Glad Tidings Newsletter no.10 part 2


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Glad Tidings Newsletter no.10 part 2

  1. 1. GLAD TIDINGS No. 10 PART B In this edition: • A show of faith at Albany MtS • Newcastle’s commissioning at the cathedral Seafarers from the Philippines • Progress in Thevenard • We say, “Good bye” A show of faith at Albany MTS • Eden update Norm Stevens our long serving One of the seafarers Leon made • A ship visitors’ course and much loved ship visitor at Norm’s day when he proudly at Port Hedland the port of Albany recently looked after some visiting revealed a tattoo of the “Flying seafarers from the Philippines. Angel “ on his arm. Latest is that While the “Harvest Rising” was Norm has made an docked a few of its crew were appointment to visit Leon’s happy to pose for the camera. tattooist!Newcastle’s Commissioning at the Cathedral Revd Garry Dodd has recently all the very best for the 15 July happily advised that he is soon celebrations. Our thoughts and to have the support of another prayers are with Michael as he chaplain at MTS Newcastle. On embarks on his new ministry. 15 July 2012, the Revd Michael Without doubt the hard working Davies is to be commissioned at crews on Newcastle’s coal ships Newcastle Cathedral. The MTS will be the real winners once family extends Michael a very Michael swings into action. warm welcome and wishes him GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part B
  2. 2. Progress in Thevenard Steady progress is being Lincoln attended the made to establish a meetings to offer their permanent seafarers’ centre considerable experience at the Port of Thevenard in and support to the South Australia. At a meeting Thevenard team to help convened by Archdeacon them get started. Brian Jeffries, a number of We are also very thankful to local people from the Thevenard’s Port Manager Ceduna region expressed and Harbour Master Peter interest in helping set up and Codrington for his keen operate a centre at interest and encouragement. Thevenard. Once Thevenard ministry is Two of our South Australian established we will have a Father Thomas at Thevenard ship visiting chaplains- working presence in 27 ports Thomas Karama from Port around Australia (one more Giles and Peter Linn from Port than MTS in the UK).We say, “Good bye”Our best wishes go to the Revd Jed Crispinwho has recently left as chaplain to the MTSMelbourne, and to Tim Hopwood untilrecently our manager at MTS Bunbury.Tim and wife Rose have moved toTasmania via a short working holiday at theFlying Angel Fremantle, and we hope thatTim soon finds his way to the front door ofHobart MTS where he is sure to bewelcomed with open arms. Eden Update Following a request from the local parish Our Port Kembla mission has taken the Eden that we vacate our residence in Eden we ministry under its wing and expects to be have fortunately secured another place able to support the Eden until such time as from where we can carry out our work. The it can stand on its own two feet. The future new centre will be only a short walk for the now looks promising. A very special thank seafarers coming from Snug Cove and is you must go to the Sydney Bethel Union ideally situated in the middle of the town’s who generously continue to support our shops and conveniences. efforts on Twofold Bay.Page 2 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part B
  3. 3. A ship visitors’ course at Port Hedland Dampier’s highly respected at sea and knows what he is chaplain Ian McGilvray has talking about. Two of the ten travelled to Port Hedland mission volunteers doing the training once again to run the Merchant course were from Tanzania so Ian Navy Welfare Board (UK) took the opportunity to practice accredited ship visitors training his Swahili that was learned course. Ian was well pleased with during his time as a missionary in the course and the quality and Africa. enthusiasm of those attending. This course, now in its third year, Usually our courses are run still proves to be popular with Ian indoors in our centres but Ian’s catering for the western latest had a nice twist. The seaboard and John Kewa for the participants were able to travel eastern (and SA). The course has by launch on Hedland Port’s now been held 15 times in waterways and observe up close locations all around the nation and personal much of the good and hundreds of our staff and advice Ian shared. When Ian volunteers have gained their speaks of matters maritime we all certificates. Well done to all those listen as he served for many years going that extra yard.Page 3 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part B