Winning Blueprint For the Job Interviewing Process


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Steps showing how to prepare for an job interview

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Winning Blueprint For the Job Interviewing Process

  1. 1. The Job Interviewing Process First carefully evaluate the job requirements of all employment postings and ONLY apply for jobs which you meet the employers’ requirements. Accept interview invitations only if you intend to seriously consider a job offer The Job Interview Do’s Do acknowledge invitations for interviews or appointments immediately whether you intend to accept or reject them Do notify your prospective employer well in advance if you must reschedule or cancel your appointment Do get good directions and arrive 10 – 15 minutes early for your interview (treat everyone you encounter courteously) Do dress conservative and professional
  2. 2. Do offer to shake interviewer's hand when you are introduced (firm shake) Do get the interviewer's name correct (and address them by Mr. Ms. Dr. and their last name unless otherwise directed) get their business card Do look the interviewer in the eye Do answer all questions directly and truthfully with short to the point answers Do ask questions about the company Do ask if you don’t understand a question Do use correct English and avoid slang terms and ‘ya know’s, like, um,humm… Do ask for the job you are applying for that’s why you are there!
  3. 3. Do write a thank you letter within 1 day of the interview Do notify employers of your decision to accept or reject job offers as soon as you have made your decision Do if needed; request an extension on time if you need for deciding or accepting a position upon acceptance of a Job offer DO: • Write a letter of acceptance to the employer • Promptly notify other employers which you have pending offers with that you have accepted another position and thank them for their time. Congratulations! Let your word be your bond. Honor your job acceptance as a contractual agreement with the employer. Never accept two offers and never renege or continue to interview after you have accepting an offer
  4. 4. The Job Interview Don'ts NO SHOWS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE! When you have accepted an invitation for an interview, make all efforts possible to keep the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to keep the appointment, cancel within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the appointment. If you have an unavoidable failure to appear, you should write a letter of apology to the employer who was expecting you.
  5. 5. Falsification or Misrepresentation of Information it is important that you represent yourself to potential employers honestly and accurately. Not doing so could cost you a job opportunity. You are exclusively accountable for the accuracy and contents of your registration data, resume and other employment application materials. Don’t leave you cell phone on (turn it off or leave it in the car) Don’t arrive late for your scheduled interview Don’t bring friends or children to the interview Don’t beg or plead your need to work Don’t mumble, speak clear and
  6. 6. Don’t smell like smoke or a perfume / cologne factory Don’t make jokes, be argumentative or chew gum Don’t say your salary requirements are “open” or negotiable. Tell them how much $ $$ (when asked ONLY) Don’t ridicule former employers. (No matter how bad they were!) Don’t sit down until you are offered a chair Don’t slouch. Sit up straight! Don’t be casual be professional! Don’t tell the interviewer your financial problems Don’t refer to the interviewer on a first name basis (unless he / she asks you too) Don’t make excuses or show vagueness
  7. 7. Don’t volunteer any negative information about yourself Don’t mention other unsuccessful job applications Don’t let your eyes wander around the office. Keep your focus on the interviewer Don’t answer a yes/no question with just a yes or no. Answer and briefly explain why Don’t play with your hair, rings, tie, bracelets, hands, etc. during the interview Don’t project a mean, scared or emotionless face. Smile once in a while! PCI Health Training Center Chat with Us Live Now Chat software by BoldChat PCI is a medical training school offering comprehensive academic medical programs including Medical Assistant training, Medical Office Assistant and Patient Care Assistant financial aid and career placement is available Campuses in Dallas Texas and Richardson Texas
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