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The UK's Favourite Dogs
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The UK's Favourite Dogs


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The RSPCA brinf y

The RSPCA brinf y

Published in: Lifestyle, Sports

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  • 1. A Man’s BestFriendThe UK’s FavouriteDogs
  • 2. "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you morethan he loves himself." -BillingsTake a look into the UK’s favourite dogs.Be responsible, get dog insurance from the RSPCA.
  • 3. 1) Labrador Retriever The Labrador is one of the most bred animals in the world and is a faithful companion.They are good natured and behave well around children, but they do require a lot of exercise to prevent them from becoming destructive and boisterous.
  • 4. 2) Cocker SpanielThe cocker spanielis a great additionto a family andtakes orders wellfrom its owner.They are a greatdog to opt for ifyou already have acat, as theysocialise well withother pets. Theyare best whenwalked on a dailybasis.
  • 5. 3) English Springer Spaniel English springer spaniels are well known for being boisterous andenergetic, and make a good pet for someone with anactive lifestyle. They need regular walks and have a mischievous side.
  • 6. 4) German Shepherd The German shepherd was originally bred forherding sheep in the mountains, but iswell known for loyalty and often used as a guard dog.
  • 7. Cats have 30 teeth, and respond better to men as opposed to women.5) Cavalier King Charles SpanielGood with children and other animals, the King Charles is a lively dog that can be a little yappy.Their long fur means they need regular brushing, but they make a fantastic first pet for a child.
  • 8. 6) Staffordshire Bull TerrierThe confident nature of a Staffy means that they are prone to injury asthey have no fear,. They are not good around young children as theyhave a strong pack mentality, but are loving and loyal.
  • 9. 7) Golden RetrieverThe Golden Retriever is a great family dog but due to its longer coat requires a lotof brushing. This breed of dog is great around children and families.
  • 10. 8) Border TerrierBorder terriers are loudand cannot be trustedwith small pets likehamsters as they have astrong hunting gene.Suitable for a confidenthousehold.
  • 11. 9) BoxerNicknamed theloveable clown, a boxerdog is easy to lookafter with their shorthair, although can beprone to sunburn andbreathing difficultiesdue to their shortsnouts.
  • 12. 10) West Highland White TerrierWesties are well known for being linked with royals, and their temperament varies from dog to dog. They need a good deal of exercise and can be difficult to train
  • 13. For more information visit the RSPCAThank YouImages courtesy of Images source: