Test diagnóstico inglés ralove


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Test diagnóstico inglés ralove

  1. 1. Ramón López Velarde. Test de diagnóstico.Name: ___________________________________ Group: _______________Recomendaciones: Trata de responder la mayor parte de los reactivos sin laintervención del internet como herramienta de ayuda. Con esto podrásconocer de manera justa y sincera tu nivel de inglés.Se acepta el uso de diccionarios y el internet para encontrar el significado depalabras desconocidas y/o confusas.Página recomendada: http://translate.google.com.mx/?hl=es&tab=wTwww.wordreference.com 1. GREETINGSGood Morning , I´m _________________I am from ______________________,and you?2. PRONOMBRES PERSONALESI______he______itwe______you______
  2. 2. 3. CONJUGACIÓN DE VERBO TO – BEI _______You ___________ isshe _______it ______we _________ ______they ______Are you Mexican?Yes ____ ______ MexicanAre you Jorge Campos?_____ ___ _______ Jorge Campos4.REALIZA 2 ENUCIADOS EN PRESENTEEstructuraP.P + To Be + profesiónI am teacher______________________________________________________________________________________P.P + Verb + ComplementoI play soccer in the park______________________________________________________________________________________5. CONTESTA LAS SIGUIENTES PREGUNTASWhere do youlive?________________________________________________How old are you? _________________________________________________Who are you? _____________________________________________________How are you?_____________________________________________________6.REALIZA PREGUNTAS UTLILIZANDO LAS PALABRAS WHERE, HOW,WHO, WHICH, WHAT
  3. 3. ExampleHow can I get to buy a map?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________7. PRACTICA LOS SIGUIENTES NUMEROS TELEFONICOS2-50-77 ___________________________________________________________8-14-16-30 ________________________________________________________8. LEE Y CONTESTA CON FALSO Y VERDADERO SEGÚN CORRESPONDADear John:Mynameis Carlos Rojas. I am fourteen years old, I´m a student. I´m in the firstgrade of secondary school, my favorite sport is volley- ball.I´m short. Myeyes are brown. My hair is straight and short.How old are you? Are you student? What´s your favorite sport?What do you look like?Write to me soonRodrigoRodrigo is American ________ His eyes are brown ____Rodrigo is a student ________ His hair is log and straight ____Rodrigo is old ________ His favorite sport is volley ball ____He is tall ________
  4. 4. 9. REALIZA TU ÁRBOL GENEALÓGICO , INICIADO DE TUS ABUELOS( TIOS,TIAS, SOBRINOS, PRIMOS,HERMANOS, PAPÁ, MAMÁ, CUÑADO, SUEGROS,ETC… EN INGLÉS.10. ORDER: COMPLETE THE SENTENCES USE: there is, there are, arethere, is there, there aren´t, there isn´t,01.- ____________________ any students in the laboratory?02.- ____________________ a red rose in the garden03.-____________________ any books in the bag04.- _____________________many student in the classroom05.- _____________________many teacher in the classroom
  5. 5. 11. OBSERVE THE PICTURE AND COMPLETE THE SENTENCES USE THEPREPOSITIONS OF PLACE. a. The clock is _________________ the wall. b. The ball is _________________ the table. c. The cat is _________________ the armchair. d. The table is _________________ the armchair. e. The carpet is _________________ the floor. f. The lamp is _________________ the table. g. The flowers are _________________ the vase. h. The table is _________________ the armchair and the chair. 12. CHOSE THE CORRECT OPTION: than, more, most, taller. A. Carlos is the boy____________ intelligent of the class B. Maria is the _____________ beautiful children of town C. Luisa is taller____________ Maria D. My sister is younger____________me.E. Luisa is ______________than Maria.
  6. 6. 13. FIND THE VERBS THAT COMPLETE THE SENTENCES AND WRITE THEMIN THE GAPS: visited, played, read, studied, found.a.- She has __________________in telesecondary for 2 years.b.- Pablo has________________soccer for 2 hoursc.- He has ___________________that book twice.d.- She has __________________a new friende.- He has ___________________Mexico city many times.14. WRITE.- have , has. shall, willa.- I_____________ studied in Mexicob.- He_____________come for dinner tonight about ten.c.-They_____________played footballd.- The boy_____________played for many hours.e.- I_______________ drive the car15. ORDER: WRITES WORD THAT COMPLETES CORRECTLYPresent actions which started in the past or interrupted actionshave, has, was, werea.-I________________living in Mexico Cityb.-They____________talking with our friendsc.-He_______________influenced her very muchd.-We_______________traveling witch her parentse.- I________________studied her case for a long time