Media genre deconstruction conclusion
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  • 1. What initially sprung to me was the fact that the starringactor’s names in the opening titles of the films and the rest ofthe crew is credited in the ending titles.All four of the films I deconstructed portrayed a sense ofheroism in the main character. For example Rocky starts out asa less-than-amateur boxer who, by the end of thefilm, becomes known as a beloved figure by his country, I donot believe that this is coincidence, i believe this being downto newer franchises being somewhat reincarnations of theirpredecessors.
  • 2. Uses of CGI and other technological advancements thatallow us to do virtually anything with a few clicks of amouse. This however doesnt mean that thesetechnological advancements arent neccessary as theyprovide utmost convenience when dealing with SFX(Special Effects) which are used fairly heavily in theaction genre in particular. Traditionally, the SFX team fora movie would have to actually replicate the explosionetc. on the set of the movie which could potentially be ahealth and safety risk and could damage the set whichwould cause complications for further filming, so whileit isnt technically required to create SFX it surely doessave time and money in both the short and long term.
  • 3. All four films opened with quite inspiring music that lifted the mood andinstantly told the viewer the kind of movie that it would be, and as Ipreviously mentioned, this was no coincidence. All the films also estalbishedthemselves with quite long shots to show where the scene is set and theviewer can most often learn more about the film just by this shot thanbefore a character even speaks.