Serviced office business presentation


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Business Model for Serviced Office

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Serviced office business presentation

  1. 1. Prepared By:Sanjay Bhandari 9911972362
  2. 2. • Newbridge Business Centre as a business centre and serviced office services in office and corporate property portfolios and my continual role & contribution to Newbridge Business Centre as a Regional Sales Manager
  3. 3. Business Offerings• Serviced Office - 70%• Meeting Rooms - 10%• Video Conferencing - 5%• Virtual Office - 10%• Mobile Worker - 5%
  4. 4. My Team Management Skills• Team Allocation Out of 20 Team members, depending upon their skill sets, strengths & experiences and given the Choice to me, I would like to allocate team as below: 2 Channel Managers 3 Managers with 5 reportees each to handle Direct Accounts• I am Result- Oriented and follow transformational leadership (inspiring): Leading from the front by setting examples• Manpower attributes I normally consider in each team member: Desire to Learn Ability to Reflect Effective Listening (plus thinking) Ability: He / She will be made capable to understand clearly and precisely what is expected of him / her.• Formal & Informal Trainings, on-the-field Coaching• SMART Goal Setting: being Specific, Measureable, Achievable, with Relevancy and Time bound• Organise & Discipline: overcoming the common and usual challenge with teams i.e. Organising and Disciplining to the highest degree and distinctly making each individual realize the communication & understanding of the Management’s expectations of the Goals & Objectives from each Individual and working with them towards achieving each individual’s targets and the overall team’s target.
  5. 5. • Reward & Recognition• Creating the sense of competition in the team• Creating Cohesion by organising get-together, announcing performer, knowledge-sharing, etc.• Adding personal Value to the team so as to keep Attrition (of salesforce) under control i.e. controlling team members from leaving the team (or joining competition) and also to personally harmonize each individual’s life.• Regular & clear communication of the management / organisation’s objectives & goals thus helping and aligning the team to share a common vision.• Creating Authority from knowledge and work rather than power.• Monitoring Performance & Productivity of front line managers and front line members and keeping close supervision on team member’s customer interaction methodologies and correcting wherever required with team members.• Conducting Surprise visits in the field.• Setting clear Standards & Expectations from each Manager & front liners and collectively from the team
  6. 6. • Replicating best practices amongst team members i.e. observing certain success factors of a particular individual and implementing it across team members. The best practices that brings in success in particular individual is shared and hence the best practice is made a common practice thus upgrading each individual and also gearing up towards higher benchmarks by increasing the operating standards of the entire team.• Being open to learnings and picking up the strengths of an individual and growing further on their strengths. (at the same time working simultaneously to overcome their weaknesses).• Since Newbridge has team members mainly from the Hotel industry, to emphasize, I have the experience of handling Hotel management graduates, as in my current team, I do have managers who have done Hotel Management from IHM and one of them also being an MBA from New Zealand and also handled IHM graduates earlier when in telecom.• I have expertise in handling direct team size of 25 to 30 with augmented team of 70 to 80.• Follow the FISH! Philosophy of Management
  7. 7. Target Audience or WHO use Serviced Office Space Types of Business I.T. 41% Business Services 24% Financial Services 21% Others 4% Manufacturing 4% Retail/Leisure 4%Transport & Distribution 1% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
  8. 8. Activities Undertaken From These Centres New Business Development 65% Marketing / Sales Team 58%Client contact- Business Identity 42% Admin support 42% Core HQ functions 27% Short term projects 25% Spill Over space for activity 4% Other 4% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
  9. 9. Headquarters of Multinational firms most likely locations (Target audience for our services) United States 45% United Kingdom 25%EMEA, AsiaPAC & RoE 30% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
  10. 10. Various Channels to partner with to penetrate into Target Market• Real Estate brokers / Commercial consultants / Corporate Service Brokers- 10 % commission on first years agreement with customers and additional 2% in next year• Online brokers / Overseas brokers, Architects / Interior Decorators, Builders & Developers• Direct Accounts / Direct Corporates Companies like: Boeing, Glaxo, IBM, Sapient, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, TCS, Infosys, Ramco, Amazon, Tripadvisors, Expedia etc. and PSUs, govt. bodies mainly Cos. Into I.T., Business Services (BPOs/KPOs), Financial Services (Banks / Insurance companies), Manufacturing, Retail / Leisure and others.• Facility Management / Facility Consultants (particularly those who have multiple / global presence)• Big corporates like 3M executives or Insurance executives and so forth who operate from home and are mostly on field who will require to avail Meeting Room services, Virtual Offices, Mobile Worker services along with Serviced Office space.
  11. 11. • Travel Agents Also tie up and conduct Loyalty programs with Airlines like Continental, American Airlines, Virgin, British Airways, Jet Airways etc. as High Flying executives from United States,Europe, Middleeast, Africa, Australia fly to India using these airlines• Target I.T., Telecom cos., BPOs/KPOs, Call centres, Insurance cos.• Target Young entrepreneurs wanting to set up a new start up business. However, this can lead to success as well as higher rate of failures incase the clients business does not click!• Colleges / Management Institutes: so as to target growing entrepreneurs for new businesses• Advertise on Google, SEOs
  12. 12. • Advertise on Online International Technology related websites like CBS Moneywatch, etc. They keep sending news letters in emails to millions daily globally. Initiative of CBS News• Advertise with Online popular IT magazines mainly in the U.S., U.K., ASIAPac, Middleeast along with in India.• Participate in Networking Events & Associations, EXPAT Communities• Organise and participate in Seminars.
  13. 13. Various Target Setting parameters for team members• Different Objective Targets can be set for the team: Managers: 1) No. Of Engagements with various channels / corporates 2) No. Of Opportunities created 3) Funnel Size (in terms of projected revenue product wise) 4) New Case Addition per day / per month (new cases / companies added in the funnel) 5) Trainings undertaken with team 6) Revenue Booked / Closures 7) Team Productivity & Effectiveness Front liners: 1) No. Of fresh calls made per day, No. of leads generated per day, no. of follow ups 2) No. of cases in the funnel in various stages of the sales cycle (i) Prospects Generated out of suspects (ii) Interest Generated (iii) Building Solution & Proposal Submission (iv) Need Justification (v) Negotiation (vi) Order Won or Order Lost (Reasons for order loss) (vii) References from existing customers & Repeat Orders 3) Closures
  14. 14. 5) Targets can also be fixed around other complementary services offered or other IT services like Data Hosting, co-location services or other such services as the management will like to decide to operate upon.6) Incentivising as per requirement• As and how I get into action and operations I will further set new target parameters depending upon circumstances
  15. 15. Challenges foreseen in the business• Interacting with brokers- They normally work only for commissions They are too unstructured and rawThe above challenges will overcome as Iam a local here since past 20+ yrs and posses the requisite communicational skills required for rapport building with such brokers• With corporates- Will be to maintain rapport with decision makers incase decision makers are stationed at overseas head quarters This will be over come by Direct Account handling/mapping & My Global Account Management skills. Account mapping and constant engagement with such decision makers through various modes of communication. Such serious prospects will definitely have an interface locally available.
  16. 16. My control mechanism requirement• CRM to capture, update leads & account details viz.• Conference Call enabled telephones to conduct regular telephonic meetings/Reviews across offices and team members• Bridge numbers (or Video Conferencing, if possible) so as to conduct client calls if client is overseas or conference calls and also to hold team meetings across offices.• VoIP enabled phones to make international calls to clients.• Savings sheet calculator normally excel to display cost-benefit analysis and RoIs• Budgets for acquiring databases and to participate in expat association meets and other such networking associations• Online marketing support with Facebook, Tweeter, SEOs and Linkedin• Budgets
  17. 17. Day to day activitiesDay to day activities will primarily consist of:• Lead Generation & Database building (through my existing database & required fieldwork)• Account visits with team members and assisting in negotiations & closures• Channel rapport building & motivation along with Channel Managers• Training on the field(sales pitch, cold call trainings, account mapping, identifying the decision makers & key Influencers in accounts)• Daily morning/evening team meetings to discuss achievements & failures of the day• Strategising & Planning• Surprise visits in the field• Trainings• Report generation & analysis of region sales• Reporting to seniors with requisite reports
  18. 18. And last but not the least….Manage and control the sales funnel so as to have enough number of cases in order to meet or exceed the revenue targets of Gurgaon: INR 88 Lakhs per month And Noida: INR 22 Lakhs per month by December 2012 and henceforth growing the region thereon… (as discussed)
  19. 19. My computer Skills & Trainings• MS Excel• MS PowerPoint• MS Word• Exposed and used CRMs like SAP, Oracle,, Lead Management system, JIGSAW• Webinars, Slideshare• Google Docs• Extensive use of Google maps• Completed Systems Management from NIIT (2 yrs course, GNIIT)• Additional certificates: ITIL v 3 Foundation• Trainings undergone: Customer Delight / Salesmanship & Peak Performance / Team work / Leadership / Selling through NLP / SPIN selling / Exposure to six sigma.
  20. 20. Thank- You !