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  • Thank you for the opportunity to speak, I’m more excited about delivering this POW talk than any others.
  • We have great waves in the UK, we’ve hosted several WQS comps, had a top 44 surfer and apx 500,000 surfers in the UK. Our waves are under threat and these are some of the issues we are currently working on. In the UK, developers already have to go through an expensive and time-consuming process to get planning permission, and this includes conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). If there were effective laws stating that surfing waves cannot be interfered with or destroyed, it would be in the developers' own interest to avoid putting their concrete in the wrong place. RAMPION 22% reduction Impacts identified as high. Mitigation “consultation with stakeholder groups”. Divers were granted protection on good diving days by limiting installation activities. The artificial reef is in the shadow of this development. Limited understanding of what makes a good surfing wave, the benefits of surfing (both socially and economically) and the size of the surfing community.Harbor development, Freshwater Bay, Oyster Devices at Marwick, offshore wind at Brighton and Bournemouth and the IoW. With a greater recognition of the surfing waves developers would start their projects looking to have minimum impact (Rampion, Rochdale envelope approach, it won’t look like this so it would be irresponsible to object Vs if it won’t look like this why have it within the Rochdale envelope (turbine size, distance from shore and space between the turbines. Dredging in Cornwall will produce 100 new jobs. Vs 1,600 full time year round jobs surfing provides Cornwall as well as £64 million pounds annually. Not to mention the other impacts to tourism. However, there are concerns about putting a value on a wave, what happens when a more valuable project comes along?
  • The bench is closed to surfers for 228 days a year. The majority of the time it’s open coincides with seasons that do not produce waves in the area. The dredging proposal for Cornwall could have significant restrictions across some of the most popular North Cornish surfing and tourist beaches. Surfing and other water sports are valuable exercise pat times making sure the population is as fit, health and happy as possible.
  • These waves are all failing the 1976 bathing water directive’s water quality standards. At the minimum pass rate the chance of contracting gastro enteritis could be as high as 1 in 7, FOR A BATHER. Surfers are 3 times more likely to contract an illness than a windsurfer, and many times more likely than a bather. This is because new wetsuit technologies allow surfers to access the water all year round for prolonged periods and ingestion and immersion is an obvious risk with the sport and route of infection.
  • Guardian 2011:Tens of thousands of radioactive fuel fragments escaped from the Dounreay plant between 1963 and 1984, polluting local beaches, the coastline and the seabed. Fishing has been banned within a two-kilometre radius of the plant since 1997.The most radioactive of the particles are regarded by experts as potentially lethal if ingested. Similar in size to grains of sand, they can incorporate traces of plutonium-239, which has a half-life of over 24,000 years BBC NEWS: Experts believe they may have found the most radioactive particle to be recovered so far from a beach near the Dounreay nuclear plant in Caithness.The particle, which was found on 14 February, was the 208th to be recovered from the beach by contractors.
  • The odds are stacked against us, there will come a time that SAS loses a POW reactive campaign. So we have developed a proactive solution. The threats are diverse and are often executed by powerful and extremely well resources institutions. The Protect Our Waves petition is a proactively strategic campaign aimed at a national level rather than reactively campaigning at a regional level, defending waves time and again.
  • The onus is on the NGO to defend natural resources and prove the ‘value’ of the wave rather than the developer to ensure their activities will not adversely impact on the surfing resource. Once a development impacts a wave it’s hard to undo.
  • 27,000 signatures so far.
  • I’m here to propose a Global Wave Protection actionGlobal Wave WednesdayA week tomorrow, for 1 day, I want us all to join forces and with one voice the global wave protection community will join forces and promote the Protect Our Waves petition.
  • SAS will give the global wave protection community the resources needed to help promote a coherent and professional global wave action, encouraging surfers from all over the globe to sign the POW petition.
  • To help you all with Global Wave Wednesday action we have developed bespoke POW websites for all of your organisations. For the benefit of this presentation I’ll use Surfrider as the example, but every organisation will benefit from these featuresWith the unique urn we can track how successful our individual groups are at driving support on a none partisan wave protection issue.
  • The skin of the website branded in Surfrider blue
  • The social media points back to your social media channels, for example, The twitter link uses the @Surfrider handle, not @sascampaigns
  • So what else
  • And what else
  • The Surfrider urn has replaced the SAS urn, the UK case studies, the SAS films have been removed , but the links to the issues and impressive ambassadors stays
  • There’s no such thing as a free website, so what are we asking you to do? Images to support this action. Info to support the action
  • What are the benefits to this
  • Protecting Waves are what our members are interested in.These are award winning images featured on an award winning website. It’s a high value production that you can all promote under your organisations nameThis action is for one day only. You ensure your organisation is seen standing shoulder to shoulder with wave protection organisations around the globeRaises the profile of Protect Our Wave issue. If it’s debated in the UK parliament then it sends a strong message out to other more countries where surfing culture is more established.This may be the deal breaker for many in our organisations. SAS WILL NEVER target your supporters with membership, merchandise, fundraising or any other campaigns not directly linked to Global Wave Wednesday, NEVER.
  • This is how it will work. NZ Surf Break Protection SocietyNational Surfing ReservesSurfrider ReunionSurfrider EuropeSASSalvem O SurfSurfrider MoroccoSurfrider BrazilSurfrider international East coast Surferider international West coastWildcoastSave The WavesSurfrider HawaiiSurfrider X 3 (3 within Surfrider international (East, west, Hawaii,) 3 within Surfrider Europe (reunion, Europe & morroco) 5 other groups
  • 15 andy cummins - protect our waves petition

    1. 1. PROTECT OUR WAVESGlobal ActionBy Andy Cummins
    2. 2. Under Threat From Development
    3. 3. Under Threat From Restricted Access
    4. 4. Under Threat From Pollution
    5. 5. Under Threat From Radioactive Waste
    6. 6. Proactive Case Study: Adapting CurrentLegislation To Better Protect Surfing Waves OrCreating New Law Protection Legislation.
    7. 7. Protect Our Waves Petition.Inappropriate coastal development.Restriction on raw sewage discharges via CSOsManagement systems in place to tackle marinelitterSecure water users rights to sustainably accessthe coast
    8. 8. Raise awareness across the surfingcommunity about the array of threats facingour coastline.Raise awareness amongst developers &polluters about the value of waves and thesurfing communityRaise awareness amongst legislators aboutthe economic, social, cultural andenvironmental value of waves
    9. 9. The petition calls on Parliamentto debate the economic andintrinsic value of UK surfingwaves and beaches, andproduce specific legislation toprotect these unique, finiteassets for this and futuregenerations.
    10. 10. ACTIONGlobal WaveWednesday
    11. 11. www.protectourwaves.org.uk/Surfrider
    12. 12. Encourage your supporters to sign the POW petition forlegislation to Protect Our Waves.The Global Wave Wednesday ActionFacebook postsTweet #GlobalWaveWednesdayEmail your mailing listsWrite a blog for your websitePromote across your surfing mediaPromote the POW ambassadors
    13. 13. Benefits for your organisationA free high quality website to promote as your ownAn immediate action from the Global Wave Conference 3A great opportunity to test how effective the Global WaveCoalition isUnderstand how wide each groups reach isUnderstand how receptive our audiences are to overseas issuesBe a part of a successful campaign
    14. 14. Reasons not to support theaction?It doesn’t directly benefit your membersIt’s not your campaign, and takes the space away from yourcampaign message.Giving SAS your valuable supporter networks and data
    15. 15. At 3pm, in every time zoneon Tuesday, 14th May thePOW Global Wave Actioncould travel around theworld.
    16. 16. Thanks for listeningAny questions?