Customs and traditions in the UK


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Customs and traditions in the UK

  1. 1. CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS INTHE U K Britain is full of culture and traditions whichhave existed for hundreds of years. British customs and traditions are famous allover the world. When people think of Britain they often think of:people drinking tea, eating fish and chips and wearing hats, but... THERE ARE MORE THINGS.
  2. 2. SYMBOLS OF ENGLAND●There are some symbols that identify withEngland:●-The three national symbols: St Georges Flag(theEngland Flag ), the red rose and the Three Lions crest.●-The Royal Family: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles andPrince William.●-Royal Guards: Life Guard, Foot Guard and Beefeater.●-On the Street: Red Double Decker buses, Black taxicabs, Pillar Box (Post Box) and Telephone box.
  3. 3. -Famous People: David Beckham, Queen Victoria andWinston Churchill.-Famous Monuments: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben,London Eye and pubs.-Sports: Football, cricket and Wimbledon.-Food and Drink: Fish and Chips, a cup of tea and a pintof beer.
  4. 4. The Three National Symbols
  5. 5. The Royal Family
  6. 6. Royal Guards
  7. 7. On the street
  8. 8. Famous people
  9. 9. Famous Monuments
  10. 10. Sports
  11. 11. Food and Drink
  12. 12. BRITISH TRADITIONAL FOODS British food hastraditionally beenbased on beef, lamb,pork, chicken and fishand generally servedwith potatoes.
  13. 13.  The most common andtypical foods in Britaininclude the sandwich, fishand chips, pies, trifle androasts dinners.Some oftheir main dishes havestrange names likeBubble & Squeak andToad-in-the-Hole.
  14. 14. What is a typical EnglishBreakfast?
  15. 15. What is the traditional EnglishBreakfast? A typical Englishbreakfast consists ofeggs, bacon,sausages, friedbread, mushrooms,baked beans and acup of coffee.
  16. 16.  However, a typicalEnglish breakfast ismore likely to be abowl of cereals, aslice of toast, orangejuice and a cup ofcoffee.
  17. 17. LUNCH
  18. 18. What is a typical British lunch? Many children atschool and adults atwork will have apacked lunch. Thistypically consists of asandwich, a packet ofcrisps, a piece of fruitand a drink.
  19. 19. DINNERThe evening meal is usually called tea, dinner or supper.
  20. 20. What is a traditional BritishDinner? A typical British mealfor dinner is "meatand two veg". One of the vegetablesis almost alwayspotatoes. Vegetables grown inEngland, likepotatoes, carrots,peas, cabbages andonions, are verypopular.
  21. 21. FISH AND CHIPS Fish and chips is theclassic English take-away food and is thetraditional nationalfood of England. The fish is deep friedin flour batter and iseaten with chips.
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