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Trade Marketing Merchandising Tips

It may be a relief to have found the right retailer to sell your product, but trade marketing does not stop there. Rather, it is important for marketers to maintain a relationship with the retail outlet, in order to make sure that the product actually sells. When marketers and retailers team up to optimize sales, the results can be very rewarding. What follows are some tips for helping retailers promote your products.

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Trade Marketing Tips

  1. 1. Trade Marketing Merchandising TipsIt may be a relief to have found the rightretailer to sell your product, but trademarketing does not stop there. Rather, it isimportant for marketers to maintain arelationship with the retail outlet, in order tomake sure that the product actually sells.When marketers and retailers team up tooptimize sales, the results can be veryrewarding. What follows are some tips forhelping retailers promote your products.Merchandising StrategiesOne of the first steps in helping retailers promote your products is findingthe best merchandising strategy. Merchandising refers to the specifictechnique or techniques used to sell products, and to increase consumerdemand for the product in the future. These strategies also provide a wayfor marketers and retailers to maintain control over sales, and allow them toexperiment with variant selling strategies and displays to determine whichis most effective. Many of these strategies are also executed in conjunctionwith trade marketing incentive programs implemented by the marketer, toencourage employees to push specific merchandise.Point of Sale MerchandiseOne merchandising tactic, for example, is to place certain products at thecheckout line to encourage “point of sale” purchases, or impulse buys.Products that are subject to this strategy are typically referred to as point ofsale materials, or POSMs. This tactic is used for brand new products, andis usually accompanied by an additional value, such as a 2 for 1 deal.Since shoppers may spend several minutes in the checkout area,marketers can take this opportunity to advertise their new or modifiedproduct to the retail customers. Point of sale merchandise is also apossibility for online retailers: various add-ons or promotional deals can besuggested at the virtual checkout, before customers finalize payment.Floor Merchandise
  2. 2. Another trade marketing tip for helping retailers promote your products is tocarefully organize the shop floor so that your product is featuredprominently. This might involve placing it in a display case or in the middleof a “power aisle” (the aisle most frequently visited by shoppers, usuallyeasily accessible from the store entrance). For this promotional tactic, trademarketers should defer to the retailer’s knowledge of customer’s habits inorder to determine the best placement and organization of products. It isalso important to make the product easily accessible, and to avoid movingit frequently, so customers always know where to find it in the future.Social Media Marketing CampaignsStarting an online marketing campaign can also be incredibly effective inhelping retailers promote your products. In fact, this is fast becoming one ofthe most important steps in a successful trade marketing campaign. If aretailer already has a Facebook or Twitter account, marketers should workwith the company’s Webmaster to advertise their products. With over 150million Facebook users in the U.S. alone, for example, a marketer canreach an unprecedented number of potential customers. If a retailer has yetto start up a social media site, a marketer should initiate its start-up. Thiswill not only benefit the specific business-to-business relationship inquestion, but the entire retail company.Online MerchandisingThe Forrester Company recently predicted that online sales in America willincrease by 12% in the coming year, even in light of the recent economicdowntown. Therefore, it is important to utilize online merchandisingstrategies when helping retailers promote your products. Trade marketingcan prove even more profitable when customers are offered the option ofpurchasing a product online AND in the store, so make sure retailers offeryour product online. If they do not have a website yet, help them createone.Overall, trade marketers should remember the importance of conductingmarket research on consumers as well as retailers when promotingproducts, since profitability arises from expertise in both areas. This is whymaintaining a close relationship with retailers is so important, since storemanagers and owners know more about their customers than anyone else,
  3. 3. and can provide the information necessary for a successful promotionstrategy. To see this and other related articles on how to better advertise, monitor, and protect your business visit We can help you improve your search rankings, increase your website traffic, monitor and manage your reputation, and manage your online leads for you.