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2010 Nissan GT-R Road Test and Review Compilation PLUS Nissan Xterra and Altima Reviews
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2010 Nissan GT-R Road Test and Review Compilation PLUS Nissan Xterra and Altima Reviews


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This 2010 Nissan vehicle road test and review compilation Includes several articles about the new Nissan GT-R Super Sports Car and a couple of bonus articles on Nissan Xterra and Altima. All the …

This 2010 Nissan vehicle road test and review compilation Includes several articles about the new Nissan GT-R Super Sports Car and a couple of bonus articles on Nissan Xterra and Altima. All the Nissan sports cars, sedans, trucks and SUV's shown in these road tests and reviews are available as either new or Nissan Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) from Kelly Nissan in Easton, PA. The Kelly Nissan facility is one of America's best Nissan Dealerships as measured by sales and service customer satisfaction. The Kelly Nissan dealership is located in Easton, PA and sponsors the unique social network based Kelly Automotive Community website at You should visit and join this automotive social network to receive special discounts on Nissan new and used vehicles, genuine Nissan accessories, parts and Nissan repair and maintenance service. Kelly Nissan also hosts a more typical dealership eCommerce website located at where their entire inventory of new Nissans, including a huge selection of 2010 Nissan Rogues, as well as their large inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Nissan cars, trucks and SUV's is updated daily, providing car buyers with full details including prices and optional equipment descriptions.

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  • All the Nissan sports cars, sedans, trucks and SUV's shown in these road tests and reviews are available as either new or Nissan Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) from Kelly Nissan in Easton, PA. The Kelly Nissan facility is one of America's best Nissan Dealerships as measured by sales and service customer satisfaction. The Kelly Nissan dealership is located in Easton, PA and sponsors the unique social network based Kelly Automotive Community website at You should visit and join this automotive social network to receive special discounts on Nissan new and used vehicles, genuine Nissan accessories, parts and Nissan repair and maintenance service. Kelly Nissan also hosts a more typical dealership eCommerce website located at where their entire inventory of new Nissans, including a huge selection of 2010 Nissan Rogues, as well as their large inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Nissan cars, trucks and SUV's is updated daily, providing car buyers with full details including prices and optional equipment descriptions.
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  • 1. Issue 11 Winter Edition NISSAN GT-R Godzilla is Back . 2008 Nissan Xterra - What Role Are You Playing Today? . Nissan Navara - Go Anywhere Do Anything . Altima Coupe - Nissan’s Exciting New Coupe Races in GCC
  • 2. NISSAN GT-R
  • 3. EDITORIAL “At Nissan we have the products. We have credible plans. We are embracing opportunities, prepared to handle whatever comes our way. We are building our future – and creating lasting value – one step at a time, one product at a time. We have a lot to offer today, and so much more promise yet to deliver. We are focused and on plan to deliver our objectives. You can continue to expect the best from Nissan”. MR. CARLOS GHOSN PRESIDENT & CEO, NISSAN MOTOR CO. LTD. The vision behind “SHIFT_” has led us to look at each car segment to identify what we can make even better than before. This has resulted in the next generation of Nissan products. In this issue you will witness the display of our latest models revealed during several regional motor shows. Our newly revealed sporty model, which is generating enormous interest among the public, is the Nissan GT-R. A legend in automotive design and engineering, the GT-R is one of the world’s fastest vehicles, and probably the world’s easiest and most secure high speed car to drive fast. Fresh from a triumphant debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Nissan GT-R was revealed for the first time to the Middle East motoring enthusiasts during the Middle East International Motor Show in Dubai, followed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan Motor Shows. Another main strength this year lies in our newly-launched Nissan Altima Coupe. The celebrity Altima Sedan, with the escalating sales in the GCC market, is now mounting with the arrival of the new Altima Coupe. Nissan Altima Coupe’s unique exterior design is intended to stand out in a crowd of sedan-based two-door models. A lot of thought and strive for distinction resulted in its magnetic, perfectly proportioned style. The new dramatically designed Nissan Altima Coupe presents a true expression of style, individuality and sportiness. MR. TORu HASeGAwA MANAGING DIRECTOR, NISSAN MIDDLE EAST FZE As part of our motivational schemes, we organised recently the Nissan NISTEC and NISAC competitions, which showcased some of the best talent the regional national sales companies (NSCs) have. It was a challenging event and all the contestants contributed their very best, with 13 GCC and non-GCC NSCs being represented by a total of 28 participants for both competitions. We also celebrated the success achieved by RYMCO, our official distributor in Lebanon, securing No. 1 market leader position for the third year in a row. The entire region is witnessing remarkable growth, and we have surpassed our targets ahead of schedule and by a large margin. This coincided with Nissan Middle East successfully achieving its Nissan Value-Up sales objectives a year ahead of schedule. Testimony to the continued growth and success of our products thanks to our loyal Middle East customers. One of our main announcements is for Nissan Motor Company winning the 2008 Catalyst Award, the annual worldwide prize that honours exceptional initiatives from companies that support and advance women in business. This is the first time that a company headquartered in Asia has won the award which was conferred on the strength of a Nissan programme called Women in the Driver’s Seat: Gender Diversity as a Lever in Japan. In today’s competitive automotive landscape, there is no place for half-measures, no place for shortcuts and no substitute for great products. At Nissan, passion drives our brands, passionate people drive our products. And the next generation SHIFTs today. 1
  • 4. cOnTEnTs 1 Editorial 10 News 28 Technology 30 Me & My Nissan 4 Cover Story Nissan GT-R Godzilla Is Back 15 Heritage Nissan And Record Breaking 16 Road Test 2008 Nissan Xterra What Role Are You Playing Today? 20 Feature Altima Coupe Nissan’s Exciting New Coupe Races in GCC 22 Travelogue Nissan Navara Go Anywhere, Do Anything 26 Concept Car Nissan Forum Concept A Family Limousine Editorial Team Monal Zeidan 29 Design & Production AdCom Advertising & Publishing Motor Sports Toyo Tyres 24-hrs of Dubai Nissan 350Z Proves Its Mettle Published for Advertising Hakam Kherallah Nissan Middle East FZE AdCom Advertising & Publishing Omneya Fawzi by Devshri Global Inv. Inc. P.O. Box 34556, Dubai, UAE Issue 11 Pankaj Dev Neville Jal Darukhanawalla Editorial Office P.O. Box 61111, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE Suite #215, 933 N. Tel.: +971-4-3522337 Hania Tabet (TBWA/RAAD) Winter Edition Suzan Dargham (TBWA/RAAD) Vivian Hawat (TBWA/RAAD) e-mail: Website: Kenmore Street, Arlington, VA 22201, USA Fax: +971-4-3595983 E-mail: Copyright Law prohibits reproduction in whole or part of any matter, without prior written permission of the publisher. Copyright SHIFT_2008 Legal Disclaimer Views and opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of Nissan Middle East FZE and the publisher. We shall not be held liable in any manner.
  • 5. cOvER sTORy NISSAN GT-R Godzilla InIEvery Nissan A Little Bit Of GT-R s Back It is a supercar legend. And it has been reinvented in a totally new avatar and will be smoking rubber in the Middle East in 2009. With pumped up bodywork punctured with vents, mean- eyed headlamps, swooping roofline – the all-new Nissan GT-R has recaptured the flair of the Japanese supercars of yore. Other supercars beware; be afraid, very afraid… The GT-R is here. T he Gran Tourismo moniker has always graced cars oozing with charisma, grace, style and power. There have been many distinguished cars carrying the GT badge – mostly coming from Europe - but there has been one many. So when Nissan decided to do away with the Skyline name and make a new icon for the new (and old) enthusiast, with emphasis only on the GT-R brand, it was a massive challenge. Nissan put the Skyline nameplate to bed in 2002 outstanding car from the Far East; Japan to be more whilst the GT-R in its concept form first saw the specific, which has taken the GT tag to completely light at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, stunning new heights by adding yet another alphabet to those public and industry alike with its dynamic and famous two. So the GT becomes a GT-R. aggressive styling. Then in 2005, again at the Tokyo Through the years, Nissan’s famous Skyline GT-R Motor Show, the GT-R Proto was unveiled and this has avowed motoring enthusiasts around the world, was to be the most definitive incarnation of today’s spawning a diehard following while at the same time production GT-R, with nearly 80-90 per cent of the instilling fear in competition much more expensive. Proto’s features making it into production. The Nissan It is always a hard act to follow something iconic GT-R, although no longer carrying the ‘Skyline’ badge and the Skyline GT-R was, no still is, an icon for has heritage in the Nissan Skyline GT-R. 4 5
  • 6. The new GT-R was launched on October 24 last completion every GT-R undergoes a battery of The GT-R’s new engine produces 480PS at year and lives up to the concept of “an ultimate comprehensive tests to ensure the proper operation 6400rpm and maximum torque of 588Nm from supercar enjoyable to anyone, anywhere, at anytime”. of all vehicle components. 3200 to 5200rpm. Putting the power to the The 480PS twin-turbo GT-R features a newly To properly support the all-new GT-R, Nissan ground via all four wheels is an all-new GR6-type developed Premium Midship package, including the has established special Nissan High Performance dual clutch transmission, with paddle shifting and world’s first independent transaxle 4WD developed Centres in Japan, where all certified advisors and a Borg Warner six-plate dual clutch for direct independently by Nissan. technicians have received extensive training. Total control. The GT-R slippery shape is moulded in a support for the GT-R owner is offered for the first Suspension duties are handled through a special combination of steel, carbon fibre and aluminium, three years of ownership, including measurement Bilstein DampTronic system, which utilises providing a unique combination of stiffness and and adjustment of the engine, transmission and all pertinent vehicle information to provide lightness, giving it a low coefficient of drag of 0.27 wheel alignment after the first 1000 km. appropriate damping forces for all situations which enhances fuel efficiency. and helps maintain a high level of control for The high level of advanced technology is evident Packaging and Driveline Apt for a straight-line driving, cornering, and braking. even in GT-R’s paint – which utilises a “double Supercar There are three levels of adjustability – R (Race), clear coat” and “anti-chipping” process and is The all-new Nissan GT-R uses a Premium Midship S (Sporty) and C (Comfort), along with a choice painstakingly hand-polished by craftsman. GT-R package, an all-new platform which enables the use of full auto or semi-manual gear shifts and the features Ultimate Silver as a special new colour. of the world’s first application of an independent wherewithal to completely switch off all stability GT-R was developed with a new understanding transaxle 4WD system. The transaxle’s layout places control systems. and appreciation of the Earth’s natural forces the dual-clutch transmission, transfer case and final Four-wheel drive is an essential ingredient. – gravity, inertial force and aerodynamics – and drive at the rear of the vehicle (instead of the usual It is electronically controlled with mechanical translates those forces into a completely new front location), which enables vehicle weight to be operation using pinion-type differentials, in design, maximising tyre grip and airflow. A design evenly distributed throughout the car. This gives normal driving conditions power going straight that is wedgy, with menacing headlamps and sheet GT-R a superb front-to-rear weight balance, while to the rear wheels and when required up to 50 per metal carved with lines that end up in an absolutely enhancing leg and foot space and allowing for an cent heads up front. curvaceous form. The GT-R has character, super optimal pedal layout. Braking is essential for a daily-driven supercar proportions and more sophistication. Powering the GT-R is an all-new 3.8-litre twin and GT-R features large Brembo full-floating This is seen by the in-car display designed by the turbo V6 “VR38” engine, featuring plasma-sprayed drilled rotors, low steel high stiffness brake pads team that created Gran Turismo (the game that is). It bores and a special twin-turbo exhaust manifold and Brembo mono block six-piston front and shows the car’s vital signs, plus some more info like system – Nissan’s first twin-turbo V6 since the four-piston rear callipers, which in combination the g-force you are pulling when blasting through 300ZX. A secondary air management system minimise fade and provide stable braking. Run- fast curves. No doubt this info came in handy when enables the newly designed power-plant to provide flat tyres, exclusively designed for use on GT-R, the GT-R lapped the awesome Nurburgring in a approximately 40kgm of torque during ordinary balance high grip and all-weather capabilities and time of 7m38s – the fastest a production car has low-rev driving, which provides for an optimum a comfortable ride in all driving situations. The ever lapped this famed and daunting circuit! air-fuel ratio for around-town efficiently and helps tyres are designed to maintain their integrity for Engines and transmissions are assembled in GT-R meet ultra-low emission vehicle (U-LEV) 80km of travel at 80 km/h and also provide a a “F1-style clean room” environment and upon standards in Japan. level of performance after a loss of pressure. Kazutoshi Mizuno driving and sporty performance, putting every possible driving situation under the control of the driver. We took this idea to a new level for the new Skyline. The “Premium Midship package” used for the first time in the Nissan GT-R, is a result Chief Vehicle Engineer / Chief Product Specialist, gets all nostalgic on the of our challenge to create the world’s best supercar with total performance. This package came about as we focused on the fundamental principles of cars, without new GT-R. Here’s what he has to say… dividing them into categories like racing cars, mass-production vehicles and the like. It’s the ultimate development of two core ideas: First, airflow can become power. Second, when weight is evenly distributed to the four wheels, the tyres grip T he new GT-R inherits the tradition created by the long line of GT-Rs, the put supercars in a market supposedly for a very limited class of users. We were the road surface, so grip limits can be determined by how we distribute weight. highest class of the domestic Skyline series, and is now reborn as “The committed in developing the Nissan GT-R with a whole new concept, “a supercar Based on these ideas, every component in the Nissan GT-R, the body, engine, supercar that creates the greatest inspiration” to the world. Not only that, it which offers a safety and a high performance supercar life for anyone, anywhere, transmission, suspension, tyres, everything, was newly developed exclusively for also shows the way for all future Nissan vehicles. As a vehicle which represents at anytime”. It is a supercar that offers speed and fuel efficiency, power and the Nissan GT-R. We concentrated on the creation of performance through vehicle Nissan, it has been given the name “Nissan GT-R”. There are two major purposes clean air, high performance and safety. Nissan’s new GT-R, a multi-performance packaging and ‘the development and utilization of an overall vehicle measurement of this Nissan GT-R. supercar, creates a whole new position for supercars. system’ for unified technology communication. Members from planning, designing, First and foremost, represented by dynamic performance and active safety, as Racing cars remain stable under any condition by applying downforce and testing, and production have come together as a dedicated team to develop this well as an approach toward environmental-friendliness and safety by a supercar, distributing the load equally to all four wheels. They offer both comfort and a vehicle and create a whole new sales and service structure. the Nissan GT-R was born with the role to appeal Nissan’s technology to all feeling of stability described by drivers as ‘the tyres are sucked to the ground’. There was a supercar boom in the late 1970s, and I am sure many people have corners of the world. Beginning with the development of new technologies, the Beyond that they are very safe, keeping the driver from harm even in high-speed dreamed of owning a supercar and enjoying it to the fullest, with total confidence. developmental process and engineering team structure, methods for measurement accidents. Why aren’t these technologies applied to mass-production cars to The Nissan GT-R has a different perspective and aspires to makes those dreams in testing and production, quality guarantee, performance guarantee, and through benefit customers? come true. The Nissan GT-R represents a new dimension of multi-performance to the unique sales and services structure at special Nissan GT-R dealerships, we In my mind I formulated a study for applying racing technologies to mass- in a supercar developed with a completely new approach, returning to the first aimed to demonstrate the future for all Nissan models through everything created production cars, and shortly thereafter I ended my racing career and took charge of efforts by our team to make that dream come true resulted in the development of principles of moving in a straight line, cornering and braking. In the Nissan GT- for the Nissan GT-R project. developing consumer vehicles. I met with people I believed could share my dream, the FM package and its realization in the Skyline and Fairlady Z. R I have instilled my hopes on how a car can excite people worldwide, how Second is the creation of a whole new supercar market. Traditionally, elements and began developing the FM package. At the time most considered the idea The concept of the FM package is “flat-ride sport”. Flat body-control that automakers worldwide might react to it, and for the car itself, that it continues to such as the roads it could be driven on, weather conditions, and driving techniques, of applying racing technologies to mass-production cars just a dream. Dedicated requires no eye movement creates a flat-ride environment that allows for precise evolve to satisfy customers. 6 7
  • 7. N issan can now reveal that the Middle East Inside Story motor sport hero, who was one of the first It’s not only power and the way it ride and handles to the GT-R’s psyche. to test the legendary Nissan GT-R before Nissan wants this car to appeal not only to aficionados of the GT-R mystique but it was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier also the middle-aged middle classes this time round so the interior is of a much in 2007, is none other than the Middle East Rally higher standard than before. There is an incredibly high level sense of solidity, star Mohamed Ben Sulayem. Nissan invited Rally legend Ben Sulayem with the fit and finish on a different plane altogether. The doors close with a well- to test drive the Nissan GT-R super car at an damped thud, with seats swaddled in leather. Aluminium trim adds style while undisclosed race track location in Japan in late reminding that this is a Grand Tourismo in the true sense of the word offering 2006, ahead of its official launch in Japan last flair and function to the sporty driver as well as to the bloke who just wants to year. In the presence of Nissan CEO, Carlos make a statement. There are side airbags in the front seats, while a Bose audio Ghosn, who also tested the super car, Ben system gets occupants in the mood with some awesome sound quality fit for a Sulayem took the advanced super-car through premium supercar owner. its paces and tested the GT-R thoroughly on the highly technical mountain test track. His initial findings and comments on the car have confirmed GT-R’s styling follows the function over form theory. Sculpted performance bucket seats give the driver and passenger a comfortable driving experience, and Design talk... soft pads are utilised on the lower portion of the instrument panel and doors to Secret Test Driver the ultra-high capabilities and performance of the legendary Nissan GT-R. The verdict was clear – give an extra level of comfort and safety. Hiroshi Hasegawa nothing is normal about the new GT-R. The instrument panel surrounds the driver, with all meters and multi-function Product Chief Designer meter at a uniform height to minimise the driver’s head movement when travelling For GT-R Revealed “High performance cars have a tendency to This is the first globally marketed GT-R in the handle best only when driven by experienced at high speeds. A large centre-mounted tachometer, with gear display on its upper history of the line, which started with the PGC10 GT-R drivers yet the GT-R has the handling, right, as well as the easy-to-read graphics of the display, gives the driver instant in 1969. Through the process of design I worked to transmission, traction and performance to enable detailed information, essential for the performance nature of the GT-R. A large, give this car an overwhelming presence, persistently anyone to drive this car with ease. This makes the GT-R stand out from other super-cars – it Mohammed Ben Sulayem in exclusive metallic-framed centre console features the ergonomically designed shift lever expressing the originality of Japanese car culture. This is why the body is not derived from a production and a red “engine start” button. enables performance from anyone,” explained test drive of Nissan Supercar The screen interface features not only the navigation system, but also an sedan or coupe, but is one of a kind, the first in GT-R history. This is our ultimate, most faithful rendition of Ben Sulayem. enriched entertainment system with a Music Box hard drive, DVD and CD player, the GT-R redefined.” “Nissan sees the Middle East as key growth wide torque spread, good fuel economy and low leading aerodynamic drag co-efficient of just market and is proud to build on this association and Bluetooth® audio function. emissions. The engine powers an independent 0.27 Cd, one of the world’s slickest cars. “What makes a Nissan GT-R boils down to two by bringing in a leading motor sports driver to test Dampers, gear shift and VDC-R (Vehicle For special use in the GT-R application, the multi-function display also includes transaxle 4WD system - a world first - that ideas: ‘design backed by function to realize exceptional the Nissan GT-R. We are very proud to see such a Dynamic Control) are all manually adjustable, mechanical and driving information for safe high performance driving, including performance,’ and ‘continuation of the original design heritage’.” continuously adjusts torque front-to-rear and positive response from Mohammed Ben Sulayem by simple switches on the dashboard. The GT-R accelerator opening, brake pedal pressure, and steering angle. It also includes an vice versa. A new six-speed paddle shift dual- “Landmark features from the Nissan GT-R design history that the new model and are pleased to see the high level of Nissan includes a multi functional instrument display, “optimal gearshift map,” to encourage economical vehicle operation. clutch gearbox featuring the exceedingly quick maintains are the edgy box-shape of the PGC10 GT-R of 1969, the four round engineering, design, performance and comfort designed by the people who did the graphics for Standard safety equipment includes a pop-up engine hood, system for enhanced gearshift plus full automatic function for ease-of taillamps of the KPGC110 GT-R (1973), and the grille opening of the R34 GT-R shine through the GT-R, demonstrating that there the Sony PlayStation Gran Turismo game. pedestrian safety, driver and front passenger SRS Air Bag System, front seat belts driving. The big ventilated Brembo disc brakes (1999), a symbolic use of the cooling feature in the design. is a little bit of GT-R in every Nissan,” said Toru The Nissan GT-R was born with a challenger with tension reducer, front seat belts with load limiter, and three-point rear seat Hasegawa, Managing Director of Nissan Middle offer immense stopping performance. spirit as one of the most accomplished and belts. Driver and front passenger SRS Side Air Bag System and SRS Curtain Air East. The Nissan GT-R’s lightweight body, which technologically advanced high performance car Bag System are also offered. Shiro Nakamura The GT-R is a truly world-class super-car, uses a new combination for the first time (Nissan’s ever made. Senior Vice President, Design powered by a brand new V6 3.8-litre twin turbo ‘Premium Midship’), features die cast aluminium, The GT-R went on sale in Japan in December last with 1000 units rolling engine, mating great horsepower (480 hp*), a carbon fibre and advanced steel and has a class- *Japanese specs. off the production lines per month to ensure high quality control whilst further We wanted to design a car that looked uniquely fueling the already insatiable demand. Japanese - it is very definitely not a European or American fast car. We also wanted to highlight the There’s no doubt: Nissan has a winner in the GT-R and going by the response functionality of the car - it is a car that is easy to use garnered at the Dubai Motor Show last year, the GT-R is sure to embrace many and easy to drive - and continue the proud heritage converts in the Middle East to its cause. Converts from European and American of the GT-R.” sports cars, that is. “The mission was to achieve a distinctive car, a It is truly a supercar for the masses with the style, design and guts to take on supercar, but not a normal fast car – it’s chunkier, the establishment with aplomb. Now you don’t need big bucks to go chasing the more practical and more muscular. The element of functionality is core to the GT-R. big boys. The big boys are gonna chase you…and fail! It’s not too low; it’s easy to get in and out of, has good visibility and is easy to drive. That functionality is reflected in the design. It is clearly not an Italian, German or American car - it is unmistakably Japanese. It is very mechanical, almost like an Neville Jal Darukhanawalla animated robot - it is obviously made from metal, has big shoulders and looks strong and muscular. The previous R34 GT-R had the same image. Almost like you could *Please Note: All Specs in this article are pertaining to Japanese version be playing this car on a video game.” “We didn’t want a nice elegant shape - we wanted an original shape. Some people who buy this car will also have a Ferrari and a Porsche. This car must be different from all others. I see it as a car influenced not by feminine beauty, like Italian cars, but by masculine beauty - it is strong, well toned, well muscled. It has big deep flanks and is very toned – that’s part of the muscled stance.” “Designing a car is always a balance between engineering and aesthetics. But with the Nissan GT-R we had very little conflict. We knew this car had to be Nissan’s technological showcase.” “An underlying philosophy of the Nissan GT-R is that it is a fast car that’s easy to drive fast. So there is nothing intimidating about the controls. Everything feels instantly familiar, apart from the novel multi-function meter - which is also highly intuitive and we believe will prove very popular with owners. 8 9
  • 8. nEWs NISSAN URVAN SALES EXCEED 1,000 A MONTH NOVEMbER SALES Of NISSAN URVAN A RECORD ACHIEVEMENT Genuine Nissan Accessories Gulf sales of Nissan’s Urvan have surpassed a Nissan Middle East. Sales Companies to satisfy customer requirements significant milestone with over 1,000 units sold in “Nissan Urvan annual sales have been consistently across the Gulf. The Nissan Urvan benefits from November last year, for the first time ever. Across rising over the past few years and this month is a the best support and customer care services in the the GCC, Nissan’s National Sales Companies sold record achievement. This performance represents a region, championed by Nissan Middle East,” added a total of 1,022 Nissan Urvans, demonstrating its 50 per cent increase compared to last year’s average Alavi. strong appeal in the Light Commercial Vehicle monthly sales.” added Alavi. The Nissan Urvan is available in four options (LCV) market. The Nissan Urvan offers unique features that – a luxury 12 passenger microbus, a standard 15 “Businesses across the region are looking for offer significant economic benefits as well as more passenger microbus, a six passenger Half Panel reliable commercial vehicles that are economical, comfort, flexibility, convenience, safety and better Van (HPV) or as a three passenger van with large comfortable and also convenient. These businesses performance than its competitors. It is the ideal and versatile carrying capacity. Nissan’s Light have found everything they need in the Nissan business partner for transporting passengers and Commercial Vehicles range also offers the Nissan Urvan. This is clearly proven by Nissan and its cargo in superior comfort, cost-efficiency and Civilian bus that seats up to 30 passengers and the National Sales Companies exceeding sales of 1,000 convenience. famous single-cab and double-cab Nissan Pickup units a month in the region,” said Reza Alavi, Head “The November figures are the result of that offers a premium choice to entrepreneurs and of the Light Commercial Vehicle Business Unit at remarkable collective efforts by Nissan’s National individuals alike. Hatch Tent - Armada Load Warrior by Yakima - Xterra Nissan has introduced a range of genuine accessories for your favourite Nissan model. NIssaN hoNourEd For WoMEN IN BusINEss proGraMME So pamper your Nissan with great add-ons to enhance the looks as well as add more Nissan Motors Co. Ltd has won the 2008 Catalyst in business and in the automotive market,” said Toru sales staff at Nissan dealerships has also increased, while functionality. Without a doubt, ‘Nissan Genuine Accessories’ are the way to go to add Award, the annual worldwide prize that honours Hasegawa, Managing Director at Nissan Middle East. the percentage of women in manufacturing plants more more value to your Nissan. Discover a wide selection, with everything from floor mats exceptional initiatives from companies that support and “Nissan Motor Co. Ltd is determined to promote women than doubled. to roof spoilers. advance women in business. and spread gender diversity in its workplace. We empower Components of the initiative include career advancement But that’s just part of the story, because you can pick up all of our car accessories support through specialist career advisors for women only, This is the first time that a company headquartered women who are great leaders and present innovation to knowing you’re getting the best price and peace of mind as all accessories bought along as well as ergonomic adjustments to equipment and other in Asia has won the award which was conferred on the our company. With this, we tend to inspire and encourage with your new Nissan is guaranteed by the company. Custom-designed to custom fit improvements in facilities and working conditions at plants strength of a Nissan programme called Women in the other manufacturers to embrace gender diversity.” that allow women to contribute fully. your Nissan; these accessories are durable and tough, and meet stringent Nissan quality Driver’s Seat: Gender Diversity as a Lever in Japan. Since 2004, women in Nissan management positions The business case for having women as decision-makers standards. “Nissan worldwide is have increased from 36 to 101 and the percentage of and in positions of influence was developed in response Go now to your nearest Nissan dealership and pamper your car. very conscious of the women managers in the design, planning and product to research by Nissan identifying women as influencers of role of women planning function has doubled. The percentage of female two-thirds of all car purchases. Running Boards, Body Side Moldings, Splash Guards - Path Finder Roof Spoiler - Qashqai NIssaN QashQaI a hIt IN EuropE… aNd IN MIddlE East too! Just nine months into its life cycle, the Nissan Qashqai has taken Europe by storm, selling over 100,000 units in just nine months! And this trend seems to carry on in the Middle East too – the Qashqai generating tremendous response and sales in the two months since its launch here. The Qashqai was launched in Europe last year in March and has exceeded sales forecasts in the European markets of Holland, Portugal and Austria, Greece, Slovakia and Norway. Built in Emergency Road Kit - Altima the UK, this latest urban crossover from Nissan has taken the fancy of the car buying public there; the UK along with Russia being the Qashqai’s two largest markets. “Today’s motorists have a wide range of requirements when choosing their SUVs, which is why Nissan has the largest range of SUVs in the Middle East,” said Abdul Ilah Wazni, SUV Brand Manager at Nissan Middle East. “An increasingly important factor for customers in making their decisions is fuel economy and the opportunity to take cars over all types of terrain; making the Qashqai an ideal choice for many.” With the Middle East being a playing ground for SUV-like vehicles, the Qashqai has created a veritable niche for itself combining the merits of a SUV along with the styling, size and agility of a traditional hatchback to envelope new converts to its cause. “Qashqai is a new concept in compact crossover SUVs; providing the economy of a compact car with the ruggedness and off-road capability expected of an SUV, the Qashqai combines these elements to provide drivers with two increasingly popular requirements – fuel economy and off-road capability,” added Abdul Ilah. A 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve engine is the powerplant of choice in the Qashqai. Developing 142hp/5,200 rpm with torque of 20.5 kg-m/4,400 rpm, this unit has the power and the efficiency to cater to a wide audience of buyers. Nissan’s excellent Xtronic CVT transmission with six-speed manual-shift mode is employed to send power to all four wheels shod with 17-inch tyres. Nissan’s highly praised electronically controlled ALL MODE 4x4® system and a four-wheel drive is implemented to provide greater traction for safer driving and extra control in all weathers. Other safety features include side and curtain airbags and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). Main features include front fog lamp, Bluetooth Hands Free Phone System, Xenon head lamps, auto air-conditioning with dual zone temperature control, six-speaker audio system with six-disk CD changer, rear parking sensors, intelligent key, fine vision instrument gauges, cruise control, illuminated steering wheel controls and rain-sensing wipers. Rear Park System - Qashqai All-season Floor Mats - Xterra In May 2007, the car was awarded the maximum five-star rating for adult occupant protection from the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), with the highest-ever score for any vehicle. 10 11
  • 9. NAVARA TAKES THE HONOURS NIssaN No.1 For thrEE YEars IN roW FROM NORTH TO SOUTH Nissan Middle East celebrated the success Russia, China and the Middle East. ahead in 2008, but they were confident to continue achieved by RYMCO, its official distributor “Our achievement is a signal of our confidence their strong sales momentum. the rigours and extreme temperatures in Lebanon, securing No. 1 market leader in the Nissan brand and winning mindset. We have Lebanon is seen as a trend setting market in the of the desert environment. position for the third year in a row. great products to sell and service, and the challenge Middle East and a top tourist destination for GCC Double-cab Navara, is available Abdo Sweidan, travelers. in a 4WD & 2WD models in Nissan CEO of Rasamny Nissan Middle East showrooms. The 2.5-litre, 4-cylinder, Younis Motor Co. anticipates retail sales in the 16-valve petrol engine turns out 162 (RYMCO), received territories that fall under hp at 5,200 rpm and 41 kg-m torque the award on behalf its jurisdiction will register at 2,000 rpm, while the turbo diesel of his company remarkable growth in the from top executives equivalent produces 171 hp at 4,000 fiscal Year 2007(April 20007- rpm and the same torque output. from Nissan HQ March 2008). Navara is equipped with either a in Japan as well as “Nissan Middle East 5-speed automatic transmission and Nissan Middle East management. estimates retail sales in its 6-speed manual. Some of the key Motoring editors from Russia to South Africa RYMCO is one of territories in the fiscal year features include power door locks, front fog lamps, have named the Nissan Navara in their 2007 honours the leading vehicle 2007 (April 2007 to March 6-speaker audio system with CD player, power list, bestowing awards from ‘Car of the Year’ to ‘Top retail dealerships 2008) will reach 184,000 windows, keyless entry, guard frame protector, dual in Lebanon, representing both units, representing a 35 per cent growth compared to the Pick-up’. Almost 50 years after Nissan pioneering in the airbags, anti-lock braking, and Xenon headlamps. NISSAN POWERS GULF CUP CRICKET compact pick-up truck, the all new Navara sets the One-time luxuries for pick-ups, such as cruise Nissan and Infiniti fiscal year 2006”, commented control, premium trim and upholstery, are standard standards around the world. brands. The award Toru Hasegawa, Managing equipment on the Navara. The double cab seats five In South Africa, Bakkie and Truck Action was also given Director of Nissan Middle magazine designated the Navara as ‘Best Bakkie while still providing ample storage space in the rear A total of 27 teams from the UAE, to RYMCO in East. 2007’, following its ‘Double Cab of the Year’ title load bay. recognition of its contribution to consolidating was to grab the top position in sales. To come “Nissan has the largest SUV lineup of Inside, comfort complements the exterior UK and India played in the Nissan Gulf Nissan’s brand equity in the Lebanese market. second was not an option for us at all”, said Abdo awarded by Caravan and Outdoor Life Magazine in any auto-manufacturer in the region, giving 2006. ruggedness, with superior fittings and finishes Cup cricket tournament for young players. “What has been achieved in Lebanon is a huge Sweidan, CEO of RYMCO. success. Generally, the entire region is witnessing He said the uphill task of gaining the top position customers an option to suit every lifestyle and In Europe, the Navara was named 2007 ‘Car of having overtaken the Navara’s early commercial Sides from top six UAE universities took remarkable growth, and we have surpassed our in a competitive market like Lebanon started in budget. Add to this a superb range of award- the Year’ by Russia’s Autopanomara magazine, ‘Best origins. targets ahead of schedule and by a large margin”, 2005. “In 2004, Nissan was in the second position. winning passenger cars such as new recently- Pick-up of the Year’ by Formula Todo Terreno in “The Navara is a consistent award-winner, and part for the first time at the Sheikh Zayed Gilles Normand, Corporate Vice-President Nissan In 2005, we scored the first position. 2006 was the launched all-new models, such as the Altima Spain, ‘Pick-up of the Year’ by the UK’s 4x4 magazine the latest honours add to a long list of accolades,” Stadium in Dubai. Motor Co. Ltd told a gathering of Nissan Middle year we repeated our success with slightly higher and ‘Top Pick-up’ by the ‘Professional Juries’ panel said Abdul Ilah Wazni, SUV Brand Manager at sedan and coupe, the Xterra, Qashqai and Navara This is the fourth successive year that East office in Dubai. sales. At the end of 2007 we managed to keep our in Russia – representing editors -in-chief and leading Nissan Middle East. “Middle East owners are now He laid particular stress on the significant increase #1 position and strengthen our market share up to SUV’s, have been a major boost to Nissan’s journalists from the automotive media. discovering why this vehicle is so enduringly popular Nissan has sponsored the event, which in sales in a number of overseas markets, including 19%”, he revealed. He said many more challenges lie profile in the region,” added Hasegawa. In France, the Navara was chosen as best ‘Sort and we are confident that by the end of 2008 it will Style’ at the 4x4 Motor Show and ‘Best-Selling also be an award-winner here.” develops cricketing talent at three age Pick-up in Europe’ by Turkey’s Hurriyet Otoyasam The all-new 2008 model makes another award- levels – under-11s, under-14s and under- Gazetesi auto magazine. winning addition to Nissan’s SUV line-up in the Nissan NISTEC and NISAC competitions wrap up Having been launched in the Middle East this year, the Navara’s latest international awards underline region, which with eight different nameplates is 17s. Monal Zeidan, General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications already the largest offered by any manufacturer. finals of the Nissan International Service Technical The NISAC contest, although covering the GCC its distinguished pedigree. Now the Navara is part The Navara – along with fellow newcomers Contest (NISTEC). He held off tough competition countries, managed to attract an impressive 11 at Nissan Middle East said, “Nissan is keen of the region’s biggest Nissan SUV line-up. Along Qashqai and Xterra – has joined the five established from 16 other competitors, representing 13 Nissan finalists. The winner was recognised at a ceremony with all Nissan SUVs, the Navara – has undergone to power sporting challenges that enrich members of the Nissan SUV stable: the Armada, dealerships from the six GCC countries, as well as held at Metropolitan Palace Hotel. extensive testing to make sure it more than matches Murano, Pathfinder, Patrol and X-Trail. people’s lives.” Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and “Both the NISTEC and NISTAC competitions Azerbaijan. are part of Nissan’s motivation scheme for dealers “The Nissan Gulf Cup gets bigger Janaka’s Arabian Automobiles colleague, Anil and employees. Each competition is always YEMEN’S MiNiSTRY OF DEFENcE SElEcTS NiSSAN Tauro, took the silver medal, whilst bronze was contested at every level, including individual every year. With such an exciting line-up of Nissan’s 12th NISTEC and 2nd NISAC awarded to Ricardo Lopez from Qatar’s NSC dealership, country qualification and area finals.” competitions ended, showcasing some of the best international young cricket talent and with Saleh Al-Hamad Almana Co. Tauro also won ‘Best said Abdul Hamid Saleh, General Manager, DLR talent Nissan’s regional national sales companies Performance’ award for the category ‘body electrics’, Development and Customer Service Department, the sport being so popular in the GCC (NSC) have to offer. It was a challenging event and whilst Janaka and Lopez took the same prize for Nissan Middle East & North Africa and CIS all the contestants contributed their very best, with region, it has been our pleasure to give ‘Periodic Maintenance & Chassis Repair’ and ‘Engine Region. 13 GCC and non-GCC NSCs being represented by a Management’ respectively. The competitors were judged upon their practical future generations a challenging platform total of 28 participants for both competitions. In the corresponding Nissan Service Advisor skills, such as maintenance and engine management Dubai technician, Rohan Janaka, has proven to compete,” added Zeidan. Contest (NISAC) for service advisors personnel, for NISTEC and consultation proficiency for himself to be the best Nissan technician throughout Arabian Automobile’s Raj Varghese was awarded with NISAC. Participants were exposed to the four 12 Middle Eastern countries. He will be flown to the gold medal, whilst silver went to Gamil Ibrahim “We are extremely proud of the results of both Japan to be honoured at the company’s headquarters new Nissan models that recently joined Rabie and bronze to Mustafa Ali Alheyyari, both from the competitions. It was an excellent opportunity to for his achievement. Saudi Arabia’s NSC Al-Hamrani United Co. Varghese show our utmost appreciation to our dealers and the large Middle East line-up from Nissan Janaka, who works at Arabian Automobiles, the also won ‘Best Performance’ for the ‘Receiving and their staff. The true power behind any company is Tehama Trading Company, Nissan’s Yemen NSE recently delivered 50 vehicles Nissan distributor for Dubai and Northern Emirates, Handling Telephone Calls’ category, and Al-Hamrani the talent and motivation of its people and that’s the (30 nos. Sunny, 10 nos. Civilian Bus & 10 nos. Urvan Bus) to the Ministry of such as all-new Nissan Altima, Xterra, overcame intense competition to win the Middle East United’s Ahmed Taj Elsir for ‘Vehicle Delivery’. vision at Nissan Middle East”, concluded Saleh. Defence, Govt. of Yemen. Qashqai and Navara, concluded Zeidan. 12 13
  • 10. HERITAgE NISSAN AT REgIOnAL Nissan And Record Breaking ThE R380’s INTERNATIONAL spEEd REcORds Readers will be aware of Nissan’s record breaking exploits in the Middle East with the 24-Hr Nissan Altima Endurance Drive in 2006 and 2007. But did you know that Nissan set its first international speed records way back in 1967. Betcha, you didn’t, but now you know. Read on… KUWAIT RIYADH O n separate occasions in 1965 and 1967, the celebrated R380 set out to break multiple international speed records. The first was in October 1965: the 3rd Japan GP was meant to be held that year, but it was postponed to 1966. Prince Motors, which had been developing the Prince R380 specifically for the scheduled 1965 event, decided that instead it would put the racing to the test by pitting it Two years later on against a range of international speed records. October 8, 1967, it was the The date was October 6, and the place was Yatabe, Ibaraki Prefecture. Yukio turn of T. Yokoyama of the Nissan Racing Sugita of Prince’s Driving Test Section got into the cockpit and proceeded to Team. Following the Nissan-Prince merger in the previous set new international speed records, one after another, in four categories over year, the vehicle had been renamed “Nissan R380-II”. There were high distances ranging from 50 to 200km. However, at that time the Yatabe course had expectations riding on the R380, which had beaten its old rival Porsche in the not obtained FIA approval, so the 6 new records were valid as Japanese records 3rd Japan GP. And this time, with FIA approval, it set new world records in the 7 but not world records. prescribed events (50km, 50 miles, 100km, 100 miles, 200km, 200 miles, 1 hour). JORDAN DUBAI International speed records set by Prince R380 (Oct. 6, 1965) International speed records set by Nissan R380 (Oct. 8, 1967) *2nd attempt at 50km took place on Oct. 14. Distance/time Time elapsed Average speed (km/h) Previous record (km/h) Distance/time Time elapsed Average speed (km/h) Previous record (km/h) 50km 12’51”44 233.33 230.51 50km 11’42”88 256.09 230.51 50km* 12’35”82 238.15 230.51 50 miles 18’54”38 255.37 237.21 50 miles 20’35”85 234.40 237.21 100km 23’33”60 254.67 239.35 100km 25’33”97 234.69 239.35 100 miles 38’15”09 252.44 229.36 100 miles 41’06”67 234.88 229.36 200km 47’37”20 251.99 229.18 200km 51’04”68 234.93 229.18 200 miles 1:16’52”35 251.22 228.54 JEDDAH 1 hour - 235.06 229.23 1 hour - 250.98 229.23 14 15
  • 11. ROAD TEsT 2008 NISSAN What do you think would happen when die-hard automotive enthusiasts, the XTERRA new Nissan Xterra and the undulating sand dunes of the UAE come together? Absolute fun, of course! WhAT ROLE ARE YOu pLAYING TOdAY? 16 17
  • 12. W e are in the sand dunes near Nizwa, a few kilometres off the Dubai-Hatta highway. Our choice of wheels is a canary yellow Nissan Xterra and we are having…Fun. Yes, fun with a capital F as the rugged Xterra just refuses to give in Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs are supposed to sell to a fairly well-defined market that at one time were prepared to forgive a trailbuster’s lack of refinement. As more buyers moved over from cars, the next phase saw a gradual trade off from the Pathfinder’s F-Alpha platform which is also to be seen on the larger Armada. The Xterra is shorter in wheelbase to the Pathfinder and where the latter seems more suburban and relaxed, the Xterra is all bare-bones with an almost youth inducing elixir in Coming off the tarmac and onto the loose stuff, just a flick of the shift-on-the-fly switch gave traction to all four wheels via the slick 2-speed transfer case. Incidentally, one can switch from 2WD to drive on all four wheels at speeds up to 100 kmph. In order Driving Impressions This is a true SUV in the real sense of the word. The days of the lumbering SUV are long gone and the Xterra shows a fast turn of speed. Acceleration is brisk and planting the right foot to the throttle some guts in the midrange and the Xterra always accelerated well when coming out of a corner. The whole talking point about the Xterra is about its prowess in the rough. On our little escape to Nizwa, the Xterra just about flattened every dune to all our attempts to flounder. Up and down, around ultimate 4x4 prowess to performance on-road. With its personality. You know the kind that makes you to tackle real gnarly terrain yet another twist of the while ambling will whisk you past slow moving in its stride and when we chanced upon a massive some steep bowls, on soft loose sand – whatever we the Xterra, Nissan provides yet more evidence that get up and go with a spring in your stride. switch enables the 4LO function that provides an traffic with some rapidity. The transmission is tough climb it just got down to business, unleashing its try and subject it to, the Xterra just goes about its manufacturers are now really having to push the With a well-engineered fully boxed ladder frame impressive crawl ratio that includes dual speed off- and thanks to its electronically controlled algorithms full complement of 291 horses and climbed straight job with a tenacity that is truly astounding. It is truly envelope. and sophisticated electronics help maintain traction roading situations. We tried it to see how it works provides fuss-free shifts, even on kickdown. up without a sweat. I say this because on that day the genuine article: a proper, nay real, adventure With the Xterra, Nissan has brought back the hard and stability over all kinds of doubtful terrain. and it duly impressed. Other than this instance, we While we primarily tested the Xterra in its natural there were plenty of other vehicles around (this vehicle that does not pretend to be anything else hitting off-road SUV in a package that fits in just Powering the Xterra is the robust and powerful did not drop down into 4LO and the entire rumble habitat – off the beaten track – it provides even- area is a favourite with tour operators and off-road whilst handling everyday life on pavement with right up there in the urban jungle as well. With its 4.0-litre VQ40DE V6 engine. The nearly square in the desert was executed in 4H. handed ride comfort on tarmac, with enough enthusiasts alike) and we could see many try the poise. rugged and no-nonsense handsome engine belts out 291 hp @ 5600rpm and giving it Three trim levels will be available in the Middle shuffling and transmission of road irregularities ascent and fail repeatedly before finding success. looks, the Xterra shares thrust is 409 Nm @ 4000 rpm of torque (All figures East: Xterra X, S, and SE. All feature power windows via those big 265/65 17-inch boots to ensure you In our case, as with the others, it was a challenge are gross). This enables the Xterra’s 2500 kg gross and mirrors, power-assisted steering, audio system, know you are not driving a car. That aside, in audible but with its all-terrain tyres, traction control and vehicle weight to be moved without much fuss. In manual air-conditioning, remote keyless entry, alloy terms it certainly does not lack refinement, whether locking differential, the Xterra got us in and got fact, the VQ engine always seems to have something wheels, low tyre-pressure indicator and separate on smooth or rough surfaces. us out again. in reserve, and the power comes on without steps on rear bumper and rear bumper side. The rack and pinion steering with speed-sensitive Safety equipment in the Xterra includes an any noticeable strain. The S version comes with front fog lamps and a assist offers good insulation from kickback with advanced air bag system (AABS), which consists of A tall vehicle, with the driver six-speaker audio system with 6-disk CD changer. limited lack of feel and feedback. Even when pushed dual-stage front supplemental air bags with seat belt sitting up high, the Xterra The top-of-the-range SE adds movable aerodynamic hard into a corner, the Xterra does not seem to roll sensors and a front occupant classification sensor. was a treat among the roof-rail cross bars, trip computer, cruise control much for a vehicle of this type. When the relative Also standard are three-point seat belts for all rear sand dunes of and 17-inch tyres. high level of grip (for a 4x4) begins to be exceeded, seat occupants (including the center-rear position) Nizwa. Standard safety features include dual airbags, anti- a predictable mild understeer and fairly benign and a child seat anchor system. A Supplemental lock braking with electric brake force distribution responses to throttle control ensures that Airbag Package, optional for all models, includes and brake assist. The SE adds inflatable curtain the Xterra remains stable at side-impact air bags built into the front seats so they airbag, and vehicle dynamic control. the speeds it is capable move with you, a rollover sensor, and side curtain of. The 4.0-litre air bags. Standard active safety features include engine has Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), four-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock (ABS) and Electronic Brake- force Distribution (EBD). There are many niches within the SUV market. But mainly the broad choice is between city-crossers or high-speed expresses. The Xterra manages to blend in a bit of both of these in a comfortable and capable expression of the 4x4 lifestyle that is so prevalent here in the Middle East. It offers the most go for the money and is in its element whether playing dirty Harry or the suave gentleman. It’s like saying, “what role are you playing today”? Pankaj Dev 18 19
  • 13. FEATURE altima Coupe Nissan’s Exciting New Coupe Races in GCC delivery from its 3.5-litre engine (the Coupe will only be available with this powerplant in the Middle East) is similar to that of its sedan sibling but at the same time having an edge of its own. There is no deep throated growl a‘la the 350Z but that should not take anything away from the way it performs. The growl may not be there but that does not mean the Altima Coupe does not have the grunt. It accelerates with a strong purr as the 285 horsepower comes into play and with 365 Nm of torque to swiftly propel it forward; the Altima Coupe is no slouch thanks to its Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTCS). This system enables a wider rpm I t is always a brave thing to give an added fillip based two-door models with magnetic, perfectly cluster and centre stack. The cabin is refined with range for greater low-end torque and a relentless to something already at the top of its game. proportioned styling with a shorter wheelbase, high quality plastics topped off with aluminium rush to the redline. Power is sent to the front wheels Take the Nissan Altima sedan for example. It shorter overall length and lower height than the accents in keeping with the Coupe’s sporty yet via Nissan’s advanced 6-speed Xtronic CVT with is one of the most handsome sedans on the market Altima sedan. upscale look. To further accentuate its sporty feel, manual shift mode. While most CVTs suffer from today and doing very well in terms of sales, thank This smaller size and lighter overall weight also the handbrake returns to its position alongside the a rubber band effect – you can hear the engine rev you. This is because of a number of reasons, one of contribute to the Coupe’s sportier driving feel – gear shifter rather the footbrake as seen on the up while waiting for the transmission to catch up them being an inherently good design coupled with other desired attributes of the typically younger, four-door. The seats are pretty comfortable and – Nissan’s CVT has all but eliminated this effect. a dynamic chassis and willing powerplants. So what more performance-oriented coupe buyers. supporting, making for hours of driving without So the engine speed is always in the right power Also contributing to the Altima Coupe’s sporty standard are front seat side-impact supplemental air does one do to make a good thing better? Let’s get one thing clear: the Altima Coupe is not the driver feeling fatigued. Access to the rear seats is band making for smooth driving, whether you are performance feel are a standard twin-orifice bags for chest protection and roof-mounted curtain It is difficult to change a stunning shape and a sedan with the rear doors chopped off. While the quick, thanks to easy reach levers. Furthermore the cruising or driving sportily. vehicle-speed-sensitive power rack-and-pinion side-impact air bags for front and rear outboard make it into a fashion statement. But with the family resemblance to its sedan sibling is clear, the rear bench seat is reasonably functional for a coupe, New suspension geometry, shock absorbers with steering system and 4-wheel disc brakes with occupant head protection. Also included are front Altima Coupe, Nissan has come up with a stylised Coupe has its own distinct look and shares only the with satisfactory knee and adequate headroom. rebound springs, engine placement that is lower in standard 4-wheel, 4-channel, 4-sensor Anti-lock seat Active Head Restraints and Tyre Pressure car which, while keeping the family image in hood with the four-door Altima. All other panels, Underneath the svelte bodywork though, the the subframe and equal-length half-shafts that have Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Monitor System (TPMS). perspective, is a perfect foil to its four-door brother. grille, headlights and rear combination lights are coupe shares the fourth-generation Altima sedan’s equal angles and are more parallel to the ground all Distribution (EBD). The Altima Coupe is a brave decision by a And it is to be launched in the Middle East soon! In unique to the Altima Coupe. Which is a good thing platform, powertrain and user-friendly features and help to virtually eliminate torque steer – a fact that The Altima Coupe comes with a host of company who is not averse to taking the lead. While fact, by the time you are reading this magazine, the as anything else, one can confuse the coupe with innovations. The highly acclaimed ‘D’ platform has really surprised us during the days we spent with the impressive amenities like the standard Intelligent the coupe market is not really hot at the moment, Altima Coupe will already be flying out of Nissan Nissan’s Z-car which is not at all a bad comparison. been suitably tweaked to ensure increased body car. The ride and handling came as a pleasant surprise thanks to the non-availability of exciting models, Key with Push Button Ignition and Bose-developed dealerships in the region. The Coupe’s overall length (182.5 inch) is shorter rigidity. Coupled to this is a redesigned suspension as although the Coupe retains the overall suspension the Nissan Altima Coupe is a shining beacon and is audio system with nine speakers, Bluetooth Hands- Like mentioned above, the Altima sedan is a than the sedan by 7.1 inches and the wheelbase which enables the Altima Coupe to stake its claim as geometry of the sedan, it has been specially tuned sure to be a hit with those, especially women, who Free Phone System, satellite radio and dual-zone give the Coupe the sportiness it demands. There is want to a car that makes a statement. handsome car and the Coupe version fires up the (103.5) is down by 4 inches. Overall height too (55.3 one of the best performing large front-wheel drive automatic temperature control. more intuitive damping with less harshness and the Hey, in fact, if you’re looking for style, desire for customers wanting a more personal inch), as befitting a coupe is lower from the sedan coupes available in the market today. Standard safety features include Zone Body ride, although firm does not border on harshness performance and affordability, the new Altima expression of style, individuality and fashionable by 2.5 inches. And this was ably demonstrated as we subjected construction with front and rear crumple zones and Coupe delivers. appearance. The Altima Coupe’s unique exterior The interior is familiar to that of the sedan. The the Altima Coupe to a series of sporting manoeuvres that many other similar cars display. What you get is a Advanced Air Bag System (AABS), which includes design is intended to stand out in a crowd of sedan- dashboard is identical with its large and sporty gauge and it responded with alacrity and verve. The power supple ride with handling befitting a sports coupe. dual-stage front supplemental air bags. Also Neville Jal Darukhanawalla 20 21
  • 14. TRAvELOgUE Nissan Navara Go Anywhere, Do Anything M y bags were packed and I was ready to go. Our travelogue for this issue was scheduled to three different stages of tune. We opted for the oil burner for our trip – a welcome change from driving around in vehicles using petrol as the means of ignition. With a 6-speed manual gearbox and 4WD available at the flick of a rotary knob take in the rustic delights situated on the centre column of the dashboard, of Algeria but some we were excited to explore the great outdoors in unforeseen circumstances the Navara. Again, driving a manual would add in the form of some unrest another dimension and the prospect of shifting in this North African gears myself was going to be a good motivator. country scuppered my By the way, our Navara came with the 2.5-litre trip. With time running turbo-diesel with intercooler powerplant out, we decided to forego designated YD25DDTi, developing 172 another travelogue and hp@4000rpm (net) and 42 instead sample some more Kg-m of torque at a delights of the UAE’s vast lowly 2000rpm. The expanse of golden brown other stages of tune and red sands. in this engine make Our vehicle of choice 142 hp with different was the newly launched torque figures. Navara lifestyle pick-up and we chose this vehicle for our day long journey traversing some of the sandy expanses not really frequented by the usual off-roading crowd. This meant we took the Emirates road from Dubai to Umm Al Qawain, leaving the expressway at exit 96 and taking to the unbeaten path. Before we get on with the nuances of the terrain and such, it is only fair that I devote some lines to the Navara. While SUVs are a statement of intent, lifestyle pickups like the Navara are the proof. And with four doors and a pickup deck to carry all your favourite toys – to the desert or beach or…the list is endless – the Navara makes for a compelling case to flaunt your freedom and lifestyle without being pretentious. So what’s happening with pick-ups? Four doors that is. And the Navara is a good embodiment of owning a multi-purpose vehicle - in the truest sense of the word – which has the advantage of taking on manifold personalities, ensuring you stand out from the me-too crowd. Two engine options are available – a 2.5-litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve petrol unit churning out 162 hp at 5200 rpm and 25.5 kg-m of torque at 4499 rpm (gross) and a turbo diesel equivalent in 22 23
  • 15. I must admit though, I was a bit intimidated The cabin ambience and trim are good too, not pulling the Navara past almost anything the terrain and bushes having sprouted up. The ground too was at first to take it into the desert but once into like a LCV, but more of a passenger car. A neat and throws at you. reasonably packed up but this can be a good and the golden brown stuff, all inhibitions and functional facia greets the driver with spacious and I remember one particularly rough crest which a bad thing as sometimes the crest of a dune can apprehensions vanished and the Navara and comfortable interior. There is a premium music had another lip out of sight and the Navara yet did easily crumble, leading to an unpleasant situation at me became one. system, a three-spoke steering wheel with cruise not bottom out. Top marks to the suspension with times. There was a time when pick-ups were only gauged control buttons, faux pas wood trim and power the independent front with double wishbones and There are plenty of trails leading to lush green by the vehicle’s toughness, reliability, power and the everything. The Navara easily seats five. coil over shock and rear rigid leaf springs. This may farmlands which suddenly spring up out of nowhere. ability to lug a certain amount of cargo. Nobody Making the transition from road to the great sound anarchic but the fact is that it works and very This makes a welcome change in topography and unknown, i.e. from rear-wheel drive to 4x4 – which well too! The road holding on black top may not be scenery and most often than not black tops are was much interested in how it looked. So Nissan is possible on the move – is a cinch thanks to the quite close so that an exit, whenever needed, can is, in a way, entering uncharted territory by aiming as plush as a SUV but for a pick-up it is really good click of the rotary knob on the centre facia. The be accorded. a substantial proportion of its Navara at crossover as is the ABS assisted braking which is surefooted in front hubs lock automatically on engagement of In many ways, this short trip was a welcome buyers interested in a workhorse that thinks it’s a bringing this big fella down from speed. change as I could get back home at the end of the four-wheel drive. Our off-road sortie showed wheel racehorse. The terrain around Falaj Al Mualla in Umm Al day after having spent a few entertaining hours with travel to be fairly good and dune-climbing ability The Navara is undoubtedly one of the best Quwain is undulating but without any massive dunes the Navara amidst some scenic desert vistas without to be excellent. One is able to putter along in low looking pickups one can get. Look at it this way, range first and second gears at idle speed, only as found in Nizwa or other locations in Dubai. With having to break into a sweat. if you want a working pick-up, plain Jane is what tickling the throttle pedal to gain some momentum the UAE having being blessed with intermittent For sure in the next issue we will be back with you get. If you want a double cab, you get a sport on particularly testing uphills. This is thanks to the rain showers in early January, the desert showed a full fledged travelogue. Wonder where our utility. And as these pictures of these pages show, enormous amounts of torque that come into play encouraging signs of vegetation with many shrubs wanderlust is going to take us… Nissan’s concept of ‘SUV in a pick-up’ makes a bold statement, from its macho-looking nose with trendy clustered lights, to its curvy styled loadbox panels and centre-latch tailgate. The Navara is akin to a big boxing glove – tough with the punches but soft to the touch. The result is a tough vehicle in a most modern form. The tough part of the design equation includes such elements as the bumper mounted on to the ladder frame. Being a topliner, our Navara came with the customary roll bar, roof rack and side rails with anti-slip inserts. Nissan offers a range of custom accessories to further enhance the Navara’s good looks. Overall, we would rate the Navara’s image as alternative and sporty for this genre. Clearly, younger, more affluent buyers are in the frame – the kind that is most interested in knowing that the Navara’s genes are borne out of some serious workouts in the world of rally raids, having taken many stage wins in events like the Dakar and the UAE Desert Challenge in the years gone by. 24 25
  • 16. cOncEpT cAR M anufacturers are always looking for different niches to fill in as they stretch the envelope in finding innovative means of transportation solutions. While cars have always been the most basic and traditional way to travel, electronics like Bluetooth, for hands-free calling. Mood lighting under the upper and lower consoles further invites occupants to spend more time in the Forum, making for a calm environment. The rear, or children’s, zone is dedicated to keeping Forum also employs Nissan’s advanced Around View Monitor (AVM) system. The AVM system includes front, side and rear-mounted cameras and an advanced controller that combines the images together to give the driver a unique view of all four they soon grew in size and shape to accommodate kids safe, comfortable - and something parents will sides of the vehicle – helping to reduce driver blind large families. Enter the minivan. Soon auto makers appreciate - entertained. As you’d expect, that means spots when parking. NISSAN FORUm explored the possibilities of converting hard core a variety of the latest infotainment systems. There’s Forum’s efficient, intelligent design features utility vehicles for the road and the modern SUV even a console-mounted microwave, accessible also extend to the powertrain. Though as a design was born. This provided a vehicle with capabilities from the front or middle rows, sized for making exploration, Forum’s emphasis is limited to form to work and play hard and soon spelled the death popcorn. and functionality, conceptually a modern, next- CONCEPT knell of minivans. The second row’s turntable-style seating allows generation family passenger vehicle would include Minivans have been traditionally well accepted in the twin buckets to rotate 90 degrees and face out a clean diesel or other environmentally sensitive the USA and closer in our region, in Saudi Arabia for tailgating and picnicking. Or the seats can swivel powerplant. and Kuwait. While many manufacturers have taken a full 180 degrees, to face the rear three-seat bench, “Nissan has previously announced that it will be A FAmILY LImOUSINE a step back from making minivans entirely, there are creating a sort of living room environment. offering a clean diesel engine in the United States in some who continue to be dedicated to providing Close watch on rear cabin occupants is provided the next generation Maxima, so a similar powerplant these traditional family movers. For the companies that dropped their minivans but still need to offer shoppers something for large families, change is coming, as now Nissan showed a concept at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show that could bring a crossover with strong minivan overtones to its line-up. The concept is the Forum which represents the next revolution in family transportation. The challenge, Nissan officials add, is “making family passenger vehicles more appealing to both drivers and passengers.” The Forum concept isn’t unrecognisable to minivan drivers and owners. It has the big box in back for kids and cargo, but Nissan designers have gone with a higher beltline, styled side glass and a wider stance, to give a more sporty feel to the traditional one-box van. Emphasising that theme is a curvaceously sweeping grille that is accented by a soft LED light bar. While the sliding doors that parents love hasn’t been eliminated, its tracks have been carefully hidden, thanks to the Forum’s trackless sliding door design. This has been made possible by a special patented hinge system. The front doors swing open to a 90-degree angle. Further enhancing the sense of spaciousness, the Forum’s sides have lost the typical B-pillars that by a ‘Kids Cam’ monitoring system, which utilises would be a definite consideration for a vehicle like would reinforce the middle of its body; instead, 2nd and 3rd row cameras mounted in the headliner Forum,” says Bruce Campbell, vice president, designers have penned in stronger door and roof Design NDA. “Nissan is also an industry leader and connected to the main instrument panel frames. Atop the Forum, the huge SkyView roof in CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) LCD display monitor. Selectable camera control contains hidden sunshades, permitting the glass to technology, so you could predict smooth, responsive switches are mounted above the rear view mirror. be closed off on hot days. performance worthy of the Nissan badge.” A one-button audio muting ‘Time Out’ system, “From a conceptual standpoint, the Forum is While some people think that family transportation with the controller located in the lower centre closer to a family limousine than the minivans Gen vehicles are a thing of the past, Nissan’s view is that Xers have grown up with. But unlike a real limo - or portion of the steering wheel, allows the driver to vehicles just need to evolve along with changing sometimes traditional minivans - the Forum driver simultaneously mute all audio playing in the Forum family dynamics. Quality time used to be more about is just as important as the passengers,” explains and broadcast the driver’s voice over all interior the quantity of time spent together with the kids. Rachel Nguyen, Nissan North America’s Director speakers – enabling quick and easy communication Today, it’s more about dedicated moments for family of Advanced Planning and Strategy. to both rows of rear seats. fun, entertainment and communication. Forum is a As the name suggests, the interior of the concept Bose designed a SeatCentric system for the great place to gather together and rediscover each is seen as a place to bring people together. It is divided concept, with a variety of speakers, including other once in a while. into two connected zones. There’s the parents’ zone, some built into headrests and seatbacks. If the Forum gets people talking the idea up at up front, with comfortable but sporty seats, as well Independent audio is available for each of Detroit, Nissan could very well find a place for this as the vehicle’s gauge and control center, as well as the Forum’s three rows. new people mover. 26 27
  • 17. TEcHnOLOgy MOTOR spORTs WORLd’s FIRsT dIsTANcE cONTROL AssIsT ANd NAvIGATION-ENABLEd INTELLIGENT cRuIsE cONTROL N issan has introduced two pioneering technologies, released in Japan last December – the world’s first Distance Control Assist and Navigation-Enabled Intelligent Cruise Control systems. Nissan’s pioneering Distance Control Assist system helps traffic conditions, from congested urban roads to high- speed expressways. The improved Intelligent Cruise Control system integrates route-information via the on- board navigation system to monitor the vehicle’s cruising speed to match actual road e.g. the sharpness of the next control the distance between two vehicles under various curve on the road. WORLd’s FIRsT dIsTANcE cONTROL AssIsT The Distance Control Assist system determines the following distance of the driver’s vehicle, as well as the relative speed of both vehicles, using a radar sensor installed in the front bumper. When a vehicle approaches close to the vehicle ahead and the accelerator is not engaged, the system activates the brakes to decelerate smoothly. Alternatively, if the accelerator is engaged, the acceleration actuator is activated through a “push back” mechanism to help the driver to release the pedal. In a situation where the vehicle ahead slows down or brakes, requiring the Toyo Tyres 24-hrs of Dubai driver to respond by braking, the system instantly alerts the driver through NISSAN 350Z PROvES ITS mETTLE message and audio warnings. Simultaneously, the system pushes back the accelerator to assist the driver to switch to the brakes. ENhANcEd INTELLIGENT cRuIsE cONTROL A The Intelligent Cruise Control system operates using information from a The new system features several pioneering radar sensor installed in the front bumper. When following a vehicle ahead, technologies: 24-hr race is one of the true tests of a enhance the 350Z’s handling and provide a slippery gearbox (which was standard also, by the way) the system controls following distance appropriately, using the driver’s preset machine’s engineering and man’s endurance. profile to get that extra tenth of a second. “I am gave them problems. The subsequent loss of time speed as the maximum limit. With no vehicle ahead, the vehicle cruises at the FuLL-spEEd RANGE FOLLOWING FuNcTION When the race has a grid of nearly 90 cars, hopeful of a top 10 finish and a podium in the pushed the team down and at the end of a gruelling constant driver preset speed. Previous systems functioned only within the range of with various levels of power and thus speeds, it class”, said Bob Neville, Team Principle of Nissan 24-hrs of hard fought racing, the 350Z came in 21st approximately 5-100 kilometres per hour, whereas the new makes for a cracker of an event where even just RJN Motorsport at the beginning of the race. overall and fourth in class. But for their misfortunes, system functions across the full-speed range, starting from zero. finishing is a mean achievement. A visibly wet track, an English weather and hard the team would have been much higher up in the The system is capable of activating the brakes in order to stop the And this is what happened in the third running racing – doesn’t it sound something like a cliché? rankings but then this is motorsport for you. vehicle under certain traffic conditions. of the Toyo Tyres 24-Hrs of Dubai race held on And that too in sunny Dubai! But these were the This result is not at all bad when you consider January 11-12, 2008 at the Dubai Autodrome. In conditions prevailing as the race got underway and in WORLd’s FIRsT usE OF NAvIGATION mAp dATA that the car was built in just three months in a the midst of some serious competition was a lone typical no fuss manner the Nissan 350Z got stuck in Utilising route-information fed through the on-board navigation limited budget and is just at the beginning of its ranger – a team made up of gentleman racers run its task. Piloted by the quartet of Danish DTM star system, the Intelligent Cruise Control system can modulate the by Bob Neville, a former motorsport director of development. It was a magnificent effort by a small Kurt Thiim, Britain’s Alex Buncombe and journalist vehicle-speed in anticipation of the next curve on the road. When Nissan Europe – racing under the banner of Nissan team who affirmed their faith in the 350Z and drivers Holger Eckhardt and Richard Meaden, the approaching a curve, the system gradually decelerates, and as it clears RJN Motorsport. Their racing car of choice: a 350Z was soon in its groove despite lacking power intends to take it to the top in their class. the turn onto a straight road, the system seamlessly reverts to its nearly stock Nissan 350Z. Their ambition: to finish to its competition - its 380 bhp from the engine that RJN Motorsport has notched an impressive original speed. in the top three of their category and in the top 10 was basically stock with very little modification saw record since being formed in 1999-2000, with wins When both the Distance Control Assist and Intelligent Cruise overall. it loosing out on its rivals by some margin. in the FIA European Touring Car Championship, Control are installed, the driver can select either function setting, using The Nissan ran in its VLN configuration (a race Throughout the race the 350Z ran flawlessly the Moroccan Rally, the Goodwood Festival of a wheel-mounted switch according to different driving conditions. series run in Germany), which included a rear wing but then towards the last hour or so when running Speed and wins at Silverstone. and front splitter to aid in the aerodynamics to in the top three in its class and fifteen overall, the We wish them the best of luck. 28 29
  • 18. ME & My nIssAn If you were a car, what would you be? Nissan GT-R. I just love the strong design element and of course, its power. What’s your favourite stretch of road? Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway. What’s your proudest achievement whilst driving? I like to feel the car working well when driving fast. What are the trends in your field of work? In my field there is a lot of stress at times, so I feel the need to calm myself down more often. What made you buy a Nissan Murano? I have always loved it and was happy my husband bought it for me. Describe your Nissan? It is the second most precious thing after my husband. What kind of mileage is on the odometer? 40,000 trouble free kilometres. If you were to switch careers, what would you do? I am happy to be in the IT industry as sales is my forte. I cannot contemplate doing anything else. What’s in your car stereo right now? A mixed lot – Arabic, English and French. I absolutely adore French music. NERMiNE oSMAN What would you do with the last tankful of fuel in your car? I would only use it sparingly. Never know when I might need it. Describe yourself in one word? Romantic NiSSAN MuRANo What’s the maddest thing you have done in your Nissan? I love my car, so I do not subject it to any craziness. Yet to get over the euphoria of her country winning the How sensitive are you to other people’s judgement? African Nations Cup football tournament, Egyptian Nermine I am very sensitive. I respect other’s opinions as long as it does not get too personal. Osman does not come across as the typical soccer fan. “I Your views on the traffic situation? love sports,” says the bubbly 29-year-old (she has no qualms Bad. Rush hours are extremely taxing. giving out her age). “I go to the gym thrice a week, besides swimming and playing basketball. Football is a passion, as What’s the fastest you’ve driven on the public highway? Too fast, let’s say! my husband is a big fan of the game.” Your favourite cuisine? After all, a couple who watch football together stay together Junk food, honestly. for ever! Your favourite phrase? Nermine got her Nissan Murano as a wedding gift from her Wow and Allah! husband Mustafa and she is in love with her set of wheels ever since. Actually, she liked the class contours of the Your favourite destination? California as well as Hawaii Murano much before and had tacitly mentioned it to her hubby who being the gentleman he is, got it for her. Working Home is where the heart is…what does your heart yearn for? at the Internet City in Dubai for software giant Oracle as The warm hugs of my mother and sister and the sound advice of my father. I miss them and think of them a lot. a sales account manager handling Egypt and some North African countries, Nermine has been in the UAE for a year and a half and loving it. Part of it has to do with the Murano as she loves driving and can’t bear to be apart from her car and husband …ok it is the other way round… for long. So much so, that she says that she actually communicates with her car and although her dream car is something else (see alongside), the Murano has got her smitten. A woman with her head on her shoulders, she gives credit to her parents and elder sister to have sacrificed much to set her up for a good career in life. We put the SHIFT_ questionnaire to Nermine and here’s what she has to say. 30