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Lnqi company profile



Published in Business , Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Company Profile www.lifeandnaturesquest.com
  • 2. Company History The company was conceptualized in the middle of 2007 by a group of visionary doctors and entrepreneurs who anticipated the potential of health care supplement industry in the country. But it was on July 17th, 2008 that Life and Natures Quest Intl. Inc. or LNQI was legally established having its main office in Quezon City. Life and Natures Quest Intl. Inc. at present is run by a group of dynamic doctors who are Research & Development experts in field of Health Food Supplement and Alternative Medicine
  • 3. AMS Life Science of Japan & LNQI Life and Natures Quest Intl. Inc.,  entered an exclusive  partnership with AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co. Ltd. Japan to distribute, import & market  their various health food supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic  products in the Philippine territory.    LNQI President  Dr Rogelio K. Avila & AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co. Ltd. Chairman Tadahiko Asayama.
  • 4. AMS Japan and LNQI Philippines AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co. Ltd. Chairman Tadahiko Asayama & LNQI President Rogelio K. Avila MD Image taken May 21, 2013
  • 5. Certificate of Seller issued and signed by the Intl. Dept. Manager of AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co. Ltd. given to Life & Natures Quest Intl, Inc.
  • 6. Company Facts Life and Nature's Quest Intl. Inc. is a company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC COMPANY REGISTRATION NO.200811188), a company engaged in importation, trade and distribution of health food supplement and skin care products.     All our health care and cosmetic products are imported from our manufacturing plant, AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co. Ltd.,Japan.
  • 7. SEC Certificate LNQI
  • 8. Company Facts LNQI is licensed by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to import health care products from Japan, Germany and other parts of the world. All our health care products are registered and approved by the Philippine FDA (previously known as Bureau of Food and Drugs- BFAD) before they are distributed by LNQI company partners
  • 9. Mission & Vision: To provide affordable, world standard quality health food supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic  products in the Philippines. Life and Nature's Quest Intl., Inc. to be the leader in health food supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products OEM maker in the Philippines.
  • 10. What we offer: * Research & Development of all kinds of Food Supplement, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic products * Test and trial Manufacturing of chosen Prototype product for evaluation * OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) / own product branding (type of product, packaging and design as requested by the client/s) * Product label design and packaging development assistance * Assists in the creation of product Literature (brochures/powerpoint presentations) * Philippine FDA facilitation / assistance in obtaining CPR (Certificate of Product Registration)
  • 11. AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co., Ltd. Japan is a general OEM (original equipment manufacturing) manufacturer AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co. Ltd. Japan is a customer-centric corporation that exemplify excellence in product planning, research and development.
  • 12. “We are engaged in R&D from the perspectives of preventive medicine and naturalism, with the aim of allowing our customers to live out everyone’s dreams of living a long healthy life and being beautiful.” “Our purpose is to contribute to the creation of a bright and sound society of healthy, long –living people through the production of quality dietary supplements and natural cosmetics.” Chairman of Board of Directors Head of AFC-HD AMS LifeGroup Tadahiko Asayama
  • 13. “AFC-HD AMS Life Science is a general OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) manufacturer that delivers quality products to meet the entire spectrum of customer needs.” “Its thoroughly customer-centric sales force, product planning department, development department and production department is based on a reliable quality assurance system that renders the company a GMP- certified dietary supplement manufacturer, work together to produce safe and quality products with a strong sense of responsibility, in close coordination with individual customers.” President, AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co., Ltd. Takehiko Asayama
  • 14. Name of Company: AFC-HD AMS LIFE SCIENCE CO.,LTD. Location: 3-6-36, Toyoda, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 422-8027, Japan Capital: 1,405,498,638 yen ( as of February 2012 ) Date of foundation: June 8, 1969 Date of incorporation: December 8, 1980
  • 15. Affiliate Companies of AMS Life Science AFC CO., LTD. AFC sells its original brand (AFC and Shojiki Mura) products of dietary supplements, general foods and cosmetics in all of Japan through mail order sales, wholesale and department store business. NIHON PREVENTIVE MEDICAL LABORATORY CO.LTD. As a medical science laboratory, working in research and development of dietary supplement and natural cosmetics, we meet the entire spectrum of customer concept by taking advantage of established skills for planning design which is based on scientific ground. KENKO TV CO.LTD. It is a company that creates advertising for sending information of health and beauty. At the own studio, we plan and produce TV shopping programs, publish health information magazines and provide sales representation. HONZO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. Honzo was founded in the second year of Tempo era (1831). As a well established company of Kampo medicines, in addition to Ethical Kampo (TCM/Chinese herb) preparation formulated by medical institutions, we manufacture and sell generic medicines, proprietary medicines and health drinks which are sold at pharmacies and drug stores.
  • 16. 159 Bignay Street, Bgy. Quirino 2-C, Project 2, Quezon City Philippines 1102 Website: www.lifeandnaturesquest.com Email: questrka@gmail.com Tel.no.: (+632) 386 9234  TeleFax : (+632) 921 8421 Mobile no. (+63) 922 8647822 915 2470715 Skype name: docjbsan
  • 17. LNQI Quezon City Office 1
  • 18. LNQI Office 2