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It is all about the foods in asia with our host pusheen :).

It is all about the foods in asia with our host pusheen :).
Actually,my ppt. was presented at school and I want to share this to you .I hope you will like my Asian cuisine.



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Asian Cuisine Asian Cuisine Presentation Transcript

  • Hosted by: Pusheen the cat =^● ⋏ ●^= AND OTHER CATS^U^
  • Ako si Pusheen at ako ang host ninyo tungkol sa pagkain ng Asya.
  • Lalakbayin natin ang ang buong asya upang ipakita ang iba -ibang pagkain ng 5 rehiyon: • East Asia • Central Asia • South Asia • South East Asia • West Asia
  • East Asia
  • Peking Duck • This style originates in the Imperial court, so the food must be "fit for an emperor". • Peking Duck is traditionally served with Mandarin pancakes, and green onions for brushing on the hoisin sauce.
  • Preparation Time: 10 hours, 10 minutes Cooking Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes Total Time: 11 hours, 20 minutes
  • -Ayan ang epekto ng sobrang pagkain!
  • Magpapayat! > o <!!!
  • • Hot and Spicy characterizes Sichuan food. Chili paste or dried chilies, garlic and ginger are some of the most common ingredients. • Some of our favorite Sichuan dishes are Ma Po Tofu and Kong Pao Chicken.. Ma Po Tofu
  • An old Mongolian saying advices: “Keep breakfast for yourself, share lunch with your friend and give dinner to your enemy”.
  • Khuushuur large filled pocket, fried or deep fried; With filling
  • Aaruul is made by yogurt, which comes from the milk. They can get quite hard, so most people rather suck than bite on them.
  • Two types of aaruul : • sweet • sugar-free(bitter and sour) Bitter
  • Korea Sweet Syrupy Pancakes The western bread dough is filled with a mixture of cinnamon, brown sugar, and chopped walnuts and fried in a lightly oiled pan until the filling has melted into a syrup.
  • Kimchi • the cabbage is coated leaf by leaf in a delicious spicy mix of hot pepper flakes, garlic, chives, onion, pear juice, and more. • national dish of Korea.
  • During the Edo period, "sushi" referred to pickled fish preserved in vinegar. Nowadays sushi can be defined as a dish containing rice which has been prepared with sushi vinegar. There are 101 different types of sushi.
  • International Sushi Day June 18
  • Korokke Korokke has its origins in the croquettes which were introduced to Japan in the 19th century. Korokke consist of a filling that is breaded and deep fried.
  • Coffin • is a night market snack . • Coffin bread gets it’s name due to the way we cut out the bread and create a lid, making it look like a coffin with a lid. • Inside seafood mix covered with cheese but you can also eat a sweet version
  • • invented in tea shops in Taichung, Taiwan, during the 1980s. • Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed with fruit or milk. with fruit or syrup, resulting in a slushy consistency. Pearl Bubble Tea
  • Central Asia
  • Manti
  • Beshparmak • National food of Kazakhstan • Basically made up of horsemeat “traditional dishes are reflections of culture”
  • Hunon potato, carrot, onion and meat-stuffed ringshaped pastry made from mats of dough rolled into a roulette. Delicious served with chaka (thick plain yogurt).
  • Kurut tart and tangy balls of dried yogurt
  • Plov is their national food ;riced brown mixed with seasonings and broth
  • Chorba: Soup (pictured with meat, potato and rice).
  • South Asia
  • Fruit drinks squeezed from pomegranates, apples, melons, and mangoes, SHARBAT
  • popular Andhra dish, served with kobbari pachadi (chutney made using coconut) Pesarattu chutney
  • Pesarattu
  • Moti
  • Sel Roti
  • Hopper served mainly for breakfast or dinner and often. It is crispy, bowl-shaped pancakes made with rice flour. They are a traditional hawker street food sold on the side of the road or from a cart attached to a bicycle
  • Typical Sri Lankan dish of rice and prawns.
  • Wazwan is a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine, the preparation of which is considered an art and a point of pride in Kashmiri culture and identity.Almost all the dishes are meat-based (lamb, chicken). It is popular throughout Kashmir and served internationally at Kashmiri food festivals.
  • Comments tungkol sa show: Cat book Ang ganda po ng show ninyu tungkol sa mga pagkain. Pawap! I love the show. It is very informative.Meron palang ganung pagkain .Favorite show ko po ito
  • Lagi akong nanonood ng show mo Pusheen xD.Marami akong natututunan.Fantastic! All of the crew made an excellent job.Gob bless ! Many claps for them.Paw,Paw! Chichichi…. The show is awesome!..Sana mas habaan pa ng Faith network ang show na to.Pusheen pa-fan sign naman!
  • Salamat po sa inyung pagtangkilik!
  • Mitha Dahi This type of yogurt is common in the states in Bangladesh. It is made with milk and sugar, while also using yogurt and curd. It is prepared by boiling milk until it is slightly thickened, sweetening it with sugar.
  • Biryani The word biryani is derived from a Persian word which means “fried” or “roasted”. There are many kinds of biryanis and each has a uniqueness about it. This dish is made from a mixture of spices, rice, meat or vegetable and yogurt. The spices used in this food are what contributes to the taste.
  • Ema datshi Bhutanese national dish ; rice (mix of bhutanese red rice and white rice).
  • jasha maru traditional dish consisted of minced chicken,tomatoes and other ingredients
  • West Asia
  • shwarma a sandwich of shaved lamb, chicken or goat with hummus, tomato and cucumber.
  • arnab mikli is a popular dish of rabbit meat dredged in flour, pan-fried until browned and served with crispy fried vegetables.
  • Bamiya are tasty fingers of deep-fried dough, dripping in sticky syrup. Bamiya is the Azerbaijani name for okra or lady’s finger. These doughnuts got their name from their long, ridged shape, similar to okra...
  • Sturgeon kebab recipe are a perennial favourite in Azerbaijan. They are an obligatory feature on special occasions, such as weddings. Azerbaijanis love to make kebabs at picnics and at their summer houses
  • Masgoof is a fish that is barbequed on an outdoor grill.
  • Kapsa the national dish is chicken and rice with vegetables
  • falafel deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans
  • BABAKANOOSH A dip or cold salad of roasted eggplant
  • TOORSHI Armenian pickled vegetables
  • MUSSEL DOLMA Mussels stuffed with rice, nuts and currants
  • SOU-BERAG A savory Armenian cheese appetizer
  • SOOJOUKH An Armenian air dried sausage
  • Mansaf is a distinctive dish that often signifies a special occasion such as a wedding or graduation. The meal consists of a robust broth made from chicken or lamb and jameed(a dry sour milk, and Arabic rice). It is a symbol of generosity in Jordanian culture.
  • mezze significant part of a meal and the layout may consist of pita bread and koubba maqliya,(a deepfried delicacy of savory meat and pine nuts rolled into balls) and encrusted with a bulgar wheat paste. Cooking styles range from grilling—shish kebabs
  • Margooga is a pasta dish in sauce with cilantro.
  • Logaymat are Kuwaiti-style donut holes;lightly seasoned with saffron, coated in a sugar paste and with a hint of lemon. saffron
  • Thin, long and oval shaped, it is mainly a white/whole wheat blend. Topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, nigella seeds, or some combination of these.
  • Shuwa is a typically Omani delicacy prepared only on very special occasions. Whole villages participate in the cooking of the dish which consists of a whole cow or goat roasted for up to two days in an special oven prepared in a pit dug in the ground.
  • Omani Traditional Foods
  • Nan-e lavash Thin, flaky and round or oval, and is also the oldest known bread in the Middle East and Caucasus
  • Rice that is cooked until the water is absorbed completely.;is a bit sticky
  • Shafoot crepe bread made from millet with yoghurt, mint, hot green pepper and herbs.
  • Helba a fondue made from meat bouillon with eggs, rice or vegetables and fenugreek mixed with herbs.
  • Shawarma is the most eaten food across this country. Even it has also become famous in Asian countries as well. It can be made with lamb or chicken.
  • Al Harees is a famous dish of UAE with highly exotic taste. It has made up of meat and wheat. It is very simple and elegant dish with very few ingredients but with longer cooking duration. This dish commonly served during Ramadan, wedding and Eid festivals.
  • South East Asia
  • Khauk Swe Thoke noodle salad,assorted fries, Bein,rice pancake, , steamed rice cake, ,rice dumpling with coconut filling, ,steamed glutinous rice, or coconut cream
  • Laphet pickled tea leaves with a dash of oil and served with sesame seeds, fried garlic and roasted peanuts, is another popular snack typical of Myanmar.
  • A very popular drink on hot days but especially during the fasting Ramadhan months. Milky Rosewater Syrup Drink
  • Lemon grass pork skewer These lean pork skewers are flavoured with Southeast Asian accents: lemongrass, fish sauce, fresh coriander and sweet chilli sauce.
  • Buko Pie Hello!
  • Beef Nilaga This is another one-meal-in-apot dish. It contains soup, meat and vegetables all cooked together in one delicious broth. Terrific during cooler weather.
  • Batik Cake Inspired with the batik fabric designs making it into a chocolate cake
  • Sesame Soy Chicken Wings This is a dish from Singapore made with chicken wings, soy sauce, garlic and aromatic sesame oil. It's irresistible. If possible, cook in a clay pot.
  • Thai pumpkin soup This is a spicy Thai variation on our favourite pumpkin soup. You can make it mild spicy or hot spicy by using different types of chillies. Instead of the traditional sour cream
  • Prawn Red Thai Curry This is the quickest and easiest prawn red Thai curry recipe ever. Serve with hot jasmine rice.
  • Vietnamese Crepe This crepe is crispy and delectable with pork and shrimp bits in it. It gets wrapped in lettuce and herbs and dipped into nuoc cham. It's a very light feeling and satisfying dish.
  • Vietnamese tofu and noodle salad An exciting layered salad combining crisp vegetables flavoured with fresh herbs, noodles and marinated grilled tofu. The tofu is best prepared several hours in advance as longer marinating will enhance the flavour.
  • caril
  • batar daan a popular dish of corn, mung beans and pumpkin
  • Asam Laksa Penang This is a spicy-sour fish base noodle soup that is known in Penang, an island state in northwest Peninsular Malaysia
  • Mee Rebus This flavourful noodle soup comes from the southern state of Johore, in Peninsular Malaysia.Don't let the prep time hinder you.
  • Nagkita ang kambal …Kambal sa tagal ng preparasyon.Magsama nga kayu dyan
  • Aice kacang It is sweet-tasting and is basically ice served with sweet flavoured syrup and jelly. The word Kacang means bean and "ais" is a transliteration of the English word "ice".
  • Udang Sambal Serai Bersantan Udang Sambal Serai Bersantan Udang Sambal Serai Bersantan Udang Sambal Serai Bersantan Udang Sambal Serai Bersantan chile prawns with coconut milk
  • Kaipen is a Laotian snack made of fresh water green algae, vegetables, and sesame seeds.
  • Som moo is a type of fermented or soured Laotian pork sausage. It is made from raw pork and it typically is made with pork skin. Sometimes wrapped in star gooseberry leaves or banana leaves for additional flavoring.
  • Fish Amok This fish curry is often called Cambodia’s national dish, Fish amok gets its signature flavor from kroeung, an aromatic curry paste made with lemongrass, galangal, fresh turmeric, shallots, garlic, and a little chili. The kroeung is mixed with coconut milk, which turns a beautiful golden yellow. Mild white fish and shredded kaffir lime leaves are added to the curry, which is steamed in a bananaleaf cup. steam.
  • kroeung
  • Khmer Muslim Beef Curry Chunks of beef are cooked until spoon-tender in a red curry made from ginger, coriander, lemongrass, shallots, garlic, onions, cardamom and palm sugar. Some versions include peanuts, which soften as they cook in the sauce. Khmer Muslim beef curry is served with baguette for dipping—
  • Http://