Glad Tidings Newsletter no.10 part 5


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Glad Tidings Newsletter no.10 part 5

  1. 1. GLAD TIDINGS No. 10 PART E In this edition: • Port Kembla’s giftPort Kembla’s Gift • New hospitality course taking shapeJohn Kewa tells us that the Kembla. Also, it has just beencentre, which recently received announced that Port Kembla is • Fremantle’s own flyinga generous donation from a to be offered for sale to private angellong time supporter and local interests and the mission will • Townsville latestunion identity, plans to use the need to keep a close eye onfunds to upgrade the centre’s developments here. The • Wallarooshop area which will prove of excellent relations and supportgreat benefit to seafarers that we enjoy with the current • Sea Sundayanxious to purchase necessities staff of Port Kembla Port is highlyin the short time they have on valued, and we hope thatshore. This is particularly true for future developments do notthe increasing numbers of coal jeopardise this important andand car ships visiting Port happy reality.New hospitality course taking shapeAt the invitation of the people volunteer, being a goodAustralian Council, volunteer and enjoying it to therepresentatives from five of our max, life on a ship, the Maritimecentres met in Port Kembla last Labour Convention (Seafarersmonth to work on a draft for a Bill of Rights), welcoming ‘thenew training course on the art stranger’, a profile of theof hospitality. The course, modern sailor, some recentalthough still in its early stages of maritime studies/surveys,construction, is designed to help cultural & religious differencesprepare our staffs to better amongst seafarers, the seafarersgreet and care for the needs of family, embracing newseafarers. It will cover areas technologies and helpingsuch as- the MTS family, why seafarers with the simple and practical stuff in the centre. GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part E
  2. 2. New hospitality course taking shape continued All interesting, worthwhile give it a go. So all those and stimulating topics. happy to be test dummies let It is hoped that the new us know. The more the course can be ‘test run’ at merrier! We aim to get the one or two of our centres in course accredited as well so both the west and east in the that participants receive due second half of this year. It acknowledgement for the should provide great benefit effort. and considerable fun and enjoyment to those ready to Fremantle’s own flying angel Ann Robinson was one of the for and nurture the wounded working team meeting in Port ones. Ann also coordinates- Kembla to help draft the new around the clock- the hospitality course. Ann, as running of the seven Fremantle’s very own high seafarers buses up and down flying angel, ‘mothers’ the coast, and to and from hundreds of lonely, sick, the airport so her role is a depressed and worried super busy one. We seafarers passing through appreciated very much her Fremantle port. The upstairs attending the Port Kembla rooms of the Club often look workshop and her valuable like a hospital’s recovery insights and contribution over ward as Ann and her team of the two days. dedicated women careTownsville latestThe Townsville MTS committee has verykindly offered to host the 2013 nationalconference, probably in July or August. It isover 10 years since one was held in the FarNorth and a very memorable one at that sothe old timers (long servers) recall. and the port users sector- some as far awayIt is expected that the Australian Council as Brisbane and Mackay.will be able to give more detail in a month Following the golf, the mission bus takes theor so. For the present, Graham Miller is golfing contingent to Dairy Farmers Stadiumdiligently working on his golf swing as where the local Townsville Cowboys go intoTownsville MTS prepare to host their annual battle with the visiting Brisbane Broncos.fundraising Golf Day this weekend. The big Rugby league is the game they play in thatday on the green is supported by the nine beautiful part of the world. Let’s hope theTownsville shipping agents with many golf day is a resounding success (and thatfriends coming from the shipping industry the rampaging Cowboys triumph). Page 2 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part E
  3. 3. Wallaroo Wallaroo port is no longer the Wallaroo’s chaplain Martyn sleepy little port some believe it Robinson held a very successful to be. Recently, the editor on his ‘open house’ to promote our way to Thevenard port took this new centre a few months back, photo from the ferry pulling out of and given the increasing number Wallaroo on its way across the of ships expected this year, Gulf to Lucky Bay. As well as the Martyn certainly needs some ship in dock loading, another willing volunteers to share the three (the weather turned too load. nasty to take a photo of them) were at anchorage waiting to come in to load. Sea Sunday Please do not forget that Sea Sunday is close at hand. Central office always provides Sea Sunday materials and resources and this year is no different. To check out what is available visit Please join in and enjoy the celebrations.Page 3 4 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part E