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Agile - The Real Deal
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Agile - The Real Deal


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My presentation on Agile Software Development to the MBA students of Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay at Systems Continuum 2012

My presentation on Agile Software Development to the MBA students of Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay at Systems Continuum 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Agile Software Development – What’s The Real Deal? Tathagat Varma Head of Strategic Programs and Business Operations Yahoo! India R&D
  • 2. Pace of Innovation and Adoption …getting faster…
  • 3. Waterfall Software Development Limitations and Assumptions 1. Wrong analogy: Software development ≠ Production 2. Customers know EVERYTHING upfront and that requirement won’t change 3. Legacy from the past: implicitly assumes CPU time is costly, so focuses on doing everything upfront to minimize ‘machine time’ for trial and error 4. “Wicked Problem”: Designers and developers know how exactly how to build 5. Very long feedback cycles not suitable for today’s pace of innovationPicture from
  • 4. As a result, software is… Costly Buggy Late
  • 5. and the costs…?
  • 6. But we want software to be…
  • 7. What is the most important part in these two machines? “The Brakes!!!” They let you go faster…
  • 8. Agility vs. Discipline?
  • 9. Agile Manifesto 2001
  • 10. Scrum
  • 11. What’s happening here?
  • 12. Feedback Loops in Traditional Techniques vs. Agile Techniques
  • 13. Agile Development Value Proposition
  • 14. Does Agile work?
  • 15. Conclusion• Pace of Innovation, Adoption and Obsolescence is …accelerating• We don’t always know enough about all the problems to design big-upfront solutions, nor have enough resources to keep them locked-up for a long ROI cycle• Adapting to early feedback can help make in-flight course corrections faster, cheaper and more gracefully• Agile frameworks and methods allow ‘inspect and adapt’ to deliver smaller chunks of functionality faster, thereby improving TTM• Agile methods facilitate early creation of business value…but don’t guarantee it!
  • 16. Afterthoughts…“In the struggle of survival, thefittest win out at the expense oftheir rivals because theysucceed in adapting themselvesbest to their environment.” – Charles Darwin
  • 17. Connect Blog: Email: Slides: Twitter: Articles: