How to Survive the Coming Test Automation Zombie Apocalypse


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Test automation is software development. To automate tests well, you have to have brains. Unfortunately, the very brains that make you good at your job also make you highly attractive to zombies. Like all zombies, test automation zombies are brainless, insatiable, and relentless. Unlike human zombies, test automation zombies can be difficult to recognize. They don’t look like people at all. Some look like org charts. Some look like best practices. Some you can’t see at all—bad habits that “seemed like a good idea at the time.” Dale Emery has survived numerous test automation zombie attacks with almost no permanent damage. Dale knows zombies, and teaches you to recognize them. Automating only at the end of a sprint? Zombie. Sprinkling fixed delays through your tests to accommodate unresponsive web pages? Zombie. Automating only by record and playback? Zombie. Make no mistake—the test automation zombies are coming. Learn how to spot them before they eat your brains.

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How to Survive the Coming Test Automation Zombie Apocalypse

  1. 1.     BT8 Session  6/6/2013 2:15 PM                “How to Survive the Coming Test Automation Zombie Apocalypse"       Presented by: Dale Emery DHE                   Brought to you by:        340 Corporate Way, Suite 300, Orange Park, FL 32073  888‐268‐8770 ∙ 904‐278‐0524 ∙ ∙
  2. 2. Dale Emery DHE Since 1980, Dale Emery has worked in both IT organizations and software product development companies as a developer, manager, process steward, trainer, and consultant. He helps people apply the agile values of communication, feedback, simplicity, courage, and respect to software development. Dale's combination of deep technical expertise and extensive organizational development experience makes him particularly effective in working with software teams. In 2007 Dale received the Ward Cunningham Gentle Voice of Reason Award, which the Agile Alliance created to recognize Dale’s unique contribution to the agile community. Dale's personal mission is to help people create joy, value, and meaning in their work. Learn more about Dale at  
  3. 3. How to Survive the Coming Test Automation Zombie Apocalypse Dale Emery @dhemery
  4. 4. Too gruesome to display
  5. 5. The Trouble With Zombies Legion Relentless Infectious Eat your brains Usually not as pretty as the one on the previous slide
  6. 6. Test Automation Zombies Legion Relentless Infectious Eat your brains Look just like ideas Oddly attractive
  7. 7. The Trouble with Test Automation Zombies Sometimes the best you can do They are easy Lull you into doing them by habit Focus on the short term At the expense of the (not-so-)long term
  8. 8. Pound Foolish Zombies
  9. 9. The Record and Playback Zombie Appeal Lots of tests quickly, (almost) for free Danger Recorded tests are unexpressive, brittle, unmaintainable Can’t record tests until the software is done
  10. 10. The Automation is Easy Zombie Appeal Inexpensive automators Danger Tests written by unskilled programmers are unexpressive, brittle, unmaintainable
  11. 11. Surviving Pound Foolish Zombies Remember: Test automation is real software development Test automation takes time Big cost is maintenance Writing maintainable code is hard
  12. 12. More Surviving Pound Foolish Zombies Stop record and playback Refactor recorded tests to make them expressive, resilient, maintainable Use real programmers... with the experience to value maintainability... and the programming skill to write maintainable test code
  13. 13. Displacement Zombies
  14. 14. The Automate Last Zombie Appeal “Can’t automate tests before system is written” Danger Feedback is delayed The system is harder to test (not designed for testability) Missed opportunity to use tests as guidance
  15. 15. The Dedicated Test Automator Zombie Appeal Keep developers focused on developing Danger Test automation lags development Feedback is delayed Typically uses less-skilled programmers
  16. 16. The Test Automation Group Zombie Appeal Keep entire development team focused on developing Danger Same as dedicated test automators Organizational boundaries make delays even worse
  17. 17. Surviving Displacement Zombies Create automatable examples before development begins Developers automate tests Done includes test automation
  18. 18. Math Zombies
  19. 19. The Test Case Count Zombie Appeal Confidence that the system is tested Danger Focuses on ease of automating each test Instead of on the value of the tests
  20. 20. The Code Coverage Zombie Appeal Confidence that the system is tested Danger Confidence is unwarranted (executed does not mean tested)
  21. 21. Surviving Math Zombies Focus on automating tests that provide value Use code coverage tools only to identify what is not tested
  22. 22. Stealth Zombies
  23. 23. The Dedicated First Responder Zombie Appeal Relieves the development team from having to run, maintain, respond to tests Danger Delays feedback (through first responders)
  24. 24. The Hide the Broken Feature Zombie (Disable tests for known-broken features) Appeal Reduce distraction by known failures Danger Reduces urgency to fix the features
  25. 25. The Hide the Flaky Test Zombie (Disable or ignore flaky tests) Appeal Reduce wasted effort diagnosing tests Danger Discards potentially useful test results Reduces urgency to make tests more robust
  26. 26. The Automatic Rerun Zombie Appeal Reduce wasted effort diagnosing tests Danger Discards potentially useful test results Reduces motivation to make tests more robust Increases suite run time
  27. 27. Surviving Stealth Zombies Fix flaky tests now Fix broken features now Bypass flaky technology Analyze every failure Include automated tests in code promotion procedures Reserve automatic reruns for exceptional cases
  28. 28. Hacker Zombies
  29. 29. The Fixed Wait Zombie Thread.sleep(8000); Appeal Easy way to deal with variable response times Danger Fixed waits always increase Test suite execution time becomes maximally pessimistic
  30. 30. Surviving The Fixed Wait Zombie Bypass slow, variable technologies Poll for the relevant condition Arrange to be notified when the condition becomes satisfied Create a utility for fixed waits Instrument the utility to gather information
  31. 31. The Dependency Chain Zombie Appeal Speed up test suites Danger Prevents running tests independently Skips subsequent tests even if they would provide value Harder to understand what responsibility each test is testing
  32. 32. Surviving The Dependency Chain Zombie Make tests independent Bypass slow technologies for setup and verification Let each test establish its own preconditions
  33. 33. The Predefined Test Database Zombie Appeal Speed up test suites Often already exists for manual testing Danger Hides essential details from test code Harder to understand what responsibility each test is testing
  34. 34. Surviving The Predefined Test Database Zombie Express every essential detail directly in the text of the test code Let each test create its own data Use the builder pattern to create non-trivial test data
  35. 35. The Chewy GUI Zombie (Testing only through the GUI) Appeal Available and accessible to automators Tests whole system Danger Makes tests dependent on most volatile interface Increases test execution time Harder to diagnose failures
  36. 36. Surviving The Chewy GUI Zombie Bypass the GUI whenever it is not essential for the test
  37. 37. Now You Know How to Survive the Coming Test Automation Zombie Apocalypse Dale Emery @dhemery