White Paper Integration of Perforce Software Configuration System (SCM)


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This paper describes integration between Perforce SCM tools and Kovair ALM Studio and the resulting benefits for Perforce users and development group. Perforce ALM Studio integration is brought about by Kovair’s Perforce adapter using Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform.

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White Paper Integration of Perforce Software Configuration System (SCM)

  1. 1. INTEGRATION OF PERFORCE SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SCM) WITH KOVAIR GLOBAL LIFECYCLEIntroduction SCM tool is one of the most widely used and indispensable tools in asoftware development organization of any size. However, for a Kovair Global Lifecycle is acomplete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), SCM is just one of web–based Applicationmany such tools critical for success. Kovair Global Lifecycle offers a Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tool with single repository. It isnumber of such critical built-in ALM applications including Requirements the flagship product of KovairManagement, Test Management, Change Management, Issues Software Inc.Management, and Release Management. Integration of a SCM tool withKovair Global Lifecycle therefore provides an unprecedented ecosystem The application is enrichedfor a development organization. with wide array of industry leading features. MajorPerforce is one of the leading SCM tools known for its performance and Components are – Kovairflexibility. This paper describes the details of the integration between Lifecycle Application, ProcessPerforce and Kovair and the benefits the Perforce users and the whole Automation Technology, and Kovair Omnibus Technologydevelopment group get out of this integration. The users of other SCMtools can expect a similar set of benefits from the integration of theparticular SCM tool with Kovair Global Lifecycle.Kovair has created the Perforce adapter using its industry leadingOmnibus Integration Bus technology. Omnibus ensures a vendorneutral ALM Platform. Significant features of Kovair OmnibusTechnology are – Bus Architecture, Web Service standards (using SOAPprotocol), and tool–specific API. So, any third party tool can beintegrated with Kovair Global Lifecycle, by creating an adapter.Kovair Integration with PerforceThe integration has been achieved by creating an Omnibus Adapter –specific to Perforce SCM. The adapter maintains two way Macro Level Benefitscommunications of data between Kovair Global Lifecycle and PerforceSCM.  Customizable Service Flow  Real Time CommunicationThe adapter is a lightweight interface expositing the internal dataschema of Perforce. There is no hardcoded business logic in the  Total Visibilityadapter. This makes the same adapter highly adaptable to variousbusiness needs for different organizations. The business rules are  Forward and Backwarddefined using the Kovair Service Flow user interface and does not need Traceabilityany coding. The beauty of separating out the data layer (adapter) andthe business rule layer (Service Flow) is that the end users e.g. business  Streamlined Processanalysts or the development managers can define and redefine businessrules without changing the adapter.  Quality ImprovementsThe business rules for the transmission of data across the tools areKovair Software, Inc. Copyright © 2000-2008 sales@kovair.com • www.kovair.com
  2. 2. defined by the Service Flow. It is the conditional logic of how tools willbehave on real-time events. Service Flows are fully customizable,according to business needs, and it does not require writing a single lineof code. As and when an event matches with a Service Flow trigger,data gets replicated from Kovair to Perforce or vice versa.Kovair’s Omnibus Integration technology can be used withsynchronization or two-way replication between Kovair and PerforceSCM. For example, by synchronization the Changelists in Perforce can besynchronized with the Changelists in Kovair - which means a Changelistadded or edited in Kovair is replicate in Perforce SCM and vice versa.However, for all items, synchronization is not desirable, especially if thedata content is too big in size. Hence, for the source files in PerforceSCM, a different strategy is used. Only the information about the filesand Not the file content is replicated in Kovair. When the content isneeded Omnibus requests Perforce to get the actual content of theparticular file on-demand. This method allows the actual data to remainin Perforce SCM’s repository and fetched only when needed. Thismethod is called Federation.Role in IT Management PracticesInvolvement of many tools from different vendors in operations andservices is a common scenario of today’s Software Development What Kovair assures:environment. As a result, demand for an integrated framework isgrowing. Kovair integration with Perforce SCM is an aid for development  Traceability of ALM Itemsmanagement practices for Configuration Management, Release with their source code files: Kovair ensuresManagement, and Test Management. It is a framework that can Forward and Backwardaccommodate multiple tools, and synchronize them with different ALM Traceability of ALM items.activities. From Kovair, you can easily trace the source code filesConfiguration Management: For the Configuration Manager it is often a for any Requirement /critical task to trace out ‘right’ source codes for a Requirement, Change Change Request / Defect.Request or a Defect. With the integrated framework of Kovair GlobalLifecycle, and Perforce SCM, it becomes easy to track source codes for  Visibility of Perforce Items:each item. The Managers do not need to switch between the tools. Kovair ensures complete Visibility of Perforce items.Using the traceability feature, Configuration Manager can easily identify From Kovair, you can viewappropriate source codes, linked with Requirements/Change Requests, Perforce items – Jobs,which are considered for a Configuration. From Kovair Global Lifecycle, Changelists, Files, Versions,they can view a complete history of source codes, and verify the and changes done in codes.changes made by Developers. The Configuration Manager can answerthe question very easily “what source code files are changed by  Synchronization of ALMimplementing/ fixing this requirement/ change request/ bug?” Processes with Perforce events/activities: KovairRelease Management: Organizing a Release Package or a Build requires Omniprocess Technology ensures the synchronizationdetail identifications of source codes. Release Managers can find of Perforce related user-Kovair’s Traceability feature useful for building a Release Package. For activities with Requirementeach Requirement/Change Request, linked source codes get federated Management / Releasein Kovair from Perforce. The Release manager can answer “What Management / Testrequirement/ change request/ bug are implemented/ fixed in this Management processKovair Software, Inc. Copyright © 2000-2008 sales@kovair.com • www.kovair.com
  3. 3. Release?” (defined in Kovair).Test Management: The integration of Kovair Global Lifecycle andPerforce SCM has significant value in Software Test Management.Modifications in source codes are done during ‘defect tracking andresolution’ stage. The integrated platform ensures that Developers caneasily trace the appropriate source codes for code level modifications,and Test Manager can verify that a ‘right’ source code is modified for adefect. The QA Manager can also answer the question “Do we have testcases to test these source codes and if so what are the status of thesetests so far?”Value Additions in Business ProcessStrict Process Enforcement: Highlighted Value AdditionsManual enforcement of a process and disrupted workflow across thetools pose significant challenges in multi-tool development  Automated data replicationenvironment. The integration of Kovair with Perforce SCM is able to across integrated tools to eliminate expensive manualenforce strict process in application development using Kovair’s processes and human errors.Omniprocess Technology. The integration ensures Perforce items (Job,Changelist, and File) to get replicated automatically in Kovair, and  Creating and managingKovair items (Requirements, Change Request, Defect) in Perforce. In business rules by the endaddition, cross-tool synchronization of events can be implemented users rather thanthrough Kovair’s built-in Process Engine. By virtue of Kovair’s developers.Omniprocess Technology, ‘Creating a Job/Changelist’ or ‘ModifyingSource Code’ in Perforce can be synchronized with events/user-  Immediate visibility acrossactivities of Kovair. groups, management levels and geographies.Quality Improvement:  User preferred toolThe quality of development process gets affected due to several factors environment for individualincluding inefficient Issue/Defect Resolution approach, or inappropriate functions but in a totallysource code in Release Package. Selection of ‘right’ source codes for integrated environment.the selected Requirements and Issues is quite significant in this regard.In Perforce SCM, it is hard to trace appropriate source code for an Issueor Requirement manually – unless there are automated ways for sourcecode to trace back to an Issue or a Requirement. Kovair’s inbuiltTraceability feature is an aid for identifying the ‘right’ source code foran Issue or Requirement. It ensures accuracy in source code selection,and reduces time and human effort of implementation and releaseprocesses.Total Visibility:The integration of Kovair and Perforce ensures cross-tool replication ofdata in real-time. The replicated data get visible through Kovair’scommon interface from different geographical locations. The replicateditems of Perforce (Changelist and Job) can be used with Kovair items(Requirements, Change Request, and Issue) to generate graphical andtabular reports.Kovair Software, Inc. Copyright © 2000-2008 sales@kovair.com • www.kovair.com
  4. 4. Complete Traceability:Forward and backward Traceability is an effective feature of KovairGlobal Lifecycle that provides total visibility of development lifecycle atany point of time. From an Issue/Defect, using the backwardtraceability, linked Requirement can be identified. Similarly, by virtueof forward traceability source codes (federated from Perforce) link withan Issue/Defect can be traced.Two-way CommunicationsFrequently Asked Questions  As a Project Manager how do I figure out which source code files got added/ modified to implement a Customer Requirement or to fix a Bug? The integration setup of Kovair and Perforce SCM, and Kovair’s built-in Traceability feature, together ensure easy access of source code files for Customer Requirement or Bug. By virtue of Omnibus Technology, whenever a source code file gets added/modified in Perforce repository (known as ‘Depot’), it automatically gets federated in Kovair. Also, the linkage betweenKovair Software, Inc. Copyright © 2000-2008 sales@kovair.com • www.kovair.com
  5. 5. Requirement/Bug and the federated file is automatically setup in Kovair. So, from the Traceability page of a Requirement/Bug, a Project Manager can view associated source codes.  How do I enforce/automate source code Review and Approval processes? You can enforce/automate source code review/approval process in the integration environment of Kovair Global Lifecycle, and Perforce SCM. Kovair’s built-in Process Engine Omniprocess enables you to design any complex process for Perforce items (Job, Changelist, and File), which get replicated in Kovair. For example, against ‘File check in’ activity in Perforce, you can implement source code Review and Approval process in Kovair. In the process you can involve users of different Roles (e.g. Project Manager, Developer, Testers, and Test Manager) and assign them to appropriate process activities. You can also implement processes for activities like – ‘Changelist Creation’, ‘Changelist Submission’.  How to create an integrated environment for Change Management and Configuration Management? The integration setup of Kovair and Perforce SCM ensures a common platform for Configuration Management and Change Management. For each Change Request, Developers can figure out the Development Package, and using Kovair’s Traceability, existing source codes can be traced. Whenever any source code is added/modified and submitted in Perforce SCM by a Developer, the information about the file (including its version) gets federated in Kovair through Omnibus under the same Development Package. Members of Change Approval Board (CAB) / Change Review Board (CRB), using Kovair’s Traceability can find out the federated source codes for a Change Request. They can view – all versions of source code, changes in source code, and other file history details.  How to create an integrated environment for Build/Release Management and Configuration Management? The integration setup of Kovair and Perforce SCM provides a common platform for Configuration Management and Build/Release Management. For each Release/Build, the Release Manager can figure out appropriate Development Package, and from there using Kovair’s Traceability, existing source codes can be traced. Whenever any source code is added/modified and submitted in Perforce SCM by a Developer, that file gets federated in Kovair through Omnibus under the same Development Package. Release Manager can view the latest version of all federated source code files and can prepare the Build/Release Package.  How to enforce compliance processes in SCM? The integrated platform of Kovair Global Lifecycle and Perforce SCM allows you to implement process oriented SCM solutions. With Kovair’s built-in features like – Process Automation, Traceability, Visibility, Consolidated Reporting, and Omnibus Technology, the Software Configuration Management solutions can be configured compliant to CMMi, and Sarbanes-Oxley framework.  How to pinpoint source code quality problems? Using the integration with Perforce SCM, supported by Kovair’s built-in Traceability feature, it is possible to figure out the source code files, which are generating maximum Defects. Figuring out the right source codes is possible with minimum human effort, and in an optimized timeframe, which is a plus for any quality enhancement process.  How to do Root-Cause Analysis?Kovair Software, Inc. Copyright © 2000-2008 sales@kovair.com • www.kovair.com
  6. 6. Unless you establish proper linkages among ALM items (e.g., Requirement, Change Request, Use Case, Test Case, Defects, and Release) and source codes, it is hard to perform Root–Cause Analysis. Source codes are federated from Perforce to Kovair, and linked with a Defect – using Kovair’s Omnibus. The integration setup of Kovair and Perforce SCM ensures quick identification of source codes (as root). By virtue of Kovair’s Traceability, you can trace out the codes following the path, say Requirement  Use Case  Test Case  Defect  Source Codes.  How to estimate change impact for any modification in source code files? Implementation of one Requirement might be spread over multiple source code files, similarly one source code file might be linked with multiple Requirements. In the integration setup, source code files get federated from Perforce to Kovair. In addition, links get established among source codes and Requirements. By means of Kovair’s built-in Traceability you can estimate change impact of a source code (when linked with too many requirements) or Requirement (when linked with too many source codes).  How to ensure change propagation through source code files by impacting linked files? In Configuration Management, modification in source code and/or Requirement is a common occurrence. The integration ensures automated replication of modified source codes for Requirements. So, using the forward and backward traceability you can identify ‘what are the Requirements to be modified due to any change in source code’ or ‘what are the source codes that need to be modified due to any change in a Requirement’. Notes: Kovair has the Perforce Adapter available off the shelf for those who wish to consider integration between Perforce and Kovair Global Lifecycle product. Kovair is a full fledged ALM Partner of Perforce as indicated on the Perforce Corporate website www.Perforce.com.Kovair Software, Inc. Copyright © 2000-2008 sales@kovair.com • www.kovair.com