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15 andy cummins - protect our waves petition


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15 andy cummins - protect our waves petition

  1. 1. PROTECT OUR WAVESGlobal ActionBy Andy Cummins
  2. 2. Under Threat From Development
  3. 3. Under Threat From Restricted Access
  4. 4. Under Threat From Pollution
  5. 5. Under Threat From Radioactive Waste
  6. 6. Proactive Case Study: Adapting CurrentLegislation To Better Protect Surfing Waves OrCreating New Law Protection Legislation.
  7. 7. Protect Our Waves Petition.Inappropriate coastal development.Restriction on raw sewage discharges via CSOsManagement systems in place to tackle marinelitterSecure water users rights to sustainably accessthe coast
  8. 8. Raise awareness across the surfingcommunity about the array of threats facingour coastline.Raise awareness amongst developers &polluters about the value of waves and thesurfing communityRaise awareness amongst legislators aboutthe economic, social, cultural andenvironmental value of waves
  9. 9. The petition calls on Parliamentto debate the economic andintrinsic value of UK surfingwaves and beaches, andproduce specific legislation toprotect these unique, finiteassets for this and futuregenerations.
  10. 10. ACTIONGlobal WaveWednesday
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Encourage your supporters to sign the POW petition forlegislation to Protect Our Waves.The Global Wave Wednesday ActionFacebook postsTweet #GlobalWaveWednesdayEmail your mailing listsWrite a blog for your websitePromote across your surfing mediaPromote the POW ambassadors
  13. 13. Benefits for your organisationA free high quality website to promote as your ownAn immediate action from the Global Wave Conference 3A great opportunity to test how effective the Global WaveCoalition isUnderstand how wide each groups reach isUnderstand how receptive our audiences are to overseas issuesBe a part of a successful campaign
  14. 14. Reasons not to support theaction?It doesn’t directly benefit your membersIt’s not your campaign, and takes the space away from yourcampaign message.Giving SAS your valuable supporter networks and data
  15. 15. At 3pm, in every time zoneon Tuesday, 14th May thePOW Global Wave Actioncould travel around theworld.
  16. 16. Thanks for listeningAny questions?