Regus Case Study - Padgett


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Regus Case Study - Padgett

  1. 1. Tax season made easy with Regus Office and Virtual Office solutions. CLIE NT When it comes to small businesses, Padgett Business Services is the expert in financial reporting, complete payroll solutions, consultations, tax preparation, and more. Owner Cary Stover has established a business that offers trusted advice and many services essential to small business success. Stover’s goal is to make sure small business owners can focus on running their businesses while he takes care of the rest.“During tax season I have Challenge a full-time Office for 3–4 Each year, business owners and professionals everywhere have one major financial months, and I use a Virtual obligation — paying their taxes. Luckily, Padgett Business Services has the solution with Office the rest of the year. a team of CPAs on its side to make sure every penny is accounted for. Regus offers great locations But tax season comes only once a year, and Stover’s business doesn’t always need to that are very attractive and operate with physical office space. cost-efficient.” With employees working from their respective operational quarters, Padgett Business Services needed a solution for presenting the company as the credible tax services andCary Stover business solutions provider that it is, without the cost and overhead of traditional officeCertified Public space.Accountant, Owner Padgett has used traditional offices in the past, but Stover saw little benefit when thePadgett Business Services company needs physical space for only a few months at a time. Solution When Padgett partnered with Regus, Stover found the solution he’d been looking for. Padgett now operates using a Virtual Office throughout the year, so the company can4 years Virtual Office present the professional image clients expect without the cost of renting traditionalwith Regus office space. During the months around tax season, Padgett is set up at a Regus location in Campbell, CA, so it can operate in physical space and meet the face-to-face needs of its clients.Regus Office in For four years, a short-term lease during tax season has been the perfect solution forCampbell, California Padgett Business Services, all while benefiting Stover and his company with cost- effective results. 1200 locations | 550 cities | 95 countries
  2. 2. With a global network spanning550 cities and over 95 countries,we are the world’s largestprovider of flexible workspace.Regus workplace solutions is dedicated to helping global organizations realize thefull potential offered by alternative working models. In short, we help enable radicaltransformations in the way organizations do business.With a global network spanning 550 cities and over 95 countries, we are the world’slargest provider of innovative workplace solutions. And by tailoring these solutionsto our customers’ needs, we enable them to grow revenues, reduce costs, increaseprofitability, become more agile, and provide great working environments for theirpeople.The world of business is changing, and so are the ways businesses work. Organizationsare under pressure to do more than improve efficiency — they must increaseproductivity with fewer resources.With Regus you can... • Reduce infrastructure costs up to 60% and remove leases from your balance sheet • Establish an instant presence in new markets • Empower your people, reduce their commutes, and increase their productivity • Provide globally consistent standards for your distributed workforce • Create great working environments where your people can collaborate and work more effectively • Enable professional mobile working practices, wherever your people areThis is why most Fortune 500 and FTSE 500 businesses are Regus customers. 1200 locations | 550 cities | 95 countries