Your Health Diary


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Made with Gilles Demarty (UX Designer) and Guillaume Berry (Art Director)

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Your Health Diary

  1. 1. Your Health DiarySee what’s going on, and travel through your medical history. A concept by Pierre-Antoine Benoist Guillaume Berry Gilles Demarty Grégoire Vandenbussche
  2. 2. The Health Diary
  3. 3. For you, Health Diary ownerThe Health Diary gives you an instant overview ofyour current health.There’s more! You can travel through time to see yournext medical appointments or recall what happened inthe past. Call Marty and start the DeLorean! For you, Doctors You’re in a hurry, the patient gets in the emergency room. With a single glance at his Health Diary, you know him better than himself. Yet that’s not all: when you need to learn more about your patient, you tap your way into his medical history. Being Gregory House has never been easier!
  4. 4. MainConcepts
  5. 5. A diary Whether it’s a good ol’ desktop available computer, a tablet, a mobile phone or just paper, the Health Diaryeverywhere adapts itself to the device.
  6. 6. Every illness finds their roots insituations that happened years ago. A timeline of your life Want to know more about your health problems from a specific time? The timeline reveals each chronic or unique conditions you had.
  7. 7. See your problemsEach problem is located on youravatar.It evolves along with your life.Click on the colored body parts toget access to more details.
  8. 8. Find every detail, your way Filter by Use keyword type of in the search information engine Navigate Locate on through the the avatar’s timeline body
  9. 9. You’re not the same as when you’re born Different periods in life require different focus: Immunization at early ages, palliative care at the end. The Health Diary divides the life in 4 stages: Baby, child, adult, and senior.Each period displays a list of milestones.You know when to have a follow-upand get your immunization shots.
  10. 10. Personal Your information is described in a precise,information, yet clear manner. hidden in Icons are used to explain plain sight abstract concepts. The diary is color-coded to match with the patient’s medication color-coding.
  11. 11. Optimized foreveryoneThe Diary is color-blind aware.Hand-picked high-contrasted colorsmake it easy to read for people withsight issues.
  12. 12. UI p*rn
  13. 13. Guardian and providers information Detailed patient profile Filtering by condition name, doctor Period name, or any selector keywordOne line per Foldable condition timeline Start date, status andoccurrences are listed inthe timeline for each condition Previous and next Easily slide follow-ups through the graph When no condition is selected (now), asummary of the patient currenthealth status is displayed
  14. 14. The previewed window is highlighted when the user clicks Easily slidethe patient’s health, withyour mouse or your finger
  15. 15. When no conditionis selected (now), a summary of the patient current health status is All the displayed medications that the All her conditions patient is are displayed, taking are both as a list and listed on her avatar. A tap on the problem displays Any the history. allergies, along with the reaction The most and risk are recent lab visible results are listed, As well as all her immunizations
  16. 16. Using the selector, the doctor focuses on specifics, likeWhen a problem is plan of careselected, the diary only. focuses on it The interface includes a full log of her hospitalization history, displayed in a clear manner Harmful events are highlighted
  17. 17. The HealthDiary canbe flippedthroughreally quickly A quick filter enables jumping to a particular section with a tap.Dependingon thefocus, thepatient’s fileor data isdisplayed.
  18. 18. Health Diaryin 6 images
  19. 19. * * oups
  20. 20. One more thing …
  21. 21. Always wanted to watch your life like a movie?Press the back in time button, and your diary slowly movesbackward to remind you of your life, one bump at a time.
  22. 22. Your Health Diary See what’s going on today and travel through your medical history!Thank