Qwiztmas Quiz - ppt.


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An interactive Maths quiz designed for use with Qwizdom classroom response systems and interactive voting systems

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Qwiztmas Quiz - ppt.

  1. 1. Qwiztmas QWIZTMAS QUIZ MATHS
  2. 2. How many gifts did I receive from my true love on the 7 th day of Christmas?
  3. 3. How much money did my brother give me for Christmas?
  4. 4. In 2008 I received 50 Christmas cards. Last year I received 20% less cards. This year I have received 10% more cards than last year. How many cards have I received this year?
  5. 5. My sister got 3 more presents than my brother. My brother got twice as many presents as me. My sister got 11 presents. How many did I get?
  6. 6. It’s 300 miles from Peterborough to Edinburgh. Santa leaves Peterborough at 23:45 and arrives in Edinburgh at half past midnight. What speed did Santa travel?
  7. 7. What’s brown and sticky?
  8. 8. What area of wrapping paper is needed?
  9. 9. In my box I have 2 red baubles and 3 green baubles. I reach in and grab a pair. What is the probably that I select 2 red baubles?
  10. 10. What day will Christmas fall on in 2011?
  11. 11. Donner and Blitzen are eating carrots in a 3:2 ratio. There are 30 carrots in total. How many does Blitzen eat?
  12. 12. What is 2010 in roman numerals?
  13. 13. What did the fish say when it swam into a wall?
  14. 14. I’m 25, my Mum is 50, my Dad is 55, the twins are 15, and my Gran is 80. What will the average age be at our Christmas dinner?
  15. 15. On Christmas Eve it was -8˚C It got 2˚C colder on Christmas Day, then warmed up by 13˚C on Boxing Day. How many degrees was it on Boxing Day?
  16. 16. My Christmas tree has dropped 6751248 needles onto the floor. How many needles has it dropped to 2 significant figures?
  17. 17. 84 carol singers sang at my front door. Three quarters of them were out of tune. How many of them were able to sing in tune?
  18. 18. I’ve got an acute angle of 30˚ on top of my tree. What’s the reflex angle?
  19. 19. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
  20. 20. Happiness = (Presents+Snow) ² Presents = 12 Snow = 4 Happiness = ?
  21. 21. 4 people have eaten pie. How many more people can be fed ?
  22. 22. If a ³bn² = banana de³inr² = ?
  23. 23. Turkeys need cooking for 20 minutes per pound, plus an extra 20 minutes. How many hours would it take to cook an 11 pound Turkey?
  24. 24. It takes my grandad 4 minutes to fall asleep. Once he is asleep, he naps for 15 minutes then when he has woken up, he begins to fall asleep again 6 minutes later. How many times can he nap in the 5 hours between lunch and dinner?
  25. 25. What is the difference between snowmen and snow ladies?
  26. 26. What shape is a tube of pringles?
  27. 27. How many vertices does a 5-pointed star have?
  28. 28. It’s Christmas eve and most of Santa’s reindeer are sick. There are 4 who are able to pull his sleigh, but he only needs two. How many different pairs could he choose from the 4 healthy reindeer?
  29. 29. During the 12 days of Christmas, how many gold rings are given in total?
  30. 30. In a class of 20 students, each pupil buys all of their classmates a gift. How many gifts are given in total?
  31. 31. How many snowflakes have appeared throughout this quiz?