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  • This portfolio navigator define route that indicates, which pieces of evidence should be looked at in which order (Crowther and Hill 2012). -Link: Internet Link, PPTX: MS PowerPoint,. This file cannot support linking by MAC devices, Last updated 6 Sep 2012- Most of PDF files (except to design document) can read together in MS Word File (01_DISSERTATION.docx)- PDF files were converted from original files e.g. MS Word, MS VisioM4a file is a file format of Apple devices. However, you can open by Window Media Player. If cannot open them, you can rename to mp4 file firstly.- Video presentations are same video as YouTube links
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    • 1. Portfolio Navigator 2) Knowledge and 1) Research Overview 3) Description of the Research and Outcomes Approaches Abstraction (PDF) Overview of research description and outcomes (PPTX) Knowledge of the domainWritten Document (MS Word, PDF) The artifact outcomes (PPTX) Research Question (PPTX) Literature Review (PDF) Overall reflective commentary of research outcomes (PDF)Aim of Study and Limitations (PDF) System Analysis & Design Prototype of e-menu Annotation (PPTX) Documents application Dissertation Plan (PPTX) Reflection (PDF) All documents (PPTX) Installation Manual (PPTX) Research Framework (PPTX) 1. List of requirements Website Links (PDF) The 1st prototype & Final Development Processes (PPTX) Justification of the approach Prototype 2. UML Use Case (PDF) Database Group interview process (PPTX) (Picture and DB zip File) Justification of the approach 3. UML Class diagram E-menu application on Web (PDF) (Source code – Web site & zip E-menu system design (PPTX) (PDF) file) E-menu application on iPad Portfolio Evidence Annotation (PPTX) 4. ER-Diagrams (PDF) (Source code – zip file) 5. Workflow diagram (PDF) Overview of evidence (Excel) Prototype Presentation & Demonstration Reflection (PDF)Table of content of evidence (Excel) Presentation YouTube Overview features on iPad Features on iPad (PPTX) (Link)5) Appendices & References 4) Conclusion Features on e-menu Innovative e-menu & benefits Website (PPTX) (Link) Appendices Demo. e-menu features on Research Proposal (PDF) Detailed Features on iPad for iPad (Link) Conclusion, limitations & User Acceptance Test Activity at restaurant (PDF) recommendations for future research Demo e-menu features on (PPTX) and contribution in written document website (Link)List of interview questions (PDF) (PDF) Approval letter from restaurant Recommendations (PDF) Users’ perceptions of e-menu developmentResearch Ethics Checklist (PDF) Perceptions of e-menu Recommendations of e-menu system Video presentation (mp4) development (PDF) (PDF) Perceptions of e-menu Annotation- References Reflection Wrap around conclusion (PPTX) system References in written document Recommendations of e-menu (PPT) (PDF) Perceptions of e-menu development (PPTX) All references (PPTX) features (PPTX) Link: Internet Link, PPTX: MS PowerPoint,. This file cannot support linking by iOS devices, Last updated 8 Sep 2012