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Are we born to a healthy life?


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A sequence of 12 slides shows us a new evidence of a healthy life we all are really born to. Then what is a role of the complementary medicine at the background of human\’s body regular biology. It counterpart the role of a health problem and where is the right place of conventional and the complementary medicine.

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Are we born to a healthy life?

  1. 1. Are we born to a healthy life?Dr Jakub S.Malinowski Knowler MD MSc CThAMCP CNHCregistered Copyright: Dr Jakub S.Malinowski Knowler2012.All Rights Reserved. 1
  2. 2. Role of Complementary Medicine in our life Biology of humans body tells us facts how we are built and how our healthy organism functions. Medicine deals with organisms’ disorders. Presentation by a Practitioner qualified in: MSc (Biology), MD (Conventional medicine) Complementary medicine ITEC, CNHC registered 2
  3. 3. Health versus illness to dominate and assist us throughout our life Our life prognosis depends on us from childhood to our most advanced age; The way we are treated from the very beginning of our existence ;How we look after ourselves in our adolescence & adulthood and how are we being cared for in old age?Our understanding of value of the life;Our lifestyle, habits & addictions: how is our living progressingDo we care after what we have wisely, or do we risk getting health 3 threatening consequences?
  4. 4. Life prognosis depends on us from childhood to the most advanced age:• It’s a commonly known fact that everything that affect us will reflect in condition of our health, starting as early as perinatal time. No doubts!• Majority of medicines are not suitable for pregnant women. Ignoring appearance of any symptoms or abnormal reactions could result in a serious illness and/or a permanent damage of our body e g Poliomyelitis; Phenytoine causes teratogenicity (cranio-sacral anomalies), Tetracylines can seriously damage development of foetus’ of bones and teeth, Alprasolam - a contraceptive, may cause embolization (closure of blood vessels). A sudden strong pain in the rear of the head and stiffening of the neck if not dealt with immediately and radically may end in death of meningitis within merely 24 hrs…or, at best, with deafness, epilepsy and many other complications and disabilities.• Alcohol intake: may result in embrion having permanent serious damage of CNS; for teenagers may result in inabilities to study and affect the growth; in adults - rsults in cardiovascular problems and the liver failure. Nicotine…drugs…, Instability to carry out every day activities which creates unbearable stress and enormous danger to users’ life and has a very negative effect on family and friends. Hundreds of similar health and life threatening factors could be listed.• Unhealthy lifestyle like extreme diets, so fashionable amongst some groups, deprive our body of the most important food elements making it weaker and cachectic resulting in it being even more prone to many other health related problems!• Sleep depravation or not sleeping sufficient amount of time contributes enormously. Even for the strongest organism it is too big a stress to cope with.• And yet, I hope that none of these issues affects your life! However, should even one of them be affecting you, seriously consider eliminating it urgently!• A reward of the change will be yours! Your body will re-gains its normal strength and vitality! You will possibly save your life and make its quality better for much longer! 4
  5. 5. Discover your health potential• Throughout life our bodies serve us and have the ability to regenerate their health! This ability is possible under one condition: You have to give your body a chance!• A holistic approach with a regular day-to-day hygiene of your Body, Mind & Spirit.• Examine your body - how it responds to you: 5
  6. 6. Discover your health potential• An introduction of 7-8 hrs regular sleeping pattern;• A regular meal times with correct amount & variety of healthy foods;• Time for intensive work, time for intervals of rest and time to relax properly – both Passive & Active relaxation!• In case of getting an infection, an injury, or finding yourself in a stressful situation, take action to harmlessly remove the source or, at least, minimise it , so then the problem is resolved.• One of the first steps to achieve this is the ability to calm down; take a break and make time for an adequate relaxation. It allows you to realistically assess the situation and find a rational solution.• Bear in mind that every stress has additive effect on your body: you’ll never succeed in solving next problem until you managed to rid yourself of the previous one. The stress accumulates and eventually leads to unwanted circumstances, creating only havoc: irritation, insomnia, work and private life disturbance – if prolonged – causing a serious illness.• Find a tranquil place & put all the problems aside. Indulge yourself in a pleasure of relaxing with full aromatherapy session and then a light, healthy meal. You may watch a nice move or read a good book or spend a time in your garden… you may set off for a weekend away or meet your best friend.• When in a doubt ask your complementary therapist for a relevant support. If needed visit your GP. Follow their suggestions and keep to them as required.• These actions will restore your self confidence, give you a positive outlook and help you to recuperate from an aliment or a difficult situation. 6
  7. 7. Complementary support for your health Just as orthodox medicine focuses on a strict correlations between a pathogen (cause of the disease) and affected part of the body, the complementary medicine encompasses your whole organism as one extremely complicated unit; thus what happens along various pathways involved in biological processes and the effect on the equilibrium of the entire body. We don’t need to use extreme methods to maintain our health properly. Lets just cooperate with our body-clock, learn to listen to our body and think twice before we decide on next course of action… e.g.: Don’t eat / drink too much, as our body tells us very clearly when it had enough! Don’t exceed our working time - follow body clock and rest when it is time. Don’t stay too long in the same position (whether seating or standing); once exceeded comfort time, change the position or go for a walk… 7
  8. 8. Complementary support for your health To promoting a healthy life employ a rational intake of food and drink – at some periods like after an illness or at times of particular stress or hard work & help yourself with some supplements which may be required. For correct choice consult Complementary Medicine Practitioner: immune stimulants, stamina boosters, anti-oxidants, contra inflammation guards as well as supplements helpful to adjust to seasonal changes may be of help when consumed with correctly selected range of Fats, Carbohydrates & Proteins 8
  9. 9. Dealing with life’s realities doesn’t haveto affect our health adversely…Those who lived in good health to a very advanced age proved that,despite abundance of life challenges, they managed to preserve theirgood health… and they all were not necessary the body builders Not only the Tibetans are living examples of this fact, there are more and more people around us whose long and healthy life-span confirms it.Among them are survivors of world wars & concentration camps, attacks of serious diseases and starvation… and yet somehow they manage it! When researching, it became apparent that very frequently they lead lives close to nature, are familiar with natural herbal remedies and apply these when needed using various methods: massages, inhalations & bathing; from simplest to most sophisticated treatments, but always in a rational way as in serious cases consulting medical doctor. 9
  10. 10. Compare your life to the flower: Its beauty is so fragile that a gust of wind will damage it… And so is your own health - if you look after it properly, you’ll get all its magnificence 10
  11. 11. Human’s body has an enormous drive for life! To live at any price! Nature of life itself points it to the best way, so let yourself to be driven by it! Hippocratic commandments state at the beginning: "First Do No Harm“ ! Do not harass your body by unwise life style, it is too valuable! Complementary Medicine goes hand in hand with nature of your organism providing support in every aspect of life whether you are healthy or sick.In contrast Orthodox medicine concentrate on how to cure a particular disorder using the most rational treatment, and yet treating the main problem often sacrifices others. Your doctor has prescribed a medication because it’s assumed that the benefit of it to you is greater than the risk of side effects. However, they two are not competing with each other at all! By being aware of what could potentially be harmful to us we’d avoid it at all cost! Lets enjoy a healthy life for as long as it is accessible to us! 11
  12. 12. Are we born to a healthy life? Indeed, we are born to carry on with our life onto next generations! And therefore the nature provides us with its complete protection. Complementary Medicine offers us all knowledge &practice as a tool to maintain and prolong our health…  Healthy life in all its aspects means you are able to succeed in life without any loss of wellbeing. Just follow Complementary Medicine guidance and put them into practice.  Use the Conventional Medicine to help you when fast and radical action is needed in case of particular ailment or injury.  To thrive take advantage of your Complementary Practitioner and enjoy your Life! If in any need to find more, visit my website and contact me: 12