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U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
U3a genuki
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U3a genuki


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  • 1. Where do you come from? BMDBMD
  • 2. GENUKI
    • The aim of GENUKI is to serve as a "virtual reference library" of genealogical information that is of particular relevance to the UK & Ireland. It is a noncommercial service, provided by an ever-growing group of volunteers in cooperation with the Federation of Family History Societies and a number of its member societies.
  • 3. GENUKI
    • GENUKI is an charitable trust with a trust deed
    • GENUKI, c/o David Hawgood, 26 Cloister Road, Acton, London W3 0DE, England. Telephone: 020 8993 2897
    • The word GENUKI is a registered trademark.
    • You can copy short extracts from a few web pages of Genuki into your family history in printed or electronic form, free of charge and without seeking permission. Please acknowledge Genuki as the source.
  • 4. GENUKI
    • In some instances GENUKI pages include actual information, but more often they provide links to sources of information, either as online links or by providing information about hard copy publications or repositories. For many locations, a description is quoted from an old (and therefore out-of-copyright) gazetteer. As GENUKI is maintained solely by volunteers, the level of detail varies in different parts of the site.
  • 5. GENUKI Access 2009 1995 2272 july 2117 June 2232 May 2437 April 2909 March 3199 February 3015 January       461 December 415 November 518 October 456 September 432 August 434 July 404 June 304 May 240 April
  • 6. No.1 Site Reviews
    • “ Genuki is a free UK and Ireland based resource site, listing a number of useful genealogical resources. Aside from just the genealogical resources that are standard on a number of free sites, which aim to list links to numerous searchable databases, Genuki also provides a great volume of information relating to the historical development of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Even though we were amazed as to the wealth of information available on the site, we aren't sure as to the utility of this information to someone wishing to research their family history and assemble their family tree”
  • 7. No.1 Site Reviews
    • “ As well as a traditional set of records, such as birth, marriage and death records, census materials and the electoral roll, Genuki also provides an amazing array of more unusual resources which are perfect for the genealogist looking for information that is a little more specialist. Genuki features court records, information regarding family heraldry and coats of arms, handwriting analysis, language research, land and property listings and much more. Whilst all of this may seem a little academic, we're sure that many people out there will find these resources interesting additions to their regular genealogical research”
  • 8. Guidance for first-time users GENUKI Search Engine Getting started in genealogy Researching from abroad Genealogical Information FAQ’s Mailing Lists and Newsgroups Forthcoming Genealogical Events
  • 9. GENUKI Site Structure
    • The website has a well defined structure at four levels.
    • The first level is information that is common to all the United Kingdom and Ireland
    • The next level has information for each of England (see example,Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  • 10. GENUKI Site Structure
    • The third level has information on each pre-1974 county of England, Scotland and Wales, each of the 32 counties of Ireland and each island of the Channel Islands (e.g. Cheshire, County Kerry and Guernsey)
    • The fourth level has information on each town or parish (e.g. Antrobus, Cheshire)
  • 11.
    • This form lets you search the contents of all the GENUKI pages and more ... The search database includes pages from the web sites of the National Archives, the Society of Genealogists and Federation of Family History Societies. It also includes all the majority of Family History Society and County Surname Interest List sites.
  • 12. Where is the place called ???
    • GENUKI provides a searchable database containing details of places in England, Wales and the IOM, in the 1891 census. You can find this at:
    • (You can also find a link to these, from under "Gazetteers", on both the England and Wales pages of GENUKI.)
    • The Parish Locator, at, provides means of identifying the county, and the OS Grid reference, of parishes and registration districts across the whole of the UK.
    • GENUKI also provides what is in effect a 19th century gazetteer of England and Wales. This is the alphabetical Index to Places in England and Wales covered by the Local Registration Offices. This index is at:
    • (You can find this via the link "alphabetical index" under "Civil Registration" on the England page.)
  • 13. Where is the place called ???
    • The Ordnance Survey provides a modern gazetteer, covering all the place names on their 1:50,000 Landranger Maps of England, Scotland and Wales at (This has over a quarter of a million placenames, for each of which it gives the modern county, National Grid reference, latitude, and longitude.) Alternatively, you can use the search facilities of one of the commercially-provided online modern road atlases (covering England, Scotland, and Wales) that are linked to from under "Maps" on GENUKI's UK & Ireland page.
    • Very detailed Gazetteers are also available in GENUKI for some counties - see the individual county pages.
  • 14. Is there a Family History Society for ????? county?
    • The answer is almost certainly "Yes". You should be able to find details about the Society (including a link to its Web pages, if there are any) under the heading "Societies" on the relevant county page, assuming you know which county to look in. However, http://www, provides a listing of family history societies organised by country and county for use if you don't.
    • (Alternatively this listing can be reached by using the link "details of all these societies", under "Societies" in the UK & Ireland page.)
  • 15. Is there a Surnames List for ??????
    • There is a page listing all the UK and Ireland counties which you can use to find out whether there is a Surnames List (i.e list of who is researching what names, where) for a given county. This page is at:
  • 16. Is there a Mailing List for ?????
    • There is a page listing all the counties which you can use to find out the relevant mailing list(s) for any given county. This page is at:
  • 17. How do I find the address of the Local Register Office for ?????
    • You can use the Index to Places in England and Wales (at: to determine the appropriate register office, and then the list of Register Offices at: to find its address. (You can also find these links starting "Civil Registration" in the GENUKI England page, and many GENUKI county pages list all the local register offices in the county - under "Civil Registration".) Note, however, that Scottish civil registration records are more conveniently and cheaply obtained from the Scottish General Register Office than from Local Register Offices - see under "Civil Registration" on the GENUKI/Scotland page
  • 18. Where do you come from?