A Few Words From The Michigan Gambler            Due to the Casinos refusal to get back with us reguarding ...
March 2012March 1st -                                                       March 2nd - Styx (Soaring Eagle Casino)March 3...
Firefly Buffet @ Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort                          For those of you have not heard yet, Feb 13th, 201...
Ways to get more Play & Fun for your Dollar                              In our Publication you will never read the words ...
One on One Interview with The Notorious High Roller Fred L.             If you have ever looked at the winners on Soaring ...
Bills $5 System               My brother Bill has a system that he plays every time he goes to the casino. Now Bill pretty...
Pinball® Reel MultiPLAY by IGT                         This is a recent addition over to Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. ...
PC Slot Games ReleasedLucky Larry’s Lobstermania                        This is the latest release from Masque Publishing....
Got Tickets To a Show? Selling a Slot Machine? Want One? Place an ad in our swapmeet.                                   Wa...
For our first issue we thought we would share a special story with everyone, the story of our Vegas wedding. My wife is a ...
We got to the Clark County building and got our marriage license by 2:15pm. By this time the chapel was calling asking if ...
Issue 1 Of The Michigan Gambler
Issue 1 Of The Michigan Gambler
Issue 1 Of The Michigan Gambler
Issue 1 Of The Michigan Gambler
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Issue 1 Of The Michigan Gambler


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This is our very first issue. March 2012. This is the issue that started it all and featured a 1 on 1 interview with High Roller and Big Soaring Eagle winner Fred L.

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Issue 1 Of The Michigan Gambler

  1. 1.   A Few Words From The Michigan Gambler Due to the Casinos refusal to get back with us reguarding permission to print their promotions and winners. We regret that until that happens our publication will not contain any monthly winners or promotions. We would like everyones help in getting the casinos to grant us permission and to buy advertisment space in our publication. Help us by asking at the Casino, posting on the Casinos facebook pages etc... Anything will help show them that this is something Gamblers like. The Michigan Gambler would love to offer both a printed version and the electronic version. However we need to the casinos to work with us for that to happen. Enjoy our first issue as there is much more to come. Also feel free to like us on Facebook and join our forums on our website! We always welcome comments or questions. Keep in mind we are selling space each month in our publication. So check the website out and email us for more info.We are always looking for Big Win Stories, Gambling stories, Ideas, comments, questions, etc.... So if it happened to you, or Pops up in your head. Then Tell us about it! I would also like to thank everyone for their support on this over the past few months. I want to really thank everyone at the Facebook Group "What Happens at the Casino, Stays At the Casino." You guys are a great group, I look forward to hearing, sharing, and making some great gambling stories.   T.J. Decker The Michigan Gambler
  2. 2. March 2012March 1st - March 2nd - Styx (Soaring Eagle Casino)March 3rd - Don Williams (Little River Casino) March 4th -March 5th - March 6th -March 7th - March 8th -March 9th - Larry The Cable Guy (Soaring Eagle Casino) March 10th -March 11th - March 12th -March 13th - March 14th -March 15th - March 16th -March 17th - Joan Jetts & The Blackhearts (Little River Casino) March 18th -Aaron Tippon Sammy Kershaw & Joe Diffie (Kewadin Casinos) March 20th -March 19th - March 22nd -March 21st - March 24th - Billy Gardell (Little River Casino)March 23rd - Eric Burdon (Kewadin Casinos)March 25th - March 26th -March 27th - March 28th -March 29th - March 30th -
  3. 3. Firefly Buffet @ Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort For those of you have not heard yet, Feb 13th, 2012 Soaring Eagle closed down the Firefly buffet for construction. They closed off the entrance/exit by the bar. Then they added add a new one next to the steak house on the gaming floor. The buffet itself was only closed the 13th and 14th of February. They opened the buffet back up the 15th. But only half the buffet was opened back up. The rest of it was still boarded up. We then learned that Soaring Eagle is redoing the whole buffet. Soaring Eagle posted that coming is a new buffet and a new dining experience. So what does that mean for us gamblers right now? Well it will take longer to get into the buffet so be prepared to wait in line. The size of the buffet and seating were cut way down during construction. Also for you seafood buffet lovers, Soaring Eagle has discontinued the seafood buffet until further notice. But never fear from what I have heard and tasted they appear to have crab legs every night the week. Soaring Eagle also discounted the buffet by 20% while the construction is underway. And from what I have gathered so far, it will take them about 3 months to complete. It will be worth the wait! So if you are hungry and got the itch to gamble, Head on over to Soaring Eagle and enjoy some good food at a discount price. Soaring Waterpark & HotelSoaring Eagle is also jumping into a new family experience, opening this summer is the Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel.Just down the street from the main Casino and hotel. This large 45,000 sq ft Indoor  waterpark will give Great Wolf Lodgeand Avalanche Bay a run for its money. The hotel itself will have over 240 rooms. Some rooms are large enough for a familyof 7. Soaring Eagle is pulling out all the stops with the new hotel and waterpark.The new building will have private birthday rooms, Adult pool, hot tub & Sauna for hotel guests. They will have a food court,outdoor sun bathing area, Arcade, fitness center and much more. You can drive by and see how far they have got already,best of all about this great new addition for Soaring Eagle, Is that you should be able to use your comp dollars at the location!This will give the kids a nice getaway as well as mom and dad.For more info check out the website. http://www.soaringeaglewaterpark.com/ 
  4. 4. Ways to get more Play & Fun for your Dollar                 In our Publication you will never read the words “Guaranteed to win.” And we will never feed you lies & lines about systems of how to play to win. Because face it Casinos are built for two things, to make money and entertainment.  The last word there is what causes people to feel bad or hate casinos.  To be honest you need to come to realize even professional gamblers lose. There are ways to avoid losing so much & ways to improve your chances of winning. But there is no way to win all the time. Nothing is ever a sure thing!                 First you must decide what you would be happy hitting. For example would you be happy hitting $100? Or are you the thrill seeker who needs to hit $10,000 to be happy? You must first choose what you will be happy with. Then you must honest decision of “Do you have the right size bankroll to win it?” Don’t take a $100 bankroll and expect to walk out with $10,000. Chances are it won’t happen, because hitting the jackpot on any machine with any bankroll is difficult and rare. But doing that on a bankroll that is too small is even harder.                 A Simple formula to follow is figure out how much you can afford to lose. Then you must make sure you can live with losing it. Just because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you can live with losing it. Don’t take money you cannot afford to lose or cannot live with losing it. So say you can afford to lose $100, and you are happy with winning $100. Next part of the formula is play time. Do you want to walk in and walk right back out? Or do you want to play all night?  If you want to play for a very short time use something like “Rita & Mike’s  7 and 9” system found in this issue. Play $1 slots betting 1 at a time, with mixing in a few 2 coin bets.  This will spread out your play and give you more spins, and more chances to win.                 If you want to play for hours on end, then you should head to the 1 cent or 2 cent slots. Do not play max. Instead play a wager that makes it worth your wild. And please remember “Know what you are playing!” If you want to try a new game bet the minimum amount you can. Or do research online about the games. Youtube.com is a great place with videos of lots of slots. You can find out info at many places online about new and old games. Nothing breaks my heart more, then watching someone playing a game and not betting enough to hit bonus games or jackpots when they hit.                 Another good option for research or even a little bit of fun is Masque Publishing & Phantom EFX. Both companies publish and sell real slot games for the computer. So check them out as well, they may have your favorite game. Last resource for playing slots at home or doing research is websites like paddypower.com. They are online casinos that offer demo modes on some of the slot games they run. Be warned that is it against the law to gamble online in Michigan. And most of the casinos online block US IP address numbers.  So only play demo modes and never bet online.                 Most of all just have fun! Remember that the higher the machine denomination, the better the pay back and odds of winning. But with that comes a greater risk of losing more money and requires a bigger bankroll. So if you are going to bet $2.00 a spin on a 1 cent or 2 cent machine. You are better off to go play the dollar slots. You may find it more enjoyable and win more money. Just make sure you have the bankroll to last.                 By following these simple things I think you find going to the casino more enjoyable and you will get more out of going than just losing. Make the same wager amount a larger denomination machine will increase your odds of winning and may provide a better gambling experience.   
  5. 5. One on One Interview with The Notorious High Roller Fred L. If you have ever looked at the winners on Soaring Eagle’s Website then you know who Fred L. is! Is a regular high stakes player who has his picture on their website every month at least once! I got the joy of sitting down with Fred L. over email and got to ask him a few questions.  I hope you enjoy the interview. Q) What year did you start Gambling? A) 1999 Q) At what point did you start playing High Stakes? A) I started playing High Stakes in 2008.I had a lot of comp’s from playing Sizzling 7’s for many years. I started playing high stakes in 9/08 and immediately won $4,800 and $1,800 the first time, I later built my stash to $50,000 by the end of the year. And I was on my way! Q)  What is the biggest Jackpot you have hit? A) Between $60,000 and $80,000 Q) On the average trip, how much do you take with you? A) $3,500 - $4,000 on the average. Q) Do you tend to lose more often than not? A) Over the course of a year if you come out $10,000 - $15,000 ahead it is a good year! Q) Do you have a favorite casino in Michigan? If so what casino is it? A) Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort is my favorite casino. Q) Do you have a favorite slot game? A) I play Triple Gold Bar, Sizzling 7’s, Big Times Pay, Two Hearts, and Black Gold. Q) Do you have a favorite machine? (Not a game but an actual machine such as the $25 Big times pay machine at Soaring Eagle) A) I have a couple of favorites of machines! (They are Probably obvious on the website!)   Q) Do you have a certain system or strategy you use when playing? A) I tend to play a machine longer than most people, as I believe some will eventually hit after $3,000 - $4,000 in! I also believe your intuition! Q) How often do you go to the casino? A) I visit Soaring Eagle nearly weekly and other casinos such as Gun Lake, Four Winds, Little River on a somewhat irregular basis. Q) Do you have any tips, suggestions, or warnings for our readers? A) The advice I give is to build up a “stash”. Play only what you can afford, know when to quit! Don’t press your luck chasing big jackpots. Stay away from big progressive machines. Sometimes, it is smart to play dollars and stay away from $10 machines, etc.  If from your experience the machine is not playing well, or you have heard from others that somebody hit it earlier in the day or week. Local knowledge of machines, their tendencies, and how they pay (there is pay out cycles, and take cycles) is important. I would like to thank Fred for sitting down and doing this for us all to enjoy. Fred is an active member of the Facebook group “What happens at the casino, Stays at the casino. He shares his stories of his weekend casino runs almost weekly. On a side note, I am currently working to get a few more interviews like this. I am trying to get ahold of William H. ,  Randy P., and Earnest C. But tracking them down seems to be a bit tricky.
  6. 6. Bills $5 System My brother Bill has a system that he plays every time he goes to the casino. Now Bill pretty much plays Cleopatra on 1¢, he plays 9 lines at 1 or 2 per line.  Bill’s system starts but by bringing $100 with him every trip. As soon as Bill gets to the casino, he goes and breaks down his $100 into 20 $5 bills. His system is really simple he puts in $5 and plays it. If at any time Bill gets a $5 session to $7.50 then he will cash out the session. He places the ticket in his pocket and will insert another $5 bill into the machine. This system appears to be overly simple, however Bill has hit the jackpot on Cleopatra before using this system. This was at Soaring Eagle back before they switched the bank of Cleo’s to 1¢, 2¢, 5¢. Bill was playing 9 lines at 1 per line on 5¢. So Bill only hit $500, but it was still the highest payout on the machine. Once your $5 bills are gone, you simply take the tickets and cash them out. This is the part in the system where you have a choice. You can pocket the original $5 from each ticket and play on your winnings. Or you can pocket the profit from each ticket and play on your original $5. Like with all systems use what you enjoy and what works for you. By using Bill’s $5.00 system you play longer, and will lower your risk of walking away broke.    Rita & Mikes 7s & 9s system My Aunt and Uncle Rita and Mike, have a system they have played for years. I call it Rita and Mike’s 7’s and 9’s. They play dollar machines and do very well using this system. You start by putting in a $100 bill into a 3 reel dollar machine. Sometimes Rita and Mike play the same machine. While other times they play separate machines. This system is very simple and appears to have a good return. You bet 1 coin unless your credits end in 7 or 9. If your credits end in 7 or 9 you bet 2. Rita and Mike have been hand paid doing this, but they main reason for using this system is to avoid being hand paid in large amounts. Also this system allows you to get more spins with less bankroll.   Basically you go thru playing 1 coin until the 7’s or 9’s come up.  You may be surprised how doing something so small will allow you more spins and get you a few extra wins. Play the whole $100 out and move to the next machine. If you hit decide when you want to cash out and do it! Give it a shot if you want to try something new, If you win let us know and we will write a story about it.    
  7. 7. Pinball® Reel MultiPLAY by IGT This is a recent addition over to Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. We played this on our last trip over, and it was rather fun. The game itself is a 3 reel slot, with the option to play 2 games at the same time. Max bet was 6 coins, and the game we played was a 25 cent slot. We did not play this slot for very long, as it appears to be very popular. We put a $20 bill in and started to play. Game play is rather simple. All the reels spin including the middle reel which contains the bonus game. The middle reel also contains multipliers. So your slot hits can be multiplied by up to 10x if it hits. We did not win but a few coins here and there on the reels. But we did manage to get the bonus 5 times before losing our money. If the pinball plunger lands completely on the middle reel, the bonus game starts. You receive pinball shots with the amount depending on the number of pinballs showing on the active reels.  The most we got on our attempts were 4. You run your finger over the plunger to shoot the ball off. Just like the original Pinball game by IGT, the pinball goes around until it lands in a spot giving you the amount you won. However in this new game each time the pinball lands on the center spinner it gives you a credit. The ball has a chance to land in a number of different areas that include credit amounts of up to 500. And also to land in 5x your current bonus credit amount. The largest amount we won on a bonus game was only $13.75. I personally think the game itself was fun, however it is not something I can see myself playing to win on. This slot is more along the lines of entertainment for me. In closing I recommend you at least give it a shot and try it for yourself. I am personally not a big fan of the multiplay games. Watching one screen is hard enough for me at times. But try it out maybe it will be just the right machine you have been looking for.The Hangover™ Video Slots by IGT This is another recent addition to Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort.  The game we  played was a 1 cent game. Max bet being 500 credits I believe. This slot is a 4 game multiplay slot. Meaning there are 4 screens spinning if you play max. Playing max allows you hit up to 8 different bonus games.  It also has 4 different level progressive jackpots for the bonus games. Like the Pinball game, we only placed a $20 bill in. Only this time we played 1 screen instead of max. After a few spins we hit one of the event bonus games. It was rather fun to play this game. But I personally cannot sit down and stick money into a penny game betting $5 a crack. I would much rather bet 1 coin on a $5 slot.  The odds are better , and I enjoy the thrill of a hand pay being possible on every spin. Back to the game itself, it is rather comical and fun to watch all the things going on. The bonus rounds have movie clips and make you laugh. This slot would be perfect for the die-hard Hangover movie fans. On the only bonus we hit, we doubled our money and walked away. This game reminds me of some of the old star war games, in the sense that I could never really get into playing them. The Hangover slot is another game I would play to entertain myself, but never to try and win money. It is another one of those penny games in my mind that keep you wanting more. It is also a multiplay which if you read my other reviews, you will know I dislike. Give it a try if you see it on the casino floor. Maybe you can walk away with a progressive jackpot win.
  8. 8.   
  9. 9. PC Slot Games ReleasedLucky Larry’s Lobstermania This is the latest release from Masque Publishing. Masque is one of top PC slot game makers in the world. When it comes to playing a slot game on PC, you have two choices in my opinion. Masque which releases IGT titles or Phantom EFX which currently started releasing WMS gaming titles. Masque’s  IGT Slots: Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania is one of my favorite titles released. Mainly because I enjoy playing two of the games that were released on this game. Cleopatra and the title game Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania. This release features both 5 reel and classic 3 reel games, all of them real IGT slot games that can be found inside the Casino. Games range in denomination from 1 cent to $100. So playing this release allows for some exciting fun and practice. I give this game a 4 out of 5 star rating. Because I believe Masque could of did better by releasing Bucks Ahoy along with this release. It always accompies Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania in the Casino . Game List: Lucky Larrys Lobstermania™  Sizzling 7 ™ Cats Wild Cherry™ Stinkin Rich™  Moolah™ Da Vinci Diamonds™ 4th of July™ Price Check™ Country Cash™ Cats n Dogs™ Haywire™ Triple Triple Diamond™  Candy Bars™ Carnival of Mystery™ Balloon Bars Frog Princess™ Betti The Yetti™ Triple Diamond™   Cleopatra™     IGT Slots: Little Green Men This is an older release from Masque. It features several video slots that are a blast to play. Like other Masque Releases, this fe 1 cent to $100 denominations. Also features two payout modes, True payouts, or Extra High payouts.  With such games as  Enchanted Unicorn® and Hot Peppers™ this is a sure thing for any Gambler out there.  This gets a 3 out of 4 stars from me, I believe that a lot of these games were dated even when it was released. Masque throws call fillers in to fill the game up. Fillers are already released games that they put in to offer more games. Game List: Little Green Men® Enchanted Unicorn® Dragons Gold® Elephant King® Double Diamond 2000®  Red White & Blue® Double Bucks® Easel Money® Roamin Rhinos™ Triple Double Dollars®  Double Diamond® Five Times Pay® Cartoon Wild Cherry® Haywire™ Candy Bars™ Hot Peppers™ Sizzling 7® Triple Diamond® Knockdown™ Kangaroo™
  10. 10. Got Tickets To a Show? Selling a Slot Machine? Want One? Place an ad in our swapmeet. Wanted Items Items For Sale Sell your casino related items each Place ads for items wanted free. month. Place an ad in our publication for a small fee! Want to place an ad? send us an email! Below are some of larger Progressive jackpots hit in Michigan over the past year or so. Date Amount Game Denomination Casino 10/17/10 $369,914 Monopoly Jackpot Station   Firekeepers 10/18/10 $502,234 The Wizard Of Oz   Four Winds 10/30/10 $120,382 Monopoly Jackpot Station   Firekeepers 1/27/11 $191,071 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Four Winds 2/16/11 $346,134 Wheel Of Fortune $1 Kewadin Christmas 2/19/11 $1,261,850 Cash Ball 1 Cent Firekeepers 3/28/11 $269,115 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Kewadin Sault Ste Marie 4/3/11 $160,307 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Kewadin Sault Ste Marie 5/14/11 $143,214 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Soaring Eagle 6/4/11 $742,381 Wheel Of Fortune Special Edition 1 Cent Four Winds Hartford 7/21/11 $313,202 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Saganing Eagles Landing 8/8/11 $104,246 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Four Winds 9/3/11 $126,619 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Island Resort & Casino Harris, MI 9/9/11 $177,384 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Firekeepers 10/8/11 $104,534 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Turtle Creek 10/10/11 $193,252 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Soaring Eagle 10/29/11 $139,687 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Four Winds 11/17/11 $1,529,528 Monopoly Around the Globe   Four Winds 12/7/11 $160,138 Monopoly Advance to Boardwalk   Kewadin St. Igance 12/7/11 $1,539,041 Wheel Of Fortune $5 Island Resort & Casino Harris, MI 12/23/11 $129,769 Wheel Of Fortune 25 Cent Soaring Eagle          
  11. 11. For our first issue we thought we would share a special story with everyone, the story of our Vegas wedding. My wife is a not a big Gambler.So it took me awhile to convince her that Vegas would be a good place to get married. She also hates flying so the long flight was something else I had to talkup.After a nice night out in Grand Rapids, we went to the Olive Garden on Alpine Ave. We both really enjoyed the evening and were extremelyhappy. My beautiful wife sat across the table from me with a big grin. She told me “I am so happy, you can have whatever you want. “ So me beingthe wise guy I tend to be replied with “Go to Vegas and marry me!” Now I rather expected to be laughed at or told no. But to my surprise she wasconsidering it. She followed her moment of consideration with “Are you serious?” I said “I sure am, we can fly out Monday and come back Friday.”We were tossing the idea around when our waitress came up to take our order. Her name was Nicole and she was very nice. She could tell wewere up to something by the sounds of us debating. So Nicole asked what we were discussing. We smiled and sort of chuckled before we told her“Running off to Vegas to get married.” Nicole’s eyes lit up and she replied with “You should so do it! Just don’t think about it and do it!”Her response made us both think about it more. We our food and got ready to leave. On our bill tray she had slipped a card on it that read“Go to Vegas! Nicole” We made our way home both still happy and still considering going to Vegas. We took the next few days to think. Finally weagreed that we would just do it. We booked out flights on Allegiant air for the next Monday. After that we booked our room at the Stratosphere.And may wife booked the Belleza chapel for Tuesday afternoon.After several trips to the mall in Grand Rapids, The day to leave finally arrived. We landed in Vegas late in the evening Monday night. Sowe got that beautiful view of the strip at night as we flew in. We took the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, We then checked in and down to gamble and eat.For all of you that have been to Vegas years ago, or those who have not ever been. Please do not listen to people who say you can eat cheap in Vegas. Evento get a burger that first night in Roxy’s Diner inside the stratosphere was not very cheap. We ate at Roxy’s before heading off to bed. Tuesday morning camearound and my rent a tux was at the front desk. So my wife headed down to the spa for what was supposed to be an hour of pampering. I went off to pick upmy tux and do a little bit of gambling.An hour went by, then 2 hours, finally after 3 hours and my wife still wasn’t out of the spa. I went there looking for her. Now ladies I know youhave a reputation as a gender known for being late. However honestly for your own wedding? I was dressed in my tux waiting outside the spa/salon.All of sudden there appeared my beautiful wife. She looked like an angel, she to the spa early in the morning to get some waxing done when the spafirst opened. But as soon as I seen her, I knew she got more than just a wax job. Katelyn had got her hair styled, cut, her make up done, and a full body wax.Now we had the chapel at 2pm and here it was 1:30pm. We still had to catch a cab to go get our marriage license and make it back to the chapel. Page 14
  12. 12. We got to the Clark County building and got our marriage license by 2:15pm. By this time the chapel was calling asking if we were going tobe coming. We told them we were on our way. We jumped into another cab and arrived there 15 to 20 minutes later. So were about 30 minuteslate for our own wedding. Everything went off without a hitch, with the exception of a slip up by my wife. When the minister said “To have and to hold”, mywife repeated “To have and to cold”. We walked the few blocks back to the hotel. We grabbed a bite to eat before we headed up to change our clothes. Afterwe both got ready we hit the strip. We walked around the few casinos that are located around the Stratosphere. After gambling a little bit here and there, wetook a taxi cab to Fremont Street for a bit. Shortly after that we headed back to the Stratosphere. We got back about Midnight and my wife said she wasgetting tired. I told her “Let’s gamble for a bit before bed.” So we walked around playing all sort of slots for about an hour.When my wife was finally ready for bed I was playing an AC-Coin Slot game called The Mummy Returns. It was a 1 cent/ 2 cent machine, with125 coin max bet. I told my wife one more $20 bill then we can go. So I placed another $20 in the machine and started to spin. After a few spins all the lightswent off on the machine and the sirens started to go off. The screen began to flash “Hand Pay Call Attendant.” My wife asked by as the slot attendant waswalking up “What did you hit?” I told her “We just hit 10 grand.” Now my wife was tired from being up so long, and misunderstood what I just told her. Shereplied with “Cool, I need to use the bathroom.”, as she walked away with no emotions.By the time she came back, so had the slot attendant with the slot manager, and a slot tech. My wife’s expression changed as she got closer. Asthe closer she got the more it dawned on her as the slot attendant was counting a giant stack of $100 bills into my hand. I heard “Oh my god! Whatdid you hit?” screamed my wife. I replied back with “We won $10,000 honey!” My wife screamed and jumped all around. She was extremely happy,so we played a bit before bed.The next morning we got up and ate at the buffet in the Stratosphere. Then we gambled a bit, my wife was on the phone with her mom tellingher about the big hit the night before. All of a sudden the 1 cent black and white sevens progressive machine I was playing went off. I had hit theprogressive jackpot. So that added another $1,000 to our total. Shortly after that we took a taxi to the end of the strip and walked all the way back.That is something I would not recommend anyone doing! Break it up since that is too much walking for one day.We had met another couple out there from Grand Rapids, which we took them out to each for dinner and spent Thursday evening on the stripwith them. Kwan and Shawn are really nice people and we are really lucky to have met them. We still keep in contact with them to this day. We spent Fridaymorning packing and getting the last minute gifts for everyone. Our shuttle to the airport was late because it broke down. But we still made it to the airport ontime for our flight. We landed late Friday night in Grand Rapids and headed home.Sunday we had our wedding reception at our house with our family and friends. Shortly after that we found out we were expecting. So that sayingthat goes “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” That is not always true. We brought back a beautiful baby boy. Jace James Decker was bornJanuary 3rd.Vegas is a great place to visit. Although its not as cheap as it used to be, But a place I would recommend you to visit and even get married. It cost us a little bitover $800.00 for the flight and hotel for the week. We each brought $800 to spend on gambling and food. My wife spent $400 in the spa the morning we gotmarried. So just be sure to bring enough money with you. Page 15