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Glad Tidings Newsletter no.11 [part 2]


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Seafarers and fatigue, seafarers assist with refugee rescue.

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Glad Tidings Newsletter no.11 [part 2]

  1. 1. GLAD TIDINGS No. 11 PART B In this edition: • Life at sea and fatigue • Meeting with Minister Anthony Albanese in Sydney • Meeting with AMSA and DEEWR • Merchant seafarers – the Good Samaritans of the oceansLife at sea and fatigue • AMSA Serious Accident ReportWe know that many serious - Half said that their workingincidents that happen at sea hours had increased over the • No ITF-Trust fundingare caused by sleep past ten yearsdeprivation and fatigue.Perhaps the most publicised in - Nearly half surveyedrecent times was the Shen Neng considered their working hours1 coal ship, running aground on presented a danger to theirthe Great Barrier Reef off personal safetyGladstone. Our MTS Gladstonepeople looked after the much- - Some 37% said sometimes theirmaligned crew. On that working hours posed a dangeroccasion the Chief Officer to the safe operations of theirresponsible for the navigation of shipthe ship had managed only afew hours sleep in 48 hours due - At times false records areto heavy work commitments being kept to conceal thewhen the ship was loading at actual hours seafarers work.Gladstone port. The hapless COis currently serving a two-year We hope that the MLC will makesentence in a Brisbane prison. It life at sea considerably betteris worth noting that an ITF for the seafarer. We also hopefunded study has revealed that Regulation 4.4 andsome alarming facts regarding Guidelines B4.4.2 will ensure thatseafarers’ fatigue- they get decent shore leave so that we get the opportunity to- One in four seafarers said they welcome and support them inhad fallen asleep on watch the short time available before the ship sails to a foreign port.- Almost 50% reported workingweeks of 85 hours or more G L GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 11 Part B A D
  2. 2. Meeting with Minister Anthony Albanese in Sydney Council members Dennis Obviously he was well aware Claughton, Dave Ellis and of the how hard life at sea is myself were fortunate to be and the critical importance invited to a meeting with of the MLC to help seafarers Minister Anthony Albanese a improve their working and few months ago to discuss living conditions. We are the implementation of the maintaining contact with the MLC, and the role our Minister’s office as we organisation might play in continue to explore all that landmark convention. possibilities that may lead to The Minister gave us a very outcomes both beneficial to good hearing and notably our organisation’s ongoing was very appreciative of the work and the wellbeing of charitable work that we have visiting seafarers generally. carried out for over 150 year. AMSA Serious Accident Report Please remember to fill in and forward to the editor the Serious Incident Report form in the event of your centre having to handle such an incident. Each month a copy of these incident reports are sent to AMSA. The exercise is important as it helps the government better understand the scope and importance of our work- and in turn helps support our advocacy efforts for greater recognition and assistance from the government.Page 2 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 11 Part B
  3. 3. Meeting with the Australian Greens in Canberra A few weeks back the editor met that Senator Siewert has visited with Greens’ Senators Christine our Fremantle centre on a Milne and Rachel Siewert at number of occasions; and that Parliament House, Canberra. The Senator Milne would consider the Leader of the Greens and WA appropriate way forward to Senator Siewert kindly took time encourage and support the out from their hectic schedules to Government in fully explore ways in which they might implementing all provisions of the be able to support the work MLC- particularly those carried out by MTS particularly in humanitarian provisions the context of the welfare guaranteeing the safety and well provisions of the Maritime Labour being of seafarers both at sea Convention. The editor was able and on shore. The editor was very to explain the nature and encouraged by the meeting and importance of our work around is most grateful for the warm the Australian coastline and welcome he received. waterways. It was good to hearMeeting with AMSA and DEEWR Capt. Dave Ellis our MTS meetings advocating as strongly Brisbane chair has also been as possible for the rights of instrumental in arranging seafarers to have access to meetings with a number of both onboard and onshore Government representatives welfare services, and underlining from Australian Maritime the importance of welfare Welfare Authority (AMSA), practitioners being partially Department of Education, funded by Government Employment and Workplace annually to carry out these Relations and Department of essential services at a level Infrastructure & Transport. recognised as best practice. Both the editor and Dave have attended these No ITF-Trust funding As reported to all centres a few trying to maintain the running of months ago the ITF Trust has vehicles that are aging, needing announced that it will not be repair and no longer fit for making any funding grants for purpose. At this stage we do not the remainder of this year. And it know why the funding has dried seems that this may continue into up. When further news is to hand the next year. It goes without we shall pass it on. saying that some centres will experience greater hardship without this source of funding, particularly those that arePage 3 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 11 Part B
  4. 4. Merchant seafarers - the Good Samaritans of the oceans Many will recall the tragic was able to help the mostly capsizing of a boat carrying young Chinese seafarers with over 200 refugees in the Indian police interviews, language Ocean, on 21 June last. A interpretation challenges, some number of merchant ships on basic counselling and some route to Australian ports shopping and sightseeing responded to the distress call to activities to help the seafarers attempt rescue of the drowning normalise. Fred particularly felt men, women and children. The for those crewmen who were crews of these ships were heroic placed in a situation where in in their attempts to locate and the rescue attempt they could save victims from the heavy only save some, not all, from seas- risking their own safety drowning- and were forced to and lives. Crews from two of decide which ones, a shocking these ships, the Cape Oceania situation indeed. We and the WSA Dragon a few acknowledge the bravery of days after rescuing 12 drowning these seafarers and thank them refugees, docked at Esperance. for responding to a call well Fortunately for the traumatised beyond their seafaring duties. crew members, our MTS Let’s hope that they are Esperance ship visitor Fred nominated for appropriate Lochowicz was there to greet awards in due course by the them. Fred himself spent many shipping industry. years at sea and well understood the situation. HePage 4 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 11 Part B