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  • 1. The Future of Rural Internet AccessLiving in a rural or mountainous area can be tough when it comes to proper internet access. Mostof the time, there aren’t even any phone lines for mile for there to even be any telephone service,let alone DSL. Cable servers are costly, requiring you to have a cable box in your home, even ifyou just want internet access. In today’s day and age of fast paced technological advances, dial-up internet access is nothing short of torpid. The new wave of internet access technology isthrough satellite connections. This enables mountainous and rural areas to access the internetthrough use of a satellite dish. This is great, but it limits access to areas around the satellite dish. With today’s fast paced society, this is a set-back to those who are communicatively cut off from the rest of society. For anyone who has trouble with connecting to the internet, it’s my pleasure to introduce the Zing internet broadband. The Zing! Rural Broadband brings all of the benefits of wireless internet access to those who could never obtain it before. Never before have people in rural and mountainous areas been able to have high speed internet access on the go, and Zing! Rural Broadband finally gives the opportunity. For those who are familiar with satellite internet access, I’d like to share a littleknown fact. The Fair Access Policy states that satellite internet users must maintain their usagewithin very low data caps. Otherwise, your computer will be punished with extremely slow, dial-up speeds. Zing! offers very large and very generous usage plans that 95% of users never goover. Many of Zing! users utilize their internet for many purposes like entertainment, business,and the like but still they can’t go over their data plan.Zing broadband allows internet users to utilize sites like Netflix and enjoy high speed, real timegaming on console networks like XBOX live, and PlayStation Network. The people at Zing!know that most families own more than one computer and even sometimes multiple gamingconsoles. This requires internet providers like Zing! to provide quality internet access to multipleunits. Because of this reason, Zing! included a convenient 4-switch router, allowing qualityinternet access to be provided to at least four different computers in your home. Zing! RuralBroadband is also powerful enough to function with any IP phone system you may use, likeVonage or Skype.