
  • 21. FISH AND CHIPS Fish and chips is theclassic English take-away food and is thetraditional nationalfood of England. The fish is deep friedin flour batter and iseaten with chips.