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Go Global: 7 steps to integrating digital & social for a live event


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Have you wondered how to integrate your digital web properties and assets with your social media program to support a live event? Take a look at this case study from DuPont on the launch of the Global Food Security Index.

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Go Global: 7 steps to integrating digital & social for a live event

  1. 1. 1 @heatherread @kirstenmucha PRSA Digital Impact Conference June 27, 2013
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Watch the VIDEO
  4. 4. 7
  5. 5. 7 Steps to Integrating Digital & Social 1. Listen 2. Plan 3. Investigate 4. Promote 9 5. Just do it! 6. Amplify 7. Measure
  6. 6. Step 1: Listen Key questions to ask: What are your goals? Who am I trying to reach? How can I find these people? What am I trying to find out? What data can I use to measure? 10
  7. 7. Food Security Conversation about DuPont 12
  8. 8. Step 2: Plan Key questions to ask: What people do I need on my team? What is my high-level content plan? What channels and tools will I use? What’s my Plan B (and Plan C or D)? 13
  9. 9. Assemble Your Team Typical Roles: • Project manager • Content gatherer/developer/manager • Lead communicator • Lead listener • Lead responder • Photo-journalist (and support?) • Videographer/editor • Analyst • Lots of friends along the way! 14
  10. 10. Main Roles for Live Tweeting streaming events On-site team: • Point person sends photos & quotes to home team Home-base “virtual” team: • Publish quotes, photos & live remarks • Watch “influencers” stream and/or hashtag for RT ops and responses needed • Process thank yous for RTs/mentions Monitoring: Watches monitoring system for known issues or new “influencers” (eg: hashtag hijacking) 15
  11. 11. Corporate – Global - @DuPont_News - YouTube - DuPont Facebook Country Channels - @DuPontAfrica - @DuPontAusNews - (new) Digital ads Primary channels Secondary channels Other DuPont Channels - @Dupont_ability - @DuPontPioneer - @DuPontPackaging - Pioneer Facebook EngagementOur “hub” Digital ads Stakeholders, influencers and public share messages and engage. Awareness Awareness Get organized! 16
  12. 12. Bad weather New speakers No Wi-Fi Sick team member Highjacked hashtag No power Negative comments Local or world issues Technical difficulties A “surge” Don’t let this happen to you! 17
  13. 13. Issues planning • Use social media monitoring to understand potential issues & identify activists • Do scenario planning to prepare responses • Develop an escalation process • Use your SMMS to route & assign posts for quick action 18
  14. 14. Step 3: Investigate Key questions to ask: What is our story? What content will we have? Where will the event take place? Who will speak and participate? What questions will they have? 19
  15. 15. Assets Lead up Launch Beyond The Index x x e-invitations x Livestream (4) x Speeches (quotes adapted for social) x x Existing food security videos (13) x x x FSI panel video x x FSI walk-thru video x x Highlight video(s) x Event photos x x Storify x Social media “cheat sheet” x x x News release x Briefing book x x x Ads x x Blog articles (12+) x x x Amplifying news from event x x 20 Take inventory
  16. 16. Step 4: Promote Key questions to ask: When do I start? How do I reach people? Who are my influencers? Should I engage them beforehand? What hashtag(s) should I use? 21
  17. 17. Describe event How to participate How to share and join conversation Give them something to say! Who else will be involved Where to find more info Social Media “Cheat Sheet” 24
  18. 18. Step 5: Just Do It No time for questions – just action! Make people feel like they are there. Listen to what they say. Be responsive. Say “thanks” as often as you can. 25
  19. 19. 26 Social Media Command Center Social media command center during Food Security Forum (Feb. 2012). Heather is hidden behind Ed's monitor. Laura (not pictured) skypes in from Johnston, Iowa. Tara e-mails photos from Washington, D.C., Kristie from Brazil.
  20. 20. x Insert KM posts slide 27
  21. 21. Livestream 28
  22. 22. Step 6: Amplify Continue the momentum: Generate recap posts & assets Share across regional and other business channels Generate interesting infographics to spark further discussion 29
  23. 23. x 30
  24. 24. Continue to amplify with graphics & video 31
  25. 25. Step 7: Measure Key questions to ask: What impact do I want to make on the conversation? Where will we drive online traffic? How will I measure their actions? How can I measure audience reach? 32
  26. 26. More than 320 outlets covered the launch worldwide 500+ influencers and 66 media members attended first five launch events. 120,000+ visitors to Global Food Security Index page More than 186.1 million earned media impressions worldwide People from 58 countries watched the livestream. Results 33
  27. 27. * For period of July 9-18 Results * Unique visitors to The impact of Digital Ads Overall Results* • 17,747,029 impressions • 19,850 clicks • 0.11% click-through rate 35
  28. 28. Global accolades for our 2012 Food Security Campaign… 36 WINNER “Best Education Campaign” 1st RUNNER UP: “Global Campaign of the Year” WINNER “Best of Silver Anvils” “Global Communications” “Reputation/Brand Mgt”
  29. 29. Follow us @ DuPont_news or on Facebook 37