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Prototype02 lundeen

  1. 1. Problem Statement: Gil, French MBA grad student needs a way to learn about jobs in healthcare informatics because he has questions about jobs & skills required.
  2. 2. Assignment with two prototypes 01 & 02  01 Research professional organization to gather information ◦ Review Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) membership ◦ Find info on annual meeting of HIMSS  02 Contact local hospital for job descriptions ◦ Compare business analysis and
  3. 3. Focus of Prototype 01  Find professionals in healthcare informatics who can give real information about jobs and skills needed  Search for wide and specific information about where the jobs are in this profession  Network both in person and over the Internet
  4. 4. Prototype 01 Health Information Management Systems Society  Give Gil URL for HIMSS professional organization  Have him identify cost for student membership  Have him identify cost for student admission to annual conference ◦ Identify 2 speakers and do background check ◦ Identify 2 conference sessions of interest?
  5. 5. Prototype 01: Membership: What are the steps?  Open website  Identify membership information  Find student rate for membership, and  Document the benefits available  Select names of 2 officers and find their contact information  E-mail 2 officers with 3 questions about student participation.
  6. 6. Prototype 01 Results: Student membership  Individual Membership Options  Regular ($160) - full access and best value!
- Participate on a national community, committee, work group or task force 
- Special pricing on conferences, webinars, bookstore and eLearning Academy
- Access to members-only content on and
 Plus! Invite a colleague to join HIMSS free for one year (HIMSS+1)  Student ($30) - resources for emerging professionals
- Experience all the benefits of regular membership
- Explore our wealth of career knowledge sharing and guidance
  7. 7. Prototype 01 HIMSS Conference: What are the steps?  Look up  Identify Registration information  Identify student rate  Find 2 speakers for background research  Select 2 topics from presentations of interest.
  8. 8. Prototype 01 HIMSS 14- Orlando Feb 23-27  ARE YOU READY FOR HIMSS14?  HIMSS14 may be months away, but the excitement is here...right now. It's not too early to start making plans for next February. Whether you're new to health IT or a seasoned professional, make sure HIMSS14 is on your radar.  Orlando is looking forward to welcoming the HIMSS Annual Conference. In 2011, it was the site of one of our best and largest annual conferences in the US. We look forward to seeing you there!  Call for Proposals 
The HIMSS14 Pre- Conference Call for Proposals is now open through July 22nd.
  9. 9. Prototype 01 HIMSS Annual Conference  Registration for HIMSS14 will open in August.  Sign up to get email updates on HIMSS14 registration, education sessions, exhibit hall events, discounts  Early Bird  Before Dec 10 Advanced  Dec 10 - Jan 27 Standard  After Jan 27  Non Member $950 $1,050 $1,150  HIMSS Member $695 $795 $1,095  Endorser $695 $795 $1,095  Government $695 $695 $695  Student $120 $120 $120  Single Day $450 $475 $575  Wednesday Exhibit Hall $325 $350 $425
  10. 10. Prototype 01: Results HIMSS Membership  Gil got information about membership in less than one hour.  website was easy to find/use  Cost of student membership is very reasonable. ($30)  Was able to identify officer names but no contact information available for them  Will find membership support link on
  11. 11. Prototype 01 HIMSS Annual Conference  Gil got good information about annual conference in about one hour.  Cost of admission to annual conference is very affordable. ($120)  Request for proposals for 2014 still open ◦ Will spend more time later reviewing topics ◦ Will select speakers for research later
  12. 12. Prototype 01 Lessons Learned  Plus: ◦ Information easy to find on both web sites ◦ Info on cost of student rates very positive ◦ Membership benefits include networking and specific job skill info  Minus: ◦ Not able to identify contact information about membership ◦ Not able to review speakers & topics for annual conference due to schedule not finished
  13. 13. Focus of Prototype 02  Contact local hospital for information about job descriptions ◦ Study job descriptions for skills that use Gil’s skills as business analyst and technology  Start with Information Technology Department  Then review jobs in each clinical area ◦ Ask about jobs where French translation would be seen as plus
  14. 14. Prototype 02 Assignment  02 Contact local hospital for job descriptions ◦ Compare Gil’s business analysis and technology skills to job descriptions ◦ Review for French language skills needed
  15. 15. Prototype 02 What are the steps?  Gil will contact local hospital. ◦ Contact Human Resources Department and request copies of job descriptions for each clinical department with technology skills ◦ Contact Information Technology department and ask to speak to Manager for an information interview.
  16. 16. Prototype 02 Results?  Gil contacted local hospital. ◦ Human Resources Department said the request was too large. Did he have 3 departments he would focus on? ◦ Information Technology department said the IT Manager was away for 2 weeks. Gil asked was there anyone else who could do information interview? Systems Analyst met for an hour with Gil and reviewed IT jobs in IT department and also in other clinical areas
  17. 17. Prototype 02 Lessons Learned  Plus: ◦ Gil was able to work with HR department and selected three departments: Imaging, Pharmacy, and Lab. Received job descriptions and will begin review next week ◦ IT systems analyst gave Gil great information about jobs and technology skills needed. ◦ Should have started at IT Department ◦ Easy to talk to people in HR and IT  Minus: ◦ HR request too large at first ◦ IT Manager was not available for information interview, but systems analyst was available. ◦ Got no information about use of French language