Science fair project guide 2010 2011
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  • 1. SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT 2011February 23-25, 2011Written Report must include: o Front Page (Title Page) o Table of Contents o Abstract o Introduction o Purpose o Hypothesis o Background Research o Materials o Procedure (Experimentation) o Results (Data and Observations) o Conclusion o Bibliography ( projects/project_bibliography.shtml) Format for typing the written reportPaper: White bond paper letter sizeMargin: 2.5 cmLine Space: DoubleFont: Century GothicFont Size: Size 12Font Style: Plain ( No Bold, Italic or Underlined)Font Alignment: Left for everything , except for titles.Titles go at the centerFont Color: BlackThe pictures are in color and only in the body of the project.You do not need to wait until the due date… you can turn in and ask forguidance before the due date. I will be more than pleased to help you. Partial Work Due Dates:Monday, January 17Topic to be checked by teacherSTART THE JOURNAL TO KEEP RECORD OF THE ACTIVITIES DONE BY THETEAM (HANDWRITTEN)Friday, January 21Manila envelope with print outs and/or copies of the information youhave found about your topic. Underlined and in index cards you must
  • 2. have the information you underlined written in your own words and thebibliographies of the material you researched.Tuesday, January 25Manila envelope with all the previous material and the FIRST DRAFT of thebody of your project (Introduction, purpose, hypothesis, background research,materials and method) will be turned in. You may include the pictures here.(Pictures in black and white for now)Friday, January 28Manila envelope with all the previous material you turned in. You will turnin the SECOND DRAFT of the body of the project with the corrections Iasked you to do and with the new information I asked you to find.Start your experiment to get results and conclusions.Tuesday, February 1stTurn in the manila envelope with the First and Second Draft of yourproject. Turn in the THIRD DRAFT of the body of the project and includethe First Draft of introduction and Conclusion and turn in the FinalBibliography of your project.Tuesday, February 15Turn in the Manila envelope with the Final Draft of the project thatincludes Front page, table of contents, body, conclusion andbibliography. Turn in the design of the visual and/ or model you willcreate to support your research.Friday, February 18Turn in the Final Report (pictures in color now) with all the correctionspointed out before.Show evidence that the visual and/or model is being assembled.Final Due Date:Monday & Tuesday, February, 21st
  • 3. Final presentations in class ; must bring the visual aid and/or models to beused. Turn in the written report, turn in the self and team evaluationsheet.