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Improving your employee’s performance is the best way to improve business performance. Most business owners are unclear about how to improve employee performance. In this presentation you will learn the 10 reason why your employees don't always do what they are supposed to do. You will learn 7 ways to improve your people’s performance immediately. Turn your good employees into great employees and your problems into good performers.
This presentation was delivered at the 2012 International Sign Expo in Orlando, Florida, by Kevin Poland, CEO of The Renaissance Group ( They help business owners grow their business, increase profits while also increasing owner satisfaction and freedom.

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  • According to a Gallup Organization’s study of employees across the country, of the three million employees studied, a shocking amount cited themselves as being “checked out” from their work. Here are the statistics:29% are engaged. These employees are excited about their work and have a close bond with their company. They look forward to their workday and are the movers and shakers of their organization.54% are not engaged. These employees are “checked out.” They feel little connection with their career and simply go through the motions of their day.17% are actively disengaged. This category is made up of employees who openly dislike their work. They complain about other employees and are too busy contributing to negative office energy to add real value to their company.A recent study by Towers Perrin shows thatbusinesses with the highest employee engagement are financialwinners. These companies had a 28% increase in net earningsversus an 11% decline in companies with the lowest engagementrates.Engagement is the pathway to action and loyalty
  • human capital is an asset on which youshould receive a return — not a cost to control
  • Improve Your Peoples Performance - ISA Presentation

    1. 1. How to Improve Your Peoples Performance By Kevin Poland The Renaissance Group©2011. The Renaissance Group. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. Purpose of Today’s Session • To improve employee productivity and performance • Understanding why people don’t always perform up to your expectations • What to do about it
    3. 3. People, Performance andProblems
    4. 4. People: Where are You Now?• What employee productivity and performance issues come to mind?• What would you say is the root cause of these issues?• How do you currently handle these issues?
    5. 5. Employee EngagementAccording to a Gallup Organizationstudy: ◦ 29% are engaged ◦ 54% are not engaged ◦ 17% are actively disengaged
    6. 6. Employee EngagementDilbert on engagement:
    7. 7. What is Employee Engagement? An "engaged employee" is one who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about their work, and thus will act in a way that furthers their organizations interests. Wikipedia
    8. 8. Why Improve EmployeeProductivity?• Business performance (growth)• More effective + efficient = productive• Money is lost through employee issues: ▫ Bad estimates ▫ Poor production or installation ▫ Missing deadlines ▫ Treat customers poorly
    9. 9. The Work Required to Grow Entrepreneurial Managerial Technical
    10. 10. What is Management? Getting results through others When you do things yourself you are a technician, when you get things done through others you are a manager.
    11. 11. Improving EmployeePerformance1. Believe it…own it2. Learn how to improve performance3. Changing your own behavior
    12. 12. The Management Function• Your employees are your score card; their success or failure reflects upon you• A managers reason for being is to help their employees be as successful as you need them to be• Part of your job is to improve employee performance
    13. 13. Management Training• Most management training revolves around two main themes: ▫ Motivation & Attitude ◦ Your job is to make sure your people are happy and motivated and that they have a “positive” attitude
    14. 14. Curing Performance Problems• Treating the problems or the symptoms? ◦ Trying to motivate ◦ Attitude adjustments ◦ Through money
    15. 15. Motivation & Attitude• Clearly both play a role in performance• How can we use them to improve performance? ▫ Become an amateur psychiatrist?
    16. 16. Failing to ImprovePerformance• Because your solutions are not related to the problems• What are the real causes of employee performance issues? ▫ We have a Top Ten
    17. 17. Top 10 Reasons1. Think they are 6. Think their way is performing better2. Don’t know what 7. Think something is to do more important3. Don’t know how 8. Consequences to do it affect performance4. Don’t know why 9. Fear5. Obstacles 10. Incapacity
    18. 18. Perceptions vs. Reality• When asked “why people don’t perform?”…How did you answer?• The majority of managers lead with putting the blame on the employee
    19. 19. Reason #1• They think they are doing it• If your employees have no idea how they are doing they have no reason to change• Tell them… Behavioral Coaching: Feedback
    20. 20. The Magic of FeedbackBehavioral Coachingand providing effectivefeedback is the fastestand easiest way toimprove employeeperformance.
    21. 21. Reason #2• They don’t know WHAT they are suppose to do / what is expected of them• Four parts to not knowing: 1. What specifically to do 2. When to begin 3. When to end 4. What “finished” looks like
    22. 22. Reason #2Don’t Know What To Do• What should you do about it?• Tell them; but how do you tell them? Position Agreements and Delegation Agreements
    23. 23. Reason #3• They don’t know HOW to do it• Show them• How do you show them? Documented Systems plus Training
    24. 24. Reason #4• They don’t know WHY they should be doing it ◦ Why are we doing this work? or Why are we changing? ◦ Do they know the importance of their work? ◦ How it fits in to the big picture?
    25. 25. Reason #4Don’t Know WHY?• What should you do about it?• Tell them; Effective Communications ▪ Meeting Rhythm ▫ Inspirational Communications ▫ Staff Meetings ▫ Employee Development Meetings ▪ Behavioral Coaching
    26. 26. Reason #5• There are obstacles beyond their control• Remove them• How do you do that? Daily Huddles & Employee Development Meetings
    27. 27. Reason #6• They think your way will not work / think their way is better• Convince them• How do you do that? Documented Systems and Employee Development Meetings
    28. 28. Reason #6Your Way Will Not Work• Occurs when you are describing work from memory vs. operation manual• If you are changing the work• They must believe you…QUANTIFICATION
    29. 29. Reason #7• They think something else is more important (unsure of their priorities)• Most jobs include a myriad of things that can be done at any moment in time
    30. 30. Reason #7Something Else More Important? • How do your employees know what their highest priorities are? • Tell them • How do you do that? Effective Communications Meeting Rhythm
    31. 31. Reason #8• Consequences affect whether they do what they are supposed to do• Behavior is a function of consequences• Change the consequences and performance will follow• How do that? Behavioral Coaching
    32. 32. Positive Consequences• Employee comes to you and says they are stuck or behind schedule.• What do you do?• Is this a positive or negative consequence for the employee? Positive Consequence
    33. 33. Negative Consequences• You go to your “best” employee and give her a big special project• What do they do?• Is this a positive or negative consequence for the employee? Negative Consequence
    34. 34. Reason #9• Fear – they anticipate future negative consequences• Change the consequences Behavioral Coaching
    35. 35. Reason #10• Incapacity – personal limits• Need the “Right” Person• How do you do that? Systems: Recruiting & Hiring
    36. 36. Summarizing Today• Why do managers fail to improve performance?• Their solutions rarely address the cause of the performance issue.• When solving a performance problems where is the best place to start? The most obvious.
    37. 37. Review the Reasons1. Think they are 6. Think their way is performing better2. Don’t know what 7. Think something is to do more important3. Don’t know how 8. Consequences to do it effect performance4. Don’t know why 9. Fear5. Obstacles 10. Incapacity
    38. 38. What To Do AboutPerformance Issues1. Position Agreements2. Delegation Agreements3. Documented Systems4. Effective Training5. Effective Communications6. Meeting Rhythm7. Behavioral Coaching
    39. 39. What Really Motivates“Pay enough so that money isn’t an issue, then give your employees: ▪ high recognition ▪ autonomy, and the ▪ opportunity to learn and grow, and watch them excel.”
    40. 40. Your Opportunity• Grow your people (talent): ▫ Engaged employees ▫ Improved culture ▫ More effective ▫ More productive ▫ Improved employee performance Improved business performance
    41. 41. How Can We Help You? Growth by DesignTM Program Complimentary Strategy Session
    42. 42. Contact Information Kevin Poland CEO/CMO The Renaissance Group  813.636.9181 Kevin@RenaissanceConsultants.com
    43. 43. Brought to you by the International Sign AcademyTo see more information about other ISA seminars and webinars throughout the year visit