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How Digital Marketing Can Help You Sell Property
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How Digital Marketing Can Help You Sell Property


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Published in: Real Estate, Business, Technology

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  • 1. A Guide by Property PR Agency Beattie Communications
  • 2.  The role of digital marketing in today’s businessworld cannot be underestimated. The power of online promotion, SEO and digitalimagery is crucial in generating business and sales. In the world of property marketing, digital marketinghas grown significantly and now plays a substantialrole in the demand generation and sales of property. Digital marketing provides Property PR and marketingorganisations with a vast array of opportunities tobest promote their property, attract interested partiesand develop their selling reputation. Here you’ll find a selection of hints and tips onutilising digital resources for real estate marketing.
  • 3.  Mobile marketing is the fastest growing tool of 2013. The advent of tablet and smartphone use, coupled with thegrowing demand and ease of mobile internet has led to a changein internet practices and a shift from traditional PC usage tocontinuous mobile interaction. This requires you to adjust your online presence accordingly. Inthe property sector it is likely you depend on a strong internetpresence to generate interest, news and demand in yourproperties. Therefore it is essential that you have a specially designedmobile and tablet version of your site so as to allow you to bestdisplay your information and sell to users accessing your site viamobiles or tablets. With the quick and impatient nature of mobile and tablet usage itis critical that you design and promote your website in a way thatsuits their needs. Bounce rates are extremely high with mobile users who quicklyturn away if their demand is not met straight away.
  • 4.  SEO is essential to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and generate sizablelevels of search traffic. Relying on searches through your brand name is insufficient given the level ofcompetition online. Utilising various search engine optimisation tactics will ensure your site ranks onGoogle for a wide range of key search terms relevant to what you are selling. Assess the competition for keywords they are targeting and check the volume ofsearches for various terms. People searching for properties are unlikely to do so by realtor brand, makingmore use of generic terms e.g. “properties for sale” and geographical termsrelating to their desired location. A lack of visibility on search engines for these terms can mean you are losing outon a large market of potential buyers. Make use of pay per click services initially and advertise on Google for variouskeywords whilst developing your SEO tactics. Online reviews are another crucial aspect of the new digital world. Potential buyers are likely to source opinions of others in order to gauge thequality and trust of realtors. Make sure that you collect positive reviews from happy customers and displaytheir thoughts prominently on site, to improve your image and standing againstcompetitors.
  • 5.  When it comes to promotion in the online world, content is all powerful. Whether you are generating traffic, building a community or looking to promoteyour visibility in search engines, content creation and marketing is essential. The best means to deliver content is through blogging and social media. Set up a blog on your site and develop a community by posting insightful andvaluable content. Not only will the blog allow for key information to be shared to a targetedaudience but the articles will provide additional SEO benefits and increase trafficto your site. Make sure that you provide sharable and interesting content to your audience. Don’t simply use your blog as a means for advertising or PR communications. The value you gain from blogging comes from traffic and visibility online. This is aided massively through community sharing and social media marketing. Developing a following online and building up a community of customers willboost online traffic and ultimately sales.