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K to 12 ENGLISH Grade 2 (4th Quarter 1st Summative Test)

this document is sample of a summative test in English for the fourth quarter....

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K to 12 ENGLISH Grade 2 (4th Quarter 1st Summative Test)

  1. 1. 1st SUMMATIVE TEST IN ENGLISH - GRADE TWO 4RTH QUARTER S.Y. 2013 – 2014 NAME: ___________________ Grade/Section: _______________ DATE: ___________ I. Write put on, try on, take off on the blank to complete the sentence. 1. Children ____________ their clean uniforms. 2. Dane ____________ her dirty socks after coming from school. 3. Gina ____________ her mom’s blouse if it fits her. 4. Benjamin ____________ his dad’s shoes if it fits him, too. 5. We ____________ our hats and jackets during rainy days. 6. Lito ____________ your wet shirts, you may catch cold, mother said. 7. James said, I ____________ that new shoes if it fits me. 8. School children ____________ their school I.D. everyday. 9. Dianne ____________ your white socks, said mother. 10. We ____________ our hats during the flag ceremony. II. Read the story carefully. Number the sentences below in the order they happened in the story. Answer the question below. Circle the letter of the correct answer. Mary loves to reas story. One day she went to the library. She borrowed a book. The story was about a beautiful princess. Then Mary went home. She showed the book to her sister. Her sister said, It’s a nice book! Mary borrowed a book. She showed the book to her sister. Marry went home. Her sister said, It’s a nice book! Mary went to the library. 1
  2. 2. 16. Why did Mary go to the library? because _____________________________. 17. What did she borrowed in the library? Draw this ______________________. 18. When did she go to library? ___________________________. 19. Where did Mary go ro borrow books? __________________. 20. Who borrowed books in the library? ____________________. III. Write the correct punctuation mark for each sentence. 21. Mary loves to read books. ___ 22. It’s a nice book. Oh, I like it ___ 23. Why do you love to read this books ___ 24. Where did you borrow the books ___ 25. I love to read books about a beautiful princess ___ 2