Sunderland Local Heritage


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Sunderland Local Heritage

  1. 1. Representatives: Daniel Spedding, Natalie Blyth and Ryan Parry Comenius Project Acdemy 360
  2. 2. SunderlandUntied Kingdom! Sunderland is known for its excellent beaches.
  3. 3. Our School
  4. 4. We are able to choose from a wide range ofsubjects ever y thing fromper forming ar ts to spor t , ar t and design to health and beaut y.
  5. 5. Our school day...We are an academy therefore we have different start times for different year groups.Reception to Year Four: 9.00-3.00Year Five to Year Eight: 8.55-3.00Year Nine To Eleven: 9.15- 3.15 However, after school clubs run after this time such as: Dance, Windband, Rock Band, The Eco Squad and a wide range of sport clubs.
  6. 6. Our Timetable...The initials are lessons ex. SCI The letters shown are roomis science and CM is Creative numbers: S1 is second floor, Media room one.This is an example of a timetable for a year nine student: Each Block is 30 minuets. So for this student, performing arts last 2 1/2 hours. Lunch lasts for 30 minuets.
  7. 7. Uniformwear blue Phase three wear (Y9-11) jumpers. Phase two (Y5- Y8) wear teal jumpers.This is to recongise the different phases within our school.Phase one (Reception - Y4) wear purple jumpers. • Every student in the academy is required to wear a uniform.
  8. 8. LunchWe have a wide range of lunch options for all year groups, from the traditional school meal to pasta king, sandwiches to pizza.
  9. 9. Sunderland’s history andmonuments
  10. 10. Penshaw monument Penshaw monument was built around 1844 and it was dedicated to John George Lambton first Earl of Durham.
  11. 11. Some historyDuring world war II (1939-1945)Sunderland was once the best navalport in England, creating 100 ships ayear, in 1943 the port was bombed butcarried on to build ships for theremainder of World War II.
  12. 12. Sunderland was one of the firstplaces to have churches with spires,this was during the medieval era incase of a Viking attack. This was tospot them (look out) before theyreached the church.
  13. 13. Sunderland was also one of thefirst 5 cities to build an iron bridge.The bridge has been standing forover 101 years and counting!
  14. 14. The Empire TheatreThe Empire Theatre is a hugetheater that has lastedhundred’s of years.
  15. 15. The Angel of the North Since spreading its’ wings in February 1998 Antony Gormleys The Angel of the North has become one of the most talked about pieces of public art ever produced. Rising 20 meters from the earth near the A1 in Gateshead, the Angel dominates the skyline, dwarfing all those who come to see it.  Made from 200 tonnes of steel, it has a wingspan of 54 metres.  Getting up close and personal with the Angel is an experience youll never forget! It symbolises strength and industry! It symbolises
  16. 16. Our Sports
  17. 17. FootballSunderland’s local team are called Sunderland Association Football Club.Sunderland are currently in the top league of English football the Barclays Premier league although in recent years the have been getting relegated (moved down) into Englands second best league the Championship.But for the last five season’s Sunderland have been in the Barclays premier league and they are taking strides to improve each year.
  18. 18. History of our footballSunderland Association Football Club are an English association club based in Sunderland,Tyne and Wear,They were formed in 1879Sunderland are Englands sixth most successful club of all time, winning the league six times and winning the F.A (Football Association) cup twice, beating Preston North End in 1937 and more recently winning it in 1973 beating Leeds United.
  19. 19. Stadium of LightThe Stadium of Light is the home ground of Sunderland Association Football Club, it has been our home ground since 1997 and it has a 49,000 capacity.The Stadium of Light is he fifth biggest ground in England with new Wembley stadium topping the list with a 90,000 capacity, new Wembley is the home of the English national team.
  20. 20. Sunderland’s local team are calledSunderland Association Football Club.Sunderland are currently in the top leagueof English football the Barclays Premierleague although in recent years the havebeen getting relegated (moved down) intoEnglands second best league theChampionship.But for the last five season’s Sunderlandhave been in the Barclays premier league
  21. 21. Our RivalsSunderland’s main rivals are Newcastle United.This is the match both Sunderland andNewcastle fans look forward too. Unfortunately,last time we played Newcastle we lost 5-1 butsince then we have bounced back beatingleague champions Chelsea 3-0.
  22. 22. We would like to end our presentation by teaching you a football chantDarren Bent is fast as lighting, Darren Bent is red and white, Everytime he gets the ball, He scores a goal, He is dynamite!