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  • Nadia McDonald
    • Nadia McDonald Nadia McDonald I miss the point of this transcript. I understand the message, but what is it trying to convey? I totally agree that one has to say no to bad choices, drugs and alcohol that could damage our bodies, company who direct us on the wrong path, and maybe when selecting a mate. But what is the content of the overall message? Can someone please clarify this to me?  4 days ago
  • Nadia McDonald
    • Nadia McDonald Nadia McDonald I find this transcript to be very unique with pertinent factors in body posture. As I sat scanning the information, a curve formed my lips and something funny lead me to giggle. Realistically, when I sit, I am uptight. Reason being, when I am in the front seat of a function or event, I become very conscious and alert. For some eccentric reason, the gazes penetrate my back and I take longer to relax. There are eyes in the back of my head and naturally on the side. Therefore, I usually cross my legs and fold my arms. In doing so, this curves my concentration levels and maintains my focus.  1 week ago
  • Nadia McDonald
    • Nadia McDonald Nadia McDonald In my opinion, part time work is better than no work at all. These statistics should be encouraging because America has gradually recovered from recession.  2 weeks ago
  • Nadia McDonald
    • Nadia McDonald Nadia McDonald I agree with this quote to some degree. However, rather than challenge people to chase their dreams, they should be encouraged to follow their passions. Everyone has a gift or ability that they can use to showcase to the world. Our gifts pave the way for monetary success.  3 weeks ago
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