Trailer Presentation S 2


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Trailer Presentation S 2

  1. 1. Trailer Research
  2. 2. James Bond, Quantum of Solace- It started off with a dark interview, and showed flashbacks. Then a lot of action was shown quickly with flashes between each shot, which made it fast paced. We liked this because it is similar to our ideas, especially the dark room with flashes of action. 10 Action Trailers
  3. 3. The Bourne Ultimatum- This is very similar to the Bond trailer as it starts off with the main character, and then has flashes of action and titles appearing. Also the pictures that appear of a target (Bourne). We would use the flashing titles that stand out and the target will be shown in the trailer as well. 10 Action Trailers
  4. 4. 24- We watched this one because the storyline is similar to ours, someone is captured, and then he fakes his death and has to reappear in order to save the country. This was interesting because they used the same content as Bond and Bourne- flashes of action and iconic titles. Series 4 Series 5 10 Action Trailers
  5. 5. Die Hard 4.0- This is also very similar to the previous ones. This one contains more explosions and big action in the trailer. We wouldn’t be able to do something that big. We did like the way that the production company didn’t have their logo at the start of the trailer, and it was after some action then the logo appeared (20 th Century Fox). 10 Action Trailers
  6. 6. Shooter- Where all the other trailers used quick flashes between shots, this trailer had a small pause that was very effective. We did like the way that the trailer portrayed the story of the film so clearly and you could see what the film was about. I think that we will try to clearly show the storyline of the film because it looks very effective in making you want to see the whole film. 10 Action Trailers
  7. 7. The Great Escape- We wanted to look at this trailer because it would be different to all the others we had watched; they all had the same conventions. This is old so it was different, it wasn’t very fast paced, nor did I have any titles. It also shows to much of the film and gives it away. I don’t think that we will be using many of the things from this trailer into ours, but it was interesting to see how much action trailers had changed in 40+ years. 10 Action Trailers
  8. 8. Public Enemies- This is a recently made film but was set a long time ago, so that made the conventions different because they needed to make it look in the right time period. It isn’t very fast paced but does have some big shots which make the film look good, so we are going to try and get some good shots from high profile locations in our trailer. 10 Action Trailers
  9. 9. Batman, The Dark Knight- This is a very interesting teaser trailer because it doesn’t show any of the film. When you see it for the first time, you wonder what it is and what’s happening, but when you see the Batman logo, you know what it is and makes you interested in the film. The colours also show that it’s sci-fi (Metallic blue and black). We want to attract attention and effective colours in our trailer. 10 Action Trailers
  10. 10. Indiana Jones, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- Like public enemies, this isn’t set in our time, so the mise-en-scene will not be any use to us. However, they do put a lot of action in their trailer to show the genre clearly. Although it is also an adventure film, they show that it is action. The shots they use are iconic and make you interested in the film; also the titles they use are fantastic, especially the colours and how it blends in with the next shot. We like the iconic shots and the titles and would like to use something like that in our trailer. 10 Action Trailers
  11. 11. Inglorious Basterds- This is also in another time period so the mise-en-scene isn’t really much used to us because we are making a modern action trailer. However, like Indiana Jones, this has amazing titles that appear throughout the trailer, it has the white writing on a blood spattered background; this stands out and relates to the film. We would like to make very powerful titles like this film as well. 10 Action Trailers
  12. 12. 5 Other Genre Trailers T he M a t ri x R e l oa de d- T his i s a ve ry g oo d teaser t r aile r f o r a s c i- f i fil m . It s ho w s i t to b e q u ite my st e ri o u s an d h as s o me g o o d acti o n a nd c o n t e n t i n t h e t r a i l er th a t sh ow s w h a t th e ge n re is. A l s o t h e c o l ou r s u s e d m ake i t lo o k l i ke a sci- f i, the g r e e n a n d bl a c k l e t t ers a nd d ar k ba c kg r oun d s s how th a t. A ls o t h e c olo u rs u s e d for t he c ost u mes m a k e i t l o o k l i k e q ui t e a da rk f i l m wit h s o m e m y s t e r y a n d a c ti o n. W e t h ink t h a t w e m u st u se e ffe c ti v e c o lo u r s t o p ortra y th e g e n re .
  13. 13. Hot Fuzz- This comedy also shows clearly what the genre is by putting in some key clips that are funny, when we had watched this for the first time it made us want to watch the film, so I think we should try to get some key action clips into our film to draw people to the film straight away. Also this trailer has parts that are fast paced, it is a comedy and has different and more effective conventions that will draw people in. 5 Other Genre Trailers
  14. 14. Star Wars, IV- Like the Great Escape, this is quite old (1977) but does clearly show the genre of the film by using mise-en-scene, especially the costumes like Darth Vader and the lightsabers and laser guns. The location also shows the genre- in space and on futuristic space ships. We would like to emulate the way that the genre shown so clearly. 5 Other Genre Trailers
  15. 15. 50 First Dates- We watched this trailer because this genre was completely different to ours. It was very slow and you could clearly see the genre that it was. However, we didn’t like it because didn’t have much action that was good enough to draw you in.
  16. 16. The Da Vinci Code- This is a fantastic film trailer because straight away you can tell that this is a mysterious action drama. The content of the film shows that. The part that stood out to us was at the start when images quickly flashed up on the screen, and made it quite mysterious to the viewer. After watching this we decided that we definitely need a part that grabs the audience like this.