Fathepur haveli for sale in Rajasthan


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Fathepur haveli for sale in Rajasthan

  1. 1. Heritage Haveli in Fathepur Rajasthan
  2. 2.  Fatehpur Shekhawati Area , Rajasthan20 Rooms02 Chowks1200 Sq. Yard Built-up area600 sq.yard open space Demand Rs. 8.5 Cr
  3. 3.  The Haveli fresco art, a unique feature of the Shekhawati region inRajasthan, is much of Shekhawatis claim to fame. The famous miniaturepainting of Shekhawati, is a very important aspect of Rajput School ofArt and finds most celebrated expression in the frescos and murals onthe havelis in the region. The most beautiful havelis in Shekhawati are tobe seen in Fatehpur, Dundlod, Nawalgarh, Mukundgarh and Jhunjhunu.The Haveli Fatehpur is one of the best preserved Havelis in Fatehpur. Often known as the open art gallery of Rajasthan, Shekhawati has someof the best havelis in Rajasthan. These havelis are storehouses of thecelebrated miniature paintings of Rajasthan- that can be witnessed intheir murals and frescos. The Miniature painting as we seenow, expanded to the regional kingdoms of Rajasthan predominantlyafter the downfall of the Mughals. The Rajput miniatures trace theirorigins to the Mughals, who appointed Rajasthani artists to adorn theirmonuments; these artists in turn brought the art form home, whichflourished under the princely patronage. The Mughal influence veryprominent in the beginnings, slowly gave way to regional block motifs.Even to this day, the classical element and aura of these paintingssurvive at the hands of the successors of the erstwhile artisans
  4. 4.  Haveli was constructed from 1857 to 1860. Its 50 feet tall and has some fine paintingsof Radha and Krishna and shows some British men holding guns. It has a special nine-door room on the terrace which is open from all sides. There is air circulation from all sidesand thus it remains cool naturally. Baithak: It has five doors which are exclusive to this haveli. Other baithaks in the region have three doors only. Bara dari: A baradari, in Persian and Moghul architecture, is a building or room with 12 doors designed to allowthe free draught of air through it. Persons of repute used it as a venue for formal and informal settings in hotweather. It is also known as the ‘mehfil’ room. The men would occupy the base area. There is an exclusiveprovision made for the women to sit upstairs in privacy. Rangeen Kamra: It is also known as the colourful room. The specialty of this particular room is that it acts bothas a secret chamber and is also renowned for its artistic beauty. The floors, walls as well as the ceilings arehand-painted depicting stories based on the life of Lord Krishna. Bhuran: It is also known as the underground safety room. It acts like a safe deposit valve which is closed from allsides. The haveli has Naal on one side and Nohra on the other, which can be used as open space forparking, swimming pool and is large enough to construct the two together.
  5. 5.  Castle Mandawa Alsisar Mahal Roop Niwas Khoti Ramgarh Fresco Mahanser Fort Nawalgarh Fort Palace Dundlod Palace
  6. 6.  Fathepur Shekhawati is well connected by rail, road and Airport with major cities of NorthIndia. The nearest big cities are NationalCapital Delhi (250 Km Approx.) & Jaipur (150Km Approx.) Sanganer International Airport Jaipur (150 Kmapprox.) is the nearest one after IGI Airport ofNew Delhi (250 Km approx).
  7. 7. For More Detail ContactMr. Neeraj Sharma,Lavya Global Deal ,L & D Partners DesignConsultants ,MumbaiEmail-Lavyaglobaldeal@gmail.comCell No. 09819662002 /09768246919