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App Store Optimisation: ASO improve the visibility of your mobile app across app stores. Follow these basic steps: App name/Title, App description, Category selection, Videos, Keywords, Meta data, screenshots

With million of mobile apps (Android, iOS) in the app stores (Google Play, Apple iTunes), getting your app discovered is one of the biggest issue facing mobile app developers and companies today.

Product/marketing managers must focus on effectively using ASO - App Store Optimisation techniques to get organic downloads. ASO can also be termed as the Mobile SEO.

Apple Analytics dashboard now gives number of views on iTunes store. This help in optimizing keywords for the purpose of App Store Optimisation.

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App store optimization (ASO) - SEO for Mobile App

  2. 2. Investing in ASO is one of the best strategies for increasing the organic downloads
  3. 3. WHAT IS ASO App Store Optimization (ASO) is the first step to succeed in mobile app marketing. It is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) in the app store (iTunes or Google Play). And, increased visibility tends to translate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store.
  4. 4. An organic download occurs when a user discovers an app and then decides whether it is worthy of downloading
  5. 5. INFLUENCING FACTORS Featured apps General browsing in app store Friends/family Seeing an ad – TV, Digital, Newspaper etc. Social media Reviews on Tech sites/blogs Searching on Internet Reach out to your network of friends, acquaintances
  6. 6. WHY IS ASO IMPORTANT 63% of people discover apps via search, according to research firms Nielsen and Forrester, so high visibility in app store search results is a key to success Search is the top app discovery tool.
  7. 7. ASO – STEPS TO FOLLOW Make the best use of following:  App name/ App Title  App description  Category selection  Demo Video  Keywords  Meta data  Screen shots
  8. 8. APP TITLE & APP DESCRIPTION App Title Use the title to convey the most important function of your app. Your app’s listing in app store is heavily dependent on this. App Description • Pay attention to the default fold in your description text • It’s important to communicate your app to potential users, to-the-point and easy to understand. • Include every detail that you should include; omit everything unnecessary • Do not repeat words (Google Play recently changed its content policy to disallow this).
  9. 9. KEYWORDS Create your app store metadata using the right keywords that your users might be searching for.  Search for your primary keywords on the App Store and find out who are the top search performers.  Find out which are the less competitive keywords with medium search volume you could rank higher for.  Localize keywords to make your app popular in certain geographic locations. Make use of tools to guess keywords of your competitors as well as to track your search rankings over time.
  10. 10. OTHER TAKEAWAYS  Create a stunning App icon - believe it or not, the actual icon of the app does make a difference  Screenshots - Everyone likes to see what an app or game looks like. Humans are visual creatures, so display some eye-catching screen shots of app in action.  Include a video - 20-60 seconds video describing main features, benefits to users makes an impact  Regular update - Iterate, make changes, publish every few weeks
  11. 11. PERSUADE App Reviews People always download apps that have positive reviews. Sometimes reviews reveal a great deal of information about the app that may convert into download. App Ratings Every app has a rating. People download an app that has a high percentage of ratings. Developing a great app will automatically drive great and higher ratings.
  12. 12. BETTER RATINGS RANK HIGHER? YES. Connect with your users inside your app, giving them a place to vent and talk directly to the developer. On the flip side, you want to guide happy customers to leave positive reviews for you. Solicit these points Asked friends to download and rate your app Post on Twitter account for every follower to check out your app and rate it Similarly on Facebook fan page, to download your app and rate Integrate 3rd party tools that prompts a user to rate based upon how many days the app has been installed Does he love your app and more….
  13. 13. OFF-PAGE OPTIMIZATION Social / Articles / Blogs Post latest app features on Social network to engage with consumers and new users. Keep writing about your app on various blogs. It may cover real life experiences or a basic description of app. Capture the demand from Web Search – analyse keywords/trends over web so Google crawls your app landing page and may be, create inbound links to Google Play
  15. 15. GET FEATURED Basic principles to follow while developing a mobile app, will help to get the app Featured (appear on top) on app stores  User Experience  Beautiful & Innovative  Well-built  Optimum use of OS (Apple iOS/Google Android functionality)  Follows best practices  Consistent across devices  Localized (or “language agnostic”) Above points do not guarantee but surely fulfils all requisites to be on TOP positions.
  16. 16. Apart from Search, one more factor that helps in app discovery is Find. Featured and Top ranking apps are discovered first, therefore better chances to get more downloads. *Various researches show – a Featured app gets 400% more downloads
  17. 17. TOOLS Few tools that will help you track rankings, keywords, competition and more… MobileDevHQ App Annie
  18. 18. POINTS TO PONDER App Discovery Unless you do a paid campaign (CPI), there two ways your app get discovered on app stores – Search and Find Factors that influence the app download decision Browsing the app store, recommendations from friends & family and mobile websites. App store reviews are also an important factor in influencing download decision. App Explore Most new smartphone users download apps in the first 30 days. The appetite for exploring new apps is high.
  19. 19. THANKS I am happy to have feedback/queries at Also, I have collated some insights on mobile app user engagement based my personal experience. View Beyond Downloads