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Here is our final booklet summarizing our entire FBI student run campaign. It includes information on my Public Relations group included press releases and media kit.

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FBI Campaign Booklet

  2. 2. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Griffin Consulting Coordinators Tom Gadowski, Eric Strathmann, Brenden Dougherty Project Consultant Vishal Patel Research Chris Schremser, Jialiang Wei, Perry Li Advertising Jose Valles, Eric Strathmann, Tom Godawski Campaign Strategy Aishah Chaudhry, Beena Patel, Maja Markovic, Patricia Ruhnke Public Relations Laura Baller, Salvador Lomeli, Ronen Polinovsky, Chris Wiszowaty Finance Stanislav Rodionov, Ola Khomyk, Dave McAndrew Published Reports Will Cain, Erika Wysaski, Alice Gorodetsky SECURE YOUR FUTURE 2
  3. 3. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Coordinators Eric Strathmann Tom Godawski Brenden Dougherty SECURE YOUR FUTURE 3
  4. 4. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Table Of Contents Executive Summary…....................................................................................5 Research …......................................................................................................6 Advertising …................................................................................................18 Campaign Strategy …...................................................................................31 Public Relations….........................................................................................36 Finance…........................................................................................................45 Conclusion……………………………………………………………..…....50 Thank You………………………………………………………………..…51 Appendix A. Post-Research Survey……………………………………………..….…52 B. Research Results………………………...………....….………..…….....55 C. Campaign Advertisements………………………………..….….….......61 D. Main Event Advertisements…………………………………...….….....62 E. Campaign Timeline …………………………………………………......63 F. Main Event Timeline……………………………………………….…....64 G. Internet Site Examples……………………………………………….....65 H. Main Event Layout……………………………………………...……....66 I. Griffin Consulting Backgrounder…………………………………........67 J. FBI Backgrounder…………………………………………………....….68 K. EdVenture Partners Backgrounder……………………………..……..69 L. Media Contact List…………………...........…....….....…………….......70 M. Donations…………………………………………………………......…73 N. Donations Letter………………………………………………...…...….74 O. Thank You Letter…………………………………………...…………..75 P. Department Allocation…………………………………...……………..76 R. Photo Gallery………………………………………….….….………….77 S. Contributors.………………...…….…………....…………..…….……...79 SECURE YOUR FUTURE 4
  5. 5. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Executive Summary Griffin Consulting, a marketing agency consisting of 21students, worked in coordination with EdVenture Partners to create and implement an integrative marketing campaign for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The objectives of this campaign were to increase awareness of the FBI’s career opportunities as well as positively market the FBI as an employer to the diverse student body of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The approach to this campaign was to stimulate interest about the FBI through the use of creative and innovative advertisements, generate exposure through multiple media outlets, and implement promotional events designed to attract the desired target market. The main theme that was chosen for this campaign was “Secure Your Future.” This theme was designed to encourage students to take an interest in the various opportunities offered by the FBI, and to consider the FBI as a potential path to success. The advertising campaign began with print advertisements strategically posted in various high- traffic areas throughout campus. Flyers, banners, internet postings, television and radio spots were used to disseminate information about the FBI and generate buzz about the campaign’s main event, “Follow Your Intuition.” This event was the culmination of the entire campaign, attracting over 500 people. In order to ensure the success of this campaign, the 21 members of Griffin Consulting were divided into six departments, each assigned individual tasks. The Research Department conducted pre-campaign surveys in order to better understand the target market and post surveys to evaluate the overall success of the campaign. The Advertising Department designed all creative marketing materials used throughout the campaign. Campaign Strategy was responsible for the logistics of the entire campaign including the main event. Published Reports created templates for all booklets and slideshows. The Public Relations Department focus was on creating and distributing media kits and coordinating with representatives of local media outlets to generate exposure and subsequently attendance at our event. The Finance Department handled all budgeting for the campaign, ensuring a maximum return on investment (ROI) of 2,236%. Overall, this campaign was an astounding success with 350 CRF submitted. Key benchmarks were established at the beginning and reinforced throughout the campaign. The numbers of impressions generated throughout the campaign were nearly 1,000,000 which included an appearance on NBC Morning News Show, WGN Radio, and The Loop 97.9. The Advertising Department created 20 print advertisements, which were approved by the client. Our post campaign research demonstrated an over 50% increase in career consideration of the FBI. Multiple media vehicles were utilized to generate buzz and create awareness of the agency and the opportunities within the FBI. Griffin Consulting is confident that the material contained within the booklet will be helpful to the FBI for years to come. SECURE YOUR FUTURE 5
  6. 6. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Research Perry Li Chris Schremser Jialiang Wei SECURE YOUR FUTURE 6
  7. 7. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Research Objectives The objectives for the Research Department were to analyze the target market, and determine their awareness of the opportunities that the FBI offers by conducting primary research through the utilization of pre and post surveys. The research section also identified: key features and benefits sought by the target market, demographic profiles, and overall perceptions of the FBI. The research results were analyzed and interpreted to assist in the design of a marketing campaign that satisfied the objectives set forth by the FBI. The Griffin Consulting Research Department utilized the student populations at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in order to create a campaign which best exemplified our research data. Target Market The target market is composed of two integral sections: 1. Primary focus on diverse target market among the UIC Campus including: African- American, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, Pacific Islander, and women and/or on students with critical language skills. 2. Secondary focus on UIC alumni and working professionals. Agents must be between the ages of 23 and 36 upon appointment. In addition to the preceding criteria, Special Agent critical skill areas include: experience or a degree in Accounting/Finance, Computer Science/Information Technology, Engineering/Architecture, Foreign Language Proficiency, Intelligence Experience (International Studies, International Finance, and Area Studies), Law Experience, Law Enforcement or Investigative Experience, Military Experience, and Physical Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Math, Nursing). The FBI is also reaching out to students who might be interested in working in Professional Staff positions or being an FBI Honors Intern. Critical languages needed for the Special Agent position are: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Pashtu, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. A list of languages for Professional Staff positions can be found at www.fbijobs.gov. SECURE YOUR FUTURE 7
  8. 8. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Research Strategy The majority of all participants were Junior/Senior undergraduates and graduate students between the ages of 21-24. In order to assure that the data was consistent and precise, the pre and post-surveys were distributed to the same classes. The classes that were selected included: • Business • Political Science • Foreign Language • Information Technology • Criminal Justice • Liberal Arts & Sciences Pre-selected classrooms and lecture centers were chosen in the University of Illinois at Chicago for the survey sample. By utilizing these areas for the research, we were able to gather a large amount of surveys that helped us effectively and efficiently gather relevant market data. After the survey results were analyzed, all the information was distributed to all the different departments of Griffin Consulting in order to use these findings as the basis to a successful campaign. Pre-Campaign Findings After distributing, tabulating and analyzing over 400 surveys of which 330 were useful, the FBI Research Team was able to discuss valuable information derived from the vast amount of responses. As discussed in our objectives, our purpose was to focus on respondents of diverse backgrounds aged 23-36 at the UIC East Campus. The surveys were distributed only in pre- selected classrooms, which represented the target market. We were able to verify that 55% of our respondents were of an ethic background being sought from the FBI. Of these 182 respondents, 17% were Hispanic, 22% were Asian, 8% were African-American, 6% were classified as other, and 2% were Pacific Islander. The respondents were mainly between the ages 17-24 or 86.6% of the survey participants, which represents the younger portion of the target market’s age (23 to 24). Of the 13.4%, which were 25 and older, they account for such a small percentage of the sample size since the number of graduate level classes and alumni presence on campus is small. In regards to gender, and 56% of the respondents were female. The survey consisted of twenty-two questions, nine of which are FBI-related or FBI-awareness questions, five are demographic questions, four of which are related to education, three of which are related to lifestyles, and one question focused on employment status. In order to ensure reliability and validity within our research, the same targeted samples were utilized for both the pre and post surveys. SECURE YOUR FUTURE 8
  9. 9. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Rese earch Pre-C Campaig Findin gn ngs Field of Stu udy 14% 10% % 30% 4% 4% 3% 13% % 3% 5% 14% Accounting/F Fin Internationa Stu Mgmt Mkt Sciences Econ Foreign Language Engineering Military Exp Other • Of the resppondents sur rveyed, 70% of them fi the criteri that the FBI is inter % it ia F rested in for its new applicants. Of that 70% the top th Fields o Study tha were the m w %, hree of at most predomina in terms o their pres ant of sence in this sample are Sciences (w which includ de Biology, CChemistry, MMath, and Nuursing) at 14 Accoun 4%, nting and Fin nance at 14% and %, Engineerin at 13%. ng Edu ucation Level 13% 1 Un ndergrad Po ost Graduate e  84% De egree Pr rofessional  De egree • In terms of age level o education, the most fr f of , requent response was the undergrad duate level. Due to issues w reaching the graduat level clas (limited selection of classes, e with g te sses d f professor r refusal, & sc cheduling co onflicts) only 16% of the responden have an e y e nts education level above undergrad e duate. SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 9
  10. 10. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Rese earch Foreign Lang guages 100 80 60 40 20 0 • 182 (555%) of the r respondent indicated that they speak multip languag other ts ple ges than Ennglish. Of th group of respondent the top th languag spoken f hat f ts, hree ges fluently other th English include: Sp han panish (44.5% Chinese (17.5%), an Polish (11.5%). %), e nd In addiition to this i information we also dis n scovered tha currently only 24% of the at o f respond dents are ennrolled in a f foreign languuage class th semester his r. Ethnic Backg ground 6% 2% 8% Caucasian n Hispanic 45% Asian 22% African Am merican 17% Other Pacific Isla ander • The larrgest ethnic group at UIC is Caucassian, howeve the combi er ination of all the other e ethnic backgrounds at U is greater than the to Caucasia populatio Of UIC r otal an on. those e ethnicities, th most pre he evalent are A Asian (22% Hispanic (17%), an %), c nd African American (8%). n SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 10
  11. 11. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Rese earch Mode o of Transp portatio on 4% % 5% 9% Cta a 35% Meetra 16% Perrsonal Live e Near Campus 20% 2 11% Othher Bic cycle UICC Shuttle Bus • Of the seven mode of transpo es ortation mea asured in our surveys, th top three m r he most commo only taken a are: CTA (35%), Person Car (20% Lived Ne Campus/ nal %), ear /Walk (16%). • There a different modes of tr are t ransportatio on how t students go to school. ons the Majority of 35% st tudent take t Chicago Transit Aut the o thority (CTA and 20% of the A) student drive them ts mselves, 16% of the stud % dents live ne campus, where one c just ear can walk to class. o IMP PORTANT FACTO ORS WHEN CHO OOSING A A JOB 400 330 300 23 39 234 191 200 64 4 61 61 100 25 20 5 13 5 0 • The top th hree most im mportant fa actors for ou respondents when choosing a j ur c job were: Sala (100%), Health Ca Benefits (72.5%), & Job Secur (71%). ary , are s rity • When stud are seek dent king for a ca areer, there a some imp are portant facto to be aware of. ors Some facto listed: sa ors alary, healthcare, job sec curity, advanncement in position, tra p aining, retirement plan, etc, 10 00% of the students ag greed that ttheir salary is the mostt important factor. Mo consider the benefi that will be provide with a 72 t ost r its ed 2.5% for the health care and 7 h 71% for the job securit ty. SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 11
  12. 12. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Rese earch Have You H u Ever Heard of www.fb bijobs.go ov? 38% Yes 62% No • www.fbijoobs.gov is a w website for t those who a interested in being a part of the F and are d FBI information on how to apply. How n o wever, 62% of students have neve heard of FBI % er website. F those wh have hear of www.f For ho rd fbijobs.gov, only 29.6% of the stud % dents have actua visited the website ally e. Have Y You Ever r Spokenn With a an FBI  Re ecruiter? ? 7% Yes No 93% • There are ttimes where an opportun to speak with a FBI recruiter is available. Thus, e nity k I s 93% of stu udents have never spok with a F recruit e ken FBI ter. For tho who have spoken ose e to one, they thought th FBI recru y he uiter was info ormative and profession The FB should d nal. BI consider haaving more recruiters av vailable for the students to be more educated on what s n the FBI has in store for them. SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 12
  13. 13. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Rese earch Have You Eve er Consid dered a Career  with the F FBI? 40% Ye es 60% No N • The FBI is a career tha most students would n consider only 40% of the UIC s at not r; % C students hhave conside ered a job w the FB The FBI should be more advanta with BI. m ageous on those w might co who onsider being a part of th force. How does the FBI attract those he e t who are interested and retained the interests a those who age? They should be a d as o y aware of this factor to increase t interests of those wh considere a career with the FBI the s ho ed w I. Age G Group (W When Coonsiderin ng a job b  at the FB a BI) 13‐ ‐17 7% 2% 2 18‐ ‐20 22% 41% % 21‐ ‐24 25‐ ‐28 28% % 29‐ ‐32 33‐ ‐36 • There are d different age groups of t e those who h have conside ered FBI as a career with 41% of h the student considered at the age of 13-17 ye old, 28% of ages 18 ts d ears % 8-20 years ol and ld, 22% of age 21-24. Therefore, ma es ajority of th students contemplated about joini he d ing during thei time in hig school an ir gh nd/or college Since the target ma e. e arket group is between th ages of 2 he 23-36 years old, it woul be advan ld ntageous for the FBI to retain r o those who were interested at a y younger age e. SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 13
  14. 14. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Rese earch The FBI of ffers a varietty of career opportunit ties  that in nterest me: Strongly ag gree Ag gree Neuutral Disag gree Strongly disag gree Don’t Know 0 50 100 15 50 • The major of the s rity surveyed stuudent body indicates th they are unaware o the hat e of variety of job opportunities prov vided by the FBI. The objective of our mark e o keting campaign is to create and increa awarene through efforts thr e ase ess h roughout ouur consulting group, Gri g iffin Consul lting. Know wledge of career oppor rtunities within the  FBI Strongly a agree A Agree Neeutral Disa agree Strongly disa agree Don’t K Know 0 20 40 0 60 80 10 00 • The major of the s rity surveyed stu udent body indicates th the amo hat ount of knoowledge in regards to FBI car s reer opportu unities is lo From our research we found that ow. h 93% rated themselve from Don Know to Neutral, co d es n’t o oncerning their knowl t ledge of FBI career opportunities. An obbjective of o market our ting campai is to increase ign this knowl ledge throu the effor through ugh rts hout our con nsulting gro oup, Griffin n Consulting g. SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 14
  15. 15. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Rese earch Post- -Campai Findi ign ings Over 4 surveys were distrib 400 buted in the same target market esta ablished in th pre-surve In the he ey. post caampaign sur rvey results, approximat 52% of the respond tely dents were male and 48% female m % and 87 were U.S citizens. T followin statistics illustrate ho Griffin Consulting w 7% S. The ng ow C was successsful in incre easing awareeness and coonsideration within the t target marke of college students et e at the U University o Illinois at Chicago. of Pre-Cam mpaign Pre-Ca ampaign n Have You Eveer  Have  yo ou ever  Spoken With an S n FBI  heard … d of  Rec cruiter? 7% 38% Yes Yes 62% No 93% % No Post-Campaign Post-C Campaig gn Have you eve er  Havee you eveer  heaard of  spoken with ann FBI  www.fb bijobs.goov? rec cruiter? 14% 1 49% % Yes Yes 51% No 86 6% No • Of the students surve eyed 49% a now awa of the F career website, com are are FBI w mpared to 38% pr to the a rior advertising c campaign, a 34% incr rease in awa areness of th he career webbsite. • According to our pre g e-survey res sults, only 7 of the pa 7% articipants claimed to have ever spoke to an FB recruiter; after the F en BI FBI’s adver rtising camppaign, over 14% of the respon ndents had spoken to a recruiter, a 50% incr rease. SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 15
  16. 16. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Rese earch One of the main ob f bjectives of the campaig is to gene f gn erate interes amongst th diverse U st he UIC studen body in co nt onsidering th FBI as a c he career through a variety of advertise y ements. So looking at the q question, “H Have you ev consider a career with the F ver red r FBI?” is a great represen ntation of the success in m meeting the FFBI’s stated goals for th campaign d his n. Pre-Cam mpaign Pre-Ca ampaign Have y you ever  Have you ever b H been  co onsidere ed a car reer  expossed to FB BI  with t the FBI? ? advertis sement((s)? 40% 4 45% 4 Yes Yes 60% 55% No No Post-Ca ampaign Post-C Campaign n Have y you everr  Have yo ou ever bbeen  co onsidere ed a car reer  expossed to F FBI  with t the FBI? ? adverti isementt(s)? 49% 51% Yes Yes 48% 52% No No • About 40% of the stud % dents survey considere a career w the FBI before the yed ed with I advertising campaign. After the c g campaign 51% of the stuudents surve eyed conside ered a career with the FBI an over 50% of the resp h nd % pondents cla aimed that the FBI ma arketing campaign had increa ased their in nterest in ob btaining mor informatio on the FB re on BI. • Griffin Co onsulting achieved a 16 increase in exposur to advert 6% e re tisements concerning the FBI a their ca and areer opport tunities.   SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 16
  17. 17. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Rese earch Summary Upon mmeticulous aanalysis of t post-cam the mpaign surve the rese eys, earch results demonstart that ted Griffin Consulting FBI mar n g’s rketing camp paign has be successf een ful. Our ageency did not only create an appealing and informmative adver rtising camp paign, but al a remark lso kable amoun of nt studen from our target mark attended t main eve over 50 nts ket the ent, 00. More i importantly, Griffin Consulting wa triumphan in raising awareness about career , as nt a r opporttunities and the consider ring the FBI as a career to the target market. According to the final I A results over 69% of the stude that atte s, ents ended our m event cl main laimed to ha a greater interest ave r in the F career o FBI opportunities and over 5 52% had be etter awareness of the FBI’s emplo F oyment opporttunities and would like t obtain mo informat to ore tion. Likewi the 50% increase in the ise, % amoun of students that had sp nt poken to an FBI recruite well portr er rays the victory in raisin FBI ng awaren within t UIC cam ness the mpus. In addiition, our ov verall results portray tha UIC stude are now more inform about a s at ents w med and interes in FBI c sted careers. Grif Consul iffin lting realizes that the FB has many attributes th are BI y hat desirab amongst the collegia market su as salary job securi and heal care bene ble t ate uch y, ity, lth efits but the goa was to have a campai that mad the FBI a great oppor al ign de rtunity caree within the diverse er e target m market. In concclusion, the results from the researc reflect up effort fro a group of students w took m ch pon om o who control of the cammpaign set pr riorities, stru uctured tasks encourage teamwork and in the end s, ed k exceed the desir objective The pre- ded red es. -surveys we the main objective fo the advert ere or tisements and the post-surve results dis e ey splayed the e effectivenes of the cam ss mpaign. The Griffin Co e onsulting researc team was proud to be part of a su ch s e uccessful caampaign and believe that the data pr d t rovided demon nstrates the e efforts of the entire Griff Consult e ffin ting team. W Without a do oubt, the posst-survey results indicate the success of our campaign and we c s e f could not be any more proud to be a part of p such a delightful team. Having a attended this  he advertise Did th ements that t  event, would you noow  you weere exposed d to increasee  consider a career with h the  yourr interest in obtaining  FBI? mor re info abouut the FBI? 31% 48% Yes 52 2% Yes No No 69% SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 17
  18. 18. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Advertising Eric Strathmann Tom Godawski Jose Valles SECURE YOUR FUTURE 18
  19. 19. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Advertising Objectives Griffin Consulting was determined to organize and implement an effective advertising campaign by utilizing a multitude of media vehicles as well as memorable and effective advertisements. Through primary research, the advertisements targeted specific target markets to promote qualified applicants to apply to the different career opportunities within the FBI. Multiple media vehicles such as print ads, social networking sites, press releases, banners, t- shirts, and informational booths were utilized to launch the campaign. The success of the campaign was judged by the post campaign survey results, which indicated an increased likelihood of joining the FBI for its various career and internship opportunities. Main Slogans: “Secure Your Future” Promote job security and career growth through advertisements that convey strong messages about the different FBI careers and internships opportunities. “The FBI - It’s Not Your Average 9-5” Promote the unique career opportunities within the FBI by conveying messages that resonate with the target market. Other Slogans: Each advertisement included one of our two main slogans as the heading and an additional slogan within the image. These slogans include: “Inquire… Aspire… FBI” “Don’t Rely on Chance for a Promising Future … Opportunity Awaits at FBIjobs.gov” “What’s Your Next Move? FBI. Check and Mate.” “Leading You in the Right Direction” “Trapped? We Know the Way Out! Career and Internships Await.” “Where Diversity Meets Opportunity.” “The Time is Now… For the FBI.” “Discover the Job and Internship Opportunities Within the FBI.” “Any Path You Take, We Have the Key” “Open the Door to Career Opportunities. FBI is the Key.” “Reach New Heights With the FBI.” “Don’t Get Boxed in Your Career… Escape With the FBI” “Whatever Your Background, The FBI Needs You.” SECURE YOUR FUTURE 19
  20. 20. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Advertising Two Phase Advertising Campaign Phase 1: Initial advertisements were created that were informative and eye-catching and contained simple messages that were catchy and easy to recall. The general advertisements were designed to promote the different career opportunities including Professional Staff positions and Special Agent positions. Phase 2: In order to generate buzz and create interest in our main event our second phase focused on advertisements that help build excitement for the main event. The poster advertisements and banners were displayed throughout the main traffic areas with the slogan “Follow Your Intuition” to increase the awareness of the main event and the fun filled activities. Print Advertisement Details The Advertising Department initially submitted over 20 advertisements to be approved through the client approval process. Of the 20 submitted advertisements, all were approved by the FBI. Four of these 12 advertisements were chosen to be printed and posted throughout the UIC campus. Eye-catching print advertisements conveyed the benefits and opportunities the FBI offers. Images chosen were diverse in content that tie to our two main slogans, “Secure Your Future”, and “The FBI- It’s Not Your Average 9-5”. General templates were used so that every advertisement created coherence which included event date, time, and location. The FBI logo and fbijobs.gov website were included in every printed advertisement along with our agency name and logo. Other Forms of Advertisements Main Event Promotional Advertisements: Directly aimed towards promoting the main event “Follow Your Intuition.” Banners: Create awareness of the event and the FBI by hanging them where there will be the most amount of traffic. T-Shirts: Worn throughout the entire day of the event by Griffin Consulting members to serve as walking advertisements and create awareness of the event. Postcards: The postcards will be used as a reminder a few days before the main event to join the FBI and the Griffin Consulting for an informative and fun-filled event at the Inner Circle. Social Networking Sites: Use of Facebook website to reach a large audience and promote the event date, time, and location. Mass Text Messaging: Use a text messaging service to promote the main event and encourage the target market to participate in the main event’s activities. SECURE YOUR FUTURE 20
  21. 21. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Adv vertising g Secu Your Future ure • Salar Health, Job Securit importan ry, ty nt • Top three main factors wh choosin a job n hen ng • The F has a st FBI trong found dation for jo security ob IM MPORTA ANT FAC CTORS W WHEN  CHO OOSINGG A JOB 330 350 300 239 2 234 250 191 200 150 64 61 61 100 25 20 0 5 13 5 50 0 • Many possibilities in the FBI • FBI is not a typical office job • Opportun to trave and see th world nity el he • Advertisem ments focus on job sec s curity • Majority o target ma of arket surve eyed had undergrad education level d n SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 21
  22. 22. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Adv vertising g The FBI- It’s Not Your Avera 9-5 s age • 45% of studen surveyed were Cau % nts d ucasian, 17% Hispanic, 22% Asian 8% % n, Afrrican-Amer rican • 44.5% of stud dents survey speak Spanish yed • Divversity driv advertis ven sements cat the targ markets’ attention faster tch get • Utiilizing adve ertisements targeting d different eth hnicities hel target m lps market find the FBI a more incl d as lusive Ethn nic Back kground Fo oreign La anguage es Caucasian n 100 6% 2% % 8% Hispanic 80 60 45% Asian 40 22% African A American 20 0 17% Other Pacific Islander SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 22
  23. 23. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Adv vertising g The FBI- It’s Not Your Avera 9-5 s age • Focus on E Engineering ,Sciences, Accounting/Finance, and Foreign Language which g , e account fo 45% of th or hose survey yed • 96.5% of s students sur rveyed indi icated that e email is the most effective way of being e f informed Field of S F Study 14% % 30% % 10% 4% 13% 14% 3% 4% 3% 5% Accountingg/Fin Internationa a Stu Mgmt M Mkt Sciences S Ec con Foreign Lan nguage Engineering E Military Exp M SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 23
  24. 24. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Adv vertising g The FBI- It’s Not Your Avera 9-5 s age Have Yo ou Ever Heard  • Only 38% had heard of www.fb % fbijobs.gov of wwww.fbijobs.gov? • Only 29.6 of them actually vi 6% m isited the si ite 49% • Post-surv research indicated an increase to 51% vey h d 51% Yes Y No N • This is a 34% incre ease of webs awareness site • Visitation increased to 37%, a 23% increase n d SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 24
  25. 25. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Adv vertising g Secu Your Future ure Have e You Ev ver Cons sidered  a C Career w with the e FBI? • Only 40 conside 0% ered a FBI c career Yes Y • Pre- su urvey resear indicate rch ed 49% 51% % No N • 51% ha consider a FBI ca ad red areer • Post-su urvey resea arch indicat ted SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 25
  26. 26. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Adv vertising g Media Mix Griffin Consulting used sever different media outle to gain exposure and create awa n g ral t ets d areness of the FB advertising campaign in the UIC campus. Mu BI ultiple prom motional tech hniques were e implemmented in or rder to receiv maximum exposure. The differe types of media includ ve m ent m ded posters banners, t-shirts, flyer social net s, rs, tworking sit mass e-m messag and loca TV and tes, mail ges, al radio s stations. Posters: 40 P Flyers: 5 F 500 Banners: 1 B T-Shirts: 27 T Poste ers Out of the 12 appr f roved adverttisements, fo were cho our osen to be printed and posted throug p ghout the UIC ca ampus. A to of forty p otal posters, 10 f from the cho osen four, w printed and displaye The were ed. sizes o the posters were 11 x 17 inches, m of making them large enou for easy view. They were m ugh y strateg gically positi ioned to rece maximu exposure. The high- eive um -quality ima ages and professional design allowed the to stand out from typ n em pical campu posters. T posters generated e us The g extensive aware eness with oover 580, 000 impressio during o 7 day campaign pe ons our eriod. SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 26
  27. 27. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Adv vertising g Locat tion The chhosen advert tisements to be posted aaround camp were stra pus ategically pl laced in high traffic h areas. They were p posted in the high traffic areas to ge e c enerate awar reness and excitement o our e of main eevent “Follo Your Int ow tuition”. Flyer rs buted across campus we 500 flyer 8 ½ x 11 inches. These flyers we intended to create Distrib ere rs, ere awaren of our m event. The flyers included main event info ness main ormation suc as time, l ch location, activiti prizes, a guests a the event. ies, and at SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 27
  28. 28. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Adv vertising g Bann ner A sing sided; 3 x 13 foot ban gle nner was hu on camp in the Qu which is a high-traf area. ung pus uad s ffic The baanner was in ntended to in ncrease the n number of im mpressions a about our main event as well to m s promo FBI caree opportuni ote er ities. Due to its large siz and sophi ze isticated design and layo we out, were a to reach our target m able h market and i increase awa areness of ou main eve The bann was ur ent. ner able to obtain ove 2000 imp o er pressions. T-Shi irts In orde to achieve more awar er e reness of our main even specially d r nt, designed T- -Shirts were worn by all team members throughout the week an on the day of the mai event. The front of th shirt m nd y in he had the FBI logo a e along with th word FBI on top and the back side listed the information about he I d e n our ma event. As walking bi ain illboards we were able t generate i e to interest and create buzz about the ma event. Ou agency’s 21 team me ain ur embers were “ walking billboards” e ”. SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 28
  29. 29. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Advertisement Placement Details The chosen advertisements that were printed were strategically placed in high traffic areas throughout campus. In collaboration with the #of Posters Impressions Impressions Research Department, we Location per 30min per day posted our advertisements in BSB Entrance 2 210 3360 the lecture halls where BSB Cafeteria 2 110 1760 research was conducted. Burnham Hall Entrance 1 65 1040 These locations include: CCC Bulletin1 1 190 3040 CCC Entrance 3 400 6400 Classroom Halls Inner Circle 2 350 5600 • Ensure at least 1 exposure Lecture Center A North 1 85 1360 to every UIC student Lecture Center A South 1 100 1600 • Maintain momentum on Lecture Center A East 1 75 1200 small scale Lecture Center A West 1 83 1328 • Target halls which are Lecture Center B1 1 103 1648 occupied by language Lecture Center B2 1 115 1840 based, diverse candidates Lecture Center C North 1 195 3120 Lecture Center C South 1 180 2880 Cafeteria/Meeting Rooms Lecture Center C East 1 215 3440 Lecture Center C West 1 200 3200 • High traffic area Lecture Center D North 1 150 2400 • Social environments Lecture Center D South 1 110 1760 • Repeated exposure Lecture Center D East 1 115 1840 • Evokes word of mouth Lecture Center D West 1 135 2160 Lecture Centers Lecture Center E1 1 96 1536 Lecture Center E2 1 65 1040 • Large glass windows for Lecture Center F North 1 78 1248 high visibility Lecture Center F South 1 83 1328 • Center of campus Lecture Center F East 1 92 1472 • Large classrooms have Lecture Center F West 1 93 1488 higher exposure Stevenson Hall 1 83 1328 percentages East Campus Dorms 1 250 4000 University Hall 2 300 4800 Quad UIC Library Front Desk 1 115 1840 Quad 2 786 12580 • Highest traffic are at UIC • Social environment Montgomery Ward 2 31 500 Lounge • Leads to information Total 40 5,258 584,052 booth Total impressions of on-campus campaign: 584,052 SECURE YOUR FUTURE 29
  30. 30. FBI C CAMPAI IGN BRIE EF Adv vertising g Summary Griffin Consultan were able to create o n nts e over 584,052 impression through a tactical and 2 ns d innovaative campai and effec ign ctive executtion. A detai schedule of placing select iled g advertiisements in specific locations assist in succes ted ting consciousness and ssfully creat awaren for the main event. The adverti ness ising campa aign required the determ d mination of th entire he agency as well as t staff and faculty thr y the d roughout the university. Fiscal respo e onsibility wa as maintaained by util lizing contac and netw cts working skill and to maximize expo ls osure. The results of the p post-survey validate the success wi not only a shift in perception but in y e ith t considderation and image of the organizati as well. T diverse demograph grasped the ion The hics advertiising campaaign, absorbe the messa ed ages and the esponded in an impressiv emes, and re ve fashion Griffin C n. Consultants’ campaign a appealed to t diverse s the student body and the un y nique and creativ advertisem ve ments solidified the cam mpaign in the minds of th target audience. e he Have e You Beeen Exposeed to  Did d the Addvertisements  the FBI Ad t dvertisign  Inc crease Yo our Inte erest in  Cam mpaing "Secure Y Your  the FBI? Fu uture" onn Campus? 44% Yes 48% 52% Yes Y 56% No No N The obbjectives of t campaig were to in the gn ncrease awar reness of the FBI career opportuniti and to e r ies create a positive im mage of the FBI on the diverse cam mpus of UIC. This was accomplished with . a d nearly a 100% inc crease in th hose exposed to the FBI campaign on-campus and a 100% d I s increa in the nu ase umber of students who have spok to a recr o ken ruiter. The results indic r cated that over 550% of those surveyed h been exp e had posed to the FBI Adver e rtising Camp paign and ov 50% ver of thos increased their interes in the FBI se d st I. SECURE YOUR FUTUR E R RE 30
  31. 31. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Campaign Strategy Maja Markovic Aishah Chaudhry Patricia Ruhnke Beena Patel SECURE YOUR FUTURE 31
  32. 32. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Campaign Strategy Objectives Griffin Consulting of the Campaign Strategy Department were to plan and implement a creative campaign that evoked interest and awareness among the diverse student-base. Our initial focus was to expose the campus to a variety of media tools with a consistent message aimed at attracting students to our main event, “Follow Your Intuition.” (See Appendix for Campaign Timeline) The next phase, after creating awareness of the event, was to organize the resources of the agency and it members to generate an exciting, yet effective main event. As a result, the event produced positive post-survey research results and accomplished the objectives of the FBI. The campaign altered perceptions, increased awareness of opportunities, increased website usage, and generated over 1,000,000 impressions with an ROI of 2,236%. Campaign Support: The following are the descriptions of how our team created awareness of our campaign. Informational Booths: Booths were set up near the bookstore three days leading up to and including the day of the event. Using the information booths, flyers, brochures, and other promotional items were handed out that contained information about the FBI and promoted the main event. Inner Circle Projectors: Two projectors were set up in the Inner Circle. One projector had a slideshow of all advertisements created by Griffin Consulting. The other projector had a slideshow of our Campaign Brief. Internet Advertising: This includes three forms of e-advertising. • Mass email: Emails were distributed with information regarding the FBI’s career and internship opportunities and the main event. In order to increase student participation, the focus was on free food, games, and prizes that were to be given away at the event. Emails were sent out via CBA listserv as well as mass emails, which were sent to classmates through the Blackboard system, which gave 50,000 impressions. • Facebook: An event and group were created on one of the most popular networking websites for college students, “Facebook.com,” to reach a wide range of students. The event invitation provided information about the FBI, promoted the event, and created awareness using this effective tool. (See Appendix for the Internet Site Examples) • MySpace: An FBI profile was created on “MySpace.com” which had the ability to reach and inform millions of people. (See Appendix for the Internet Site Examples) SECURE YOUR FUTURE 32
  33. 33. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Campaign Strategy Media Advertising: Three forms of media advertising were utilized during the promotion of the campaign. • NBC Channel 5 News: Informative posters were created to promote the FBI and our main event and were exposed to thousands of people on April 2, 2009 on NBC Morning News, which generated 250,000 impressions. • WGN Radio: Announcements were made on the radio about free food, games, and career information with the FBI. This generated 20,000 impressions. • Loop 97.9 Radio: Announcements were made throughout the day at one of the most popular radio stations in Chicago allowing continuous exposure of our campaign to the Chicago land area, resulting in over 50,000 impressions. Other Locations: Miscellaneous places where info was brought to our students about our main event. Banner: A banner was hung in Student Circle East (SCE) from March 30th to April 2nd promoting the main event and its prizes. Poster Ads in Lecture Centers: In the SCE, SES, BSB buildings, poster ads were hung on the bulletin boards raising awareness of the main event taking place in the Inner Circle. Poster Ads in SCE: Posters were hung in the most visited building that exposed a big group of people to our event. Posters at the Main Event: Additional posters were hung at our main event emphasizing giveaways, games, food, and music to our students. Flyers: These were placed on tables and handed out to students informing them of the main event and the FBI. Top Secret Envelopes: These envelopes contained information about the internship and job opportunities within the FBI. They were sealed and stamped with “DO NOT OPEN” instructing students not to open the envelope until they were in front of a Griffin Consulting representative at our main event. When opened, it provided information about FBI internship and career opportunities along with the appropriate website address. T-Shirts: All members of our team were given FBI t-shirts that included the FBI symbol, and information about the main event to wear around campus three days prior to the event as well as the day of the event to generate 1,000 impressions. SECURE YOUR FUTURE 33
  34. 34. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Campaign Strategy Main Event “Follow Your Intuition” April 2, 2009 Student Center East Inner Circle 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Event Activities: The Inner Circle was divided into different activity sections aimed at promoting career opportunities within the FBI. The separate areas were set up to test strength, physical abilities, and knowledge. There were also free food, drinks, and giveaways. Information booths aimed towards promoting career opportunities within the FBI were present as well. • FBI Career Information: An information table was set up at the main event with information regarding internships and career opportunities. FBI agents with first hand experience were the main focus at this table and were able to answer any questions or concerns one may have had about the FBI. • Who Wants to Be an FBI Agent?: This game was the main attraction at the event. A contestant was given the opportunity to play this spin-off of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” The contestants would receive a prize depending on how many questions they answered correctly. The contestant that answered all ten questions correctly received a Nintendo Wii game. • Most Wanted Game: This game allowed participants to test their investigation skills by locating the ten team members whose sketched faces were posted at the game location. Participants that acquired all ten signatures were awarded a prize. • Foreign Language Game: Participants attempted to match the phrase with the correct language it was written in. Those who are successful won a prize. • Geography Game: A matching game where participants matched the country with its capital or leader. Winners received a prize. • Physical Fitness Test: Strength tests were held consisting of sit-ups, push-ups, and arm wrestling. The strongest competitor received a prize. • Sumo-Wrestling: Participants wrestled their components to claim championship and compete for a prize. SECURE YOUR FUTURE 34
  35. 35. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Campaign Strategy Main Event • Giveaways: A prize was raffled off every 30 minutes for students participating in the event. Raffle tickets were obtained when participants filled out Campaign Response Forms in order to receive free pizza. • DJ: More entertainment was provided by a DJ playing popular music to attract a bigger crowd to the event. • Free Food and Beverages: To effectively draw students in, free pizza and drinks were provided for those who attended the event to attract more students within the Inner Circle. Summary After weeks of preparation and idea generating, Griffin Consulting implemented a creative campaign which successfully promoted the FBI. Prior to the main event, students were exposed through posters, flyers, and other print based advertisements. Our campaign was also presented on local television and radio outlets. To further expose the campaign, online resources were utilized. Griffin Consulting actively promoted the FBI and our event, “Follow Your Intuition” around campus on the days leading up to the main event. All the team members took an active role during the much-anticipated event, making sure everything went accordingly. The team was satisfied with the outcome and success of the campaign. The objectives were exceeded resulting in over 350 completed CRF forms. The marketing campaign created an excellent perception on increased awareness of the FBI. Griffin Consulting’s efforts paid off with a total audience exceeding 500 attendees. Number of Impressions       Massmail  50000 Facebook/MySpace  2860 NBC Morning News  250000 WGN 720 Radio Station  20000 97.9 The Loop  50000 T‐Shirts  1000 Advertising  584052 Info Booths  2500 Banner  2000       Total Impressions  962412 SECURE YOUR FUTURE 35
  36. 36. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Public Relations Ronen Polinovsky Laura Baller Salvador Lomeli Chris Wiszowaty SECURE YOUR FUTURE 36
  37. 37. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Public Relations Objectives The objectives of the Public Relations Department were to generate interest and increase awareness about the FBI Internship Program and career opportunities and maximize exposure for our marketing campaign through a variety of media outlets. By utilizing local media outlets, Griffin Consulting sought to generate awareness about our main event and our campaign as a whole. Our agency gained media exposure through several press releases and detailed media kits designed to inform the media of the exceptional Internship Program and career opportunities available at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Press Releases Press releases are the first point of contact between any marketing company and the outside press. The Public Relations team wrote total of three press releases and they were sent to 130 media contacts, including newspapers and T.V. news stations. • Press Release I “FBI AND UIC REVEAL CAREER POTENTIAL!” The first press release introduced the media to Griffin Consulting and their partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This included information about the FBI Collegiate Marketing and Recruitment Program and also about our unique course and its opportunities. Press Release I was distributed to several media outlets such as UIC Radio, Chicago Flame Newspaper, and the UIC News. • Press Release II “FBI AND GRIFFIN CONSULTING JOIN EFFORTS FOR ‘FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION’” The second release focused on gaining media attention for our main event, “Follow Your Intuition.” It informed the media of the date, time, and location of our event and also included information about the activities planned. This was distributed to many media outlets including the ABC 7, WGN TV, CLTV and the NBC Morning News show. (See Appendix L for Media Contact List) • Press Release III “GRIFFIN CONSULTING SOARS!” The final press release covered the entire FBI campaign and detailed the success of Griffin Consulting was able to obtain through media publication, advertisements, and on campus marketing events. The results reflected over 1,000,000 impressions and over 500 attendees at our main event. All three press releases were also posted on two social networking sites (MySpace and Facebook), and many student organizations. Not only was the student population exposed to the press releases, but anyone who watched the news on TV, listened to the radio, or used common social-networking sites was urged to visit the FBI website and “Follow Your Intuition.” SECURE YOUR FUTURE 37
  38. 38. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Public Relations -FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- CONTACT: ALTERNATIVE CONTACT Laura Baller Lawrence Swayne Public Relations Coordinator Program Facilitator Griffin Consulting EdVenture Partners University of Illinois at Chicago Consulting Agency (630) 945-5587 (704) 688-7099 Lballe4@uic.edu Swayne@edventurepartners.com FBI AND UIC REVEAL CAREER POTENTIAL! Internship with EdVenture Partners develops students’ hands-on marketing experience Chicago, IL – February 19, 2009 - This spring 2009 semester, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is seeking to team up with students at the University of Illinois at Chicago campus. Students in Professor David Koehler's Advertising and Sales Promotion class formed Griffin Consulting, a marketing agency, to participate in a semester-long internship program with the FBI. As part of the FBI Collegiate Marketing and Recruitment Program, students will have the chance to develop and execute their own marketing campaign to promote internship and career opportunities with the FBI to qualified candidates. The University of Illinois at Chicago is one of only six schools nationally participating in the program. During the semester, students will create a working marketing agency to research, develop, implement, and evaluate a campaign. Students will receive a $2,500 budget to bring their campaign plans to life. The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness and consideration of FBI career opportunities, both the Special Agent and Professional Staff positions. The campaign is specifically targeted towards students possessing critical skills including: accounting/finance, engineering, computer science/information technology, physical sciences and math, intelligence experience, law experience, law enforcement or investigative experience, military experience, and fluency in a foreign language. Critical languages for the Special Agent position include Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Pashtu, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. A more complete list of languages needed for Linguist positions can be found at www.fbijobs.gov. By partnering with universities, the FBI is able to collaborate with students who develop creative strategies to effectively reach their peers. The FBI Collegiate Marketing and Recruitment Program is designed to bridge the gap between industry and education, providing students with valuable, hands-on experience. The program is coordinated by EdVenture Partners, an education-marketing agency that designs unique industry-education partnerships at campuses around the United States. EdVenture Partners, in conjunction with the FBI, provides each student agency with the resources and guidance necessary to design and implement their marketing campaign. Watch for more information about the FBI Collegiate Marketing and Recruitment Program at UIC throughout the spring 2009 semester. For more information, please contact Laura Baller at (630) 945-5587 or lballe4@uic.edu. SECURE YOUR FUTURE 38
  39. 39. FBI CAMPAIGN BRIEF Public Relations -FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- CONTACT: ALTERNATIVE CONTACT Laura Baller Lawrence Swayne Public Relations Coordinator Program Facilitator Griffin Consulting EdVenture Partners University of Illinois at Chicago Consulting Agency (630) 945-5587 (704) 688-7099 Lballe4@uic.edu Swayne@edventurepartners.com FBI AND GRIFFIN CONSULTING “FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION” UIC Chicago Students Bring Your Future with FBI Straight into Your Neighborhood. Chicago, IL – March 5, 2009 - Students at University of Illinois at Chicago have launched a marketing campaign to let their peers know they are wanted by the FBI. On Thursday, April 2, 2009, Griffin Consultants students will host a campus event to increase awareness and consideration of FBI career opportunities. “Follow Your Intuition” will feature a live DJ, gift cards to local businesses, and amazing raffle prizes. The event will be held at the University of Illinois at Chicago Inner Circle located in Student Center East during the hours of 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Students who attend the event will learn about the amazing job opportunities available within the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Follow Your Intuition event is the culmination of a semester-long program Griffin Consultants students have been participating in. The project, known as the FBI Collegiate Marketing and Recruitment Program, is designed to give students a unique, real-world business experience creating a marketing campaign for a national client. At the beginning of the semester, students were challenged to create a marketing campaign that would increase awareness and consideration of FBI career opportunities among their target market. These career opportunities include both the Special Agent and Professional Staff positions within the organization. Critical skills the FBI needs include: accounting/finance, engineering, computer science/information technology, physical sciences and math, intelligence experience, law experience, law enforcement or investigative experience, military experience, and fluency in a foreign language. However, the event is not the end of the road for the students at University of Illinois at Chicago. A post- campaign evaluation is necessary to evaluate the success of the campaign and determine the effect their event had on campus. Students will present their post-campaign research results to representatives from the FBI at the end of the semester. The FBI Collegiate Marketing and Recruitment Program is designed to bridge the gap between industry and education, providing students with valuable, hands-on experience. The program is coordinated by EdVenture Partners, an education-marketing agency that designs industry-education partnerships at campuses in the U.S. For more information regarding the FBI Collegiate Marketing and Recruitment Program, please contact Laura Baller at 630-945-5587 or by e-mail at lballe4@uic.edu. SECURE YOUR FUTURE 39